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What We Look Forward To

A Valentine’s Day sheith ficlet for the anon who asked me what Shiro and Keith would do on this love-filled day. 

On the morning of this most sacred day, Keith and Shiro lie beside one another before their morning run together. The room is still dark, and the both of them are watching the dimly visible ceiling fan, suffocating beneath the weight of wanting to pretend it isn’t A Big Deal.

“Capitalism, you know?” Keith tries.

Shiro, a Pisces with the emotional breadth of the Arctic Ocean, fights the urge to disagree. “Capitalism.”

It’s weighted solely because they’re trying to respect each other’s boundaries. It’s their first year back on Earth and suddenly things like holidays matter again. Christmas wasn’t weird because Christmas involved all of the Paladins. It was a group activity and the mistletoe was there for everyone, but Valentine’s Day is for partnerships. It’s for them, and this is stressful because they are nuanced. Blatant displays of love make for handwringing and heart palpitations.

They go for their run and see couples. Everyone has stars in their eyes, but all Shiro can do is remind Keith that his undercut looks good. Keith is no better. He thanks Shiro, is self-satisfied and tells Shiro he always looks good. This is all Shiro needs to spur affection. When they slow to catch their breath, Shiro encircles Keith’s waist from behind before he’s even at a full stop and he tugs him back against his chest. He kisses Keith’s cheek and sways him to the side, smiling when Keith almost loses his balance. Flustered, Keith laughs.

“I love you, you know?”

Keith hesitates only because he’s smiling too hard to manage words. “I know. I love you too.”

This is a snowball effect.

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Gonna go with Keith for this one because I’ve already written a similar prompt with Enj!

Ficlet! Canon Universe! 

Keith doesn’t wear vulnerability well; that’s why he pushes through injuries and illnesses as if nothing is wrong. To him, succumbing to an ailment is as good as any sign of weakness, and he’s not weak. No. He’s spent the better half of his life consistently proving to others that he’s strong, capable.

He’s lasted his entire life thus far not once asking for help, but today… Today is different. He wakes up with a damp shirt clinging to his trembling frame. His bangs are plastered to his forehead that’s pounding in time with his rapid heartbeat. He’s both hot and cold, and his chest hurts. With each inhale, he can hear his lungs crackle, and when he exhales, he’s left sputtering out weak coughs into his fist.

Getting out of bed is tasking, and when he’s finally on his feet, he’s hunched over, panting and coughing as if he’s just ran a marathon.

He forgoes changing into his clothes for the day as he shuffles out of his room. Walking is just as hard, if not harder, then getting out of bed. He feels as if he’s walking underwater, struggling against a current as his surroundings bob and sway.

Sweat slides down his temples despite the soft tremors spiking across his body, and by the time he staggers into the dining room, he’s practically dead on his feet.

The room falls silent when, instead of a verbal greeting, Keith announces his introduction in the form of harsh, grating coughs that leave him braced up against the door frame to keep from toppling over.

“Keith?” Shiro questions, concerned. 

“You okay, buddy?” Lance questions slowly. 

“What are those sounds coming from his mouth? Is that normal?” Allura asks, eyes darting between Keith and Shiro. 

Keith catches his breath and looks across at all of his friends eating breakfast. “Sorry,” he wheezes out. “I just…. I…. I don’t feel well. Is there medicine or something?”

For a moment, no one moves or breathes, but like a whistle indicating the start of a race, everyone starts at once.

“What’s wrong?” Shiro starts.

“You look so pale!” Pidge shouts, worried.

“Are you sick?” Hunk questions with a frown.

“Is this what a human illness looks like?” Allura asks, eyes narrow as if deep in thought.

Keith sags against the door frame as if the shouting and questions physically push him back against it. Each heightened tone is a knife driving through his head, and he winces and recoils with his eyes screwed shut until there’s a shushing sound followed by a gentle hand to his forehead.

There’s a sharp hiss, and then the hand is gone. Keith slowly opens his eyes to meet Shiro’s worried ones.

“You’re running a hell of a fever, Keith.”

Keith hums in agreement before turning to cough weakly into his fist. With each second, standing is becoming more and more challenging, and everyone’s voices are flowing in and out of focus.

“I don’t think we have medicine here.” Hunk says.

“I could try and make some?” Pidge suggests.

“He just needs some good, old-fashioned TLC.” Lance says, voice confident.

“What’s TLC? Is that a medicine?” Coran asks.

“Ah, something like that,” Lance replies with a teasing grin.

“Okay, guys,” Shiro starts while eyeing Keith worriedly. “How about we set up the lounge?”

Keith catches that clearly, but before he has a chance to question why the lounge, he’s pushed into a dining chair while the others run off. Shiro returns minutes later and helps him into the lounge, and his eyes widen at the sight.

There are blankets and pillows covering the couch, and before Keith can register what’s happening, Lance is walking toward him and wrapping a large blanket around him before leading him over to the couch with an arm wrapped around his waist.

Keith falls against the couch, and seconds later, he’s being pulled to Hunk’s side. Hunk instantly begins carding fingers through his hair while the others offer water and general comfort.

Keith takes a few sips of water before snuggling closer to Hunk’s side while the latter continues stroking fingers through his hair.

He can hear soft chattering and dips in the couch as the others gather around, and despite his entire body rebelling against him in the form of some nasty illness, he drifts off with a smile painted across his lips.

anonymous asked:

“You really, really need to get some rest.” Maybe with a exhausted, sickly Lance? But like, he doesn't want to let the team down so he just keeps pushing himself, and Keith's like "woah buddy no". Only if you're up for it though! <3 thanks!

How about some HELLA sick Lance? I’m talking excessive throwing up, bad fever, semi delirious, can’t keep anything down. Keith doesn’t know what to do to help but in the end he’s able to keep Lance calm which is what’s really important. (Maybe Hunk or Shiro help him, tho)

Lance stumbled backward as the sick splattered on the floor at his feet. His hands flew to mouth as he coughed, a second round of sludge pouring through his fingers to join the growing puddle at his feet.

He pressed his shoulder into the nearest wall, anything to hold him up as he hunched over and continued to vomit. His retches filled the silent, empty bedroom, his gasping breaths and throbbing headache making him feel worryingly lightheaded.

His only saving grace is the light that suddenly poured into the tiny room, a lithe-bodied silhouette standing in the now open doorway. They see Lance and curse, coming toward him, hands probing his cheeks, his forehead, grabbing his shoulders and gently lowering him on the edge of the bed just as his gagging begins to taper off.

“Damn it, Lance, you’re burning up. Quiznak! You should have told someone—you should have told me.”

Lance can barely keep up with Keith’s rambling, exhaustion and illness leaving his head muddled.

“Need to—” he swallowed thickly, the stale taste of vomit still coating his tongue. “The hangars…. Gotta assemble Voltron…”

Keith cursed, his heart nearly stopping when Lance forced himself to his feet only to double over and throw up on the floor again.

“Woah—Lance, buddy, no. Listen to me,” Keith said, lowering Lance back onto the bed, keeping his hand on the blue paladin’s knee in case he tried to get up again. “You’re really sick and you really, really need to get some rest.”

All the commotion drew Shiro from the training deck, still awake to do some after hours drills. He stopped in front of Lance’s door, the sight of vomit glistening on the floor, Lance, obviously unwell and feverish leaning into the Keith’s side while the red paladin whispered quiet reassurances into his ear.

Keith looked up. “Shiro,” he said, sounding immensely relieved to see his leader. “He’s really sick. I don’t know what to do…”

“You’re doing a good job so far, Keith,” Shiro said, crossing the room and laying a hand on Lance’s forehead. “His fever isn’t that high. He’ll need rest, medicine too if he can stomach it.” His eyes drifted warily to the floor. “Do you think he—”

Keith nodded in understanding. “He can sleep in my bed tonight.”

“Good, thank you. I’m sure Lance will appreciate it too. I’m going to stay and clean up this mess. I’ll be over to check on you two as soon as I’m finished.”

Title: All That I Want
Characters: Takashi Shirogane, Keith Kogane
Relationship: Shiro/Keith (romantic)
Word Count: 1,177

    The corridors leading to the observation deck were empty. Shiro walked a bit ahead of Keith, conceding nothing to the internal pull that led him to Keith more often than not and made him want to crumple, the muscle of his back gaining strength from the sound of Keith’s footsteps in tandem with his. It helped him believe he wasn’t alone, though stepping onto the deck and seeing the stars spread over them both made him all too aware of how small they truly were.

    Above all, he didn’t want to burden Keith.

    He drew himself close to the curved glass and brought a hand to rest against it. Cold on his human fingertips. Cold inside him.  And then, a flash of red was at his side, along with a pair of breathtaking violet eyes. He turned, and the whip-sharp grin that Keith gifted him with had him reaching over before he could stop himself, fingertips grazing the side of Keith’s cheek.

    Those eyes, which seemed to carry the violets of distant nebulae, widened just a fraction as Keith processed the contact. 

    The sharp slope of Keith’s cheekbone against his fingertips, the flicker of movement visible in Keith’s eyes… Keith was with him, and he wasn’t moving away. Gathering up the courage, he stroked further over warm skin, gently pressing back into thick sable hair. Keith’s eyes drifted shut, his lips slightly parted as he leaned into the touch, and Shiro could feel his own breathing growing unsteady. He swallowed as his gaze settled on Keith’s mouth.

    No, he couldn’t.

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trans boys klance, fluff, sfw

This is based on a sort of prompt I got from @rufuckingsirius who gave me the idea of klance chilling in Lance’s bedroom topless and just being sweet and adorable and this is so fluffy take it away from me. It’s very short alright but I think it’s cute. 

The room is quiet and Lance can’t remember the last time he felt this comfortably warm and affectionate. Keith’s head is leaning on his shoulder and he’s pretty sure they’re both close to falling asleep. They stripped down to their boxers when it became clear with Keith’s soft whining that if they didn’t, cuddling wouldn’t be an option. 

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anonymous asked:

For sheith, maybe something to do with Shiro refusing to accept a stuffed animal Keith won him at the fair and two days later Keith walks in on him sleeping with it and calls him cute and just kind of cuddles with (the very flustered, because wow my crush is in my bed with me) Shiro?

Sorry this took a while, nonnie. Internet was down yesterday and it just started working today. Hope you enjoy~

Keith hummed as he flipped the pancakes off of the skillet and stacked them neatly on a plate.

Pretty soon, everything was arranged on the counter and he let out a small huff of pride at what he accomplished. It was his first time making breakfast for him and his dorm mate and it turned out really well.

Ever since they started officially dating a few days ago, Keith started to put more effort in doing little things for his roommate, Shiro. He knew that if anyone could appreciate little gestures like these, Shiro would be the one to do so.

Looking at the clock, Keith frowned as he noticed how late Shiro was for breakfast. With a sigh, he wiped his hands off his apron and headed to Shiro’s bedroom.

“Shiro, breakfast is–” Keith stopped short as he took in the image of Shiro in his bed.

Shiro was in no means a small man and seeing someone as buff as him cuddling a small, stuffed bunny was a sight to behold.

If Keith remembered clearly, it was the very same toy rabbit he won at the fair for Shiro. Back then, the older man didn’t want to accept it when Keith offered his prize to him. Keith thought it would be hilarious to have Shiro carry the cute bunny around but Shiro thought otherwise. The embarrassed man refused to hold the bunny for the duration of their date, something that Keith thought was cute in itself nonetheless.

When they got home back from the fair, Keith decided to ignore Shiro’s protests and placed the toy on Shiro’s bed. He hasn’t seen the prize again until today, when he visited Shiro’s bedroom.

Something about his roommate sleeping so peacefully with the small bunny made Keith’s heart flutter. It was the most adorable thing ever and he couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of love that surfaced in his chest. It was times like this that made him realize that being with Shiro really made him happy and with that, he was more than willing to accept the man’s quirks and even find them lovable in the process.

Deciding that Shiro had enough sleep, Keith chuckled impishly as he bounced on top of the man, shimming himself into Shiro’s arms right next to the bunny.

Shiro made a startled noise at his rather rude awakening. Keith just laughed it off as he wound his arms around his lover, nuzzling to the man’s chest.

“Good morning, Takashi,” Keith whispered with a soft smile on his face, looking up to the man. 

And Shiro?

Shiro could only blush as red as the eyes of the stuffed rabbit he was currently holding. Despite feeling a little bit groggy from sleep, Shiro recognized the fact that Keith’s smile was still the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. What did he do to deserve waking up to such a beautiful, albeit mischievous, man in his arms?

Shiro found a fond grin forming on his face as he replied, “Good morning, Keith.”

The shared a tender look before Keith broke the silence, “I see you liked my gift after all.”

Shiro blushed harder as Keith’s laugh echoed gleefully across the room.

Do you have a prompt for a Sheith/Klance/Kallura drabble of ficlet?

  • Shiro goes on walks every morning. He would walk from his home, past the super market and around through the back entrance of his neighborhood. One day, he didn't come back at his usual time. Keith got worried and called Shiro. It turns out that Shiro was trying to free a puppy who got stuck in a fence. Keith walked over there with his trusty knife and freed the puppy. Shiro begged Keith to keep the puppy and Keith couldn't resist Shiro's face. He agreed to keep the puppy and they named it Miso.

datbellytho  asked:

Keith and Lance have an eating contest. Resulting in sicky burpy pouty Keith and Shiro having to take care of him please? I've never done an ask before like this, sorry, I just love your work and this is kinda a dream.. I'm sorry if this bugs you

anon asked: can u hit us with some bloated, burpy keith pls? thanks so much for doing voltron, ilu” - hope you guys don’t mind if I combine these into a ficlet. 

Keith shifted, breaking the silence as his stomach emitted another queasy gurgle.

Shiro’s fingers paused, his forefinger still tangled in a lock of the dark hair.

“You know this is your own fault, right?”

Keith moaned, hiding his face against Shiro’s thigh. The older boy chuckled and resumed the head massage.

“Fuck,” Keith growled. “I know. I’m an idiot, all right?”

“You could’ve said no,” Shiro helpfully pointed out, amused.

Keith reached down between where his body was pressed against the bed and palmed his stomach. A burp jolted up into the back of his throat and he hurriedly clamped his mouth shut.

“You know Lance,” Keith mumbled bitterly. “He doesn’t take no for an answer. He just annoys the shit out of you until you can’t think about anything except shutting him up and damn the consequences.”

“It’s a unique talent,” Shiro agreed, grin replaced by a frown when Keith made a small choking noise. “You all right down there?”

Shiro stopped scrolling through the pad and glanced down at the boy currently using his lap as a pillow. He heard Keith swallow, obviously struggling against his body’s urge to relieve some of the discomfort.

Ugh,” Keith moaned, pressing his face harder against Shiro’s leg. His words were muffled. “I hope Lance is having the worst time.”

Shiro pet a wild strand of hair back into place, then moved down to rub gently against Keith’s nape.

“I hope he spends all night just…suffering, on the toilet.”

“Well, if he ate anything even close to the amount you shoveled down, he’s gonna be feeling it,” Shiro confirmed; the grin was back.

Keith mumbled something else but Shiro couldn’t understand him beyond the blockade of fabric.

“Try again?”

Keith pushed up on his elbows and blinked down at Shiro’s lap, “I’m glad you think this is funny.” He swallowed carefully and concentrated on taking a few deep breaths.

“I was never one to stand in the way of entropy,” Shiro teased, twining his fingers back up through Keith’s hair.

Keith shivered slightly and closed his eyes, sighing, “I thought you were supposed to be the voice of reason. Stop us from doing stupid shit like - ulp - eating ourselves stupid just to prove a point.” His stomach let out another angry grumble at the memory.

What had started as a joke had quickly escalated into a heated battle for supremacy. Keith couldn’t remember over what, exactly. But he and Lance had apparently deemed it worthy enough to stuff themselves with the spongy green crap. The off-putting color should have been Keith’s first cue to bow out. Instead he’d plowed mindlessly through three gigantic bowls until he heard Lance gagging and calling for a truce.

“What was the point of this again?” Shiro’s fondness teetered between mild condescension and genuine curiosity.

“Bragging rights,” Keith gave a weak hiccup. “And I won. So Lance can suck it.”

Shiro heaved a long-suffering sigh, resisting the urge to shake his head. This probably wasn’t the time for a lecture. He’d save it for when the two idiots weren’t so green around the gills. He suspected Lance wasn’t fairing any better and hoped, at the very least, that he’d sought refuge with Hunk.

“He certainly riled you up,” Shiro mused. “Any particular reason it was so easy, tonight?”

“He’s a jackass?” Keith muttered as if it were the obvious answer.

“Be nice,” Shiro flicked the back of Keith’s head.

“Ow! - hic - oh,” Keith reached up to rub the sore spot, pausing midway as a much wetter hiccup jumped into his chest.

“Keith?” Shiro apologized by rubbing his thumb over Keith’s knuckles.

“Shit,” Keith’s cheeks inflated as something gurgled up. It took a few hard swallows to push it back down.

“Quit holding them in,” Shiro frowned. “It’ll only make your stomach feel worse.”

Keith shook is head and rocked forward, suppressing another rumbling belch. He cupped a hand over his mouth just in time to let it out.

Oh,” he groaned, most of the color draining from his face. “I don’t feel good.”

“I know,” Shiro winced sympathetically as he slid his hand further down to Keith’s upset belly. He could feel the contents churning and sloshing beneath his palm as he began kneading gentle circles over the heated skin.

“Sh-Shiro,” Keith panted weakly, suddenly pushing up from his lap and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He leaned forward, perched over the edge while his fingers dug into his knees. Shiro watched the boy’s throat work convulsively as a shudder ran through is muscles.

“Hey,” Shiro soothed, scooting up behind him. He reached out to place a hand against Keith’s back.

“Think I’m — ‘m gonna throw up,” Keith slurred, voice thick with nausea.

“Easy,” Shiro coached, looping his natural arm around Keith’s chest. “Take a few breaths through your nose. You’re all right.”

Keith tried to follow the instruction, but midway through his first shaky inhale, he choked. His shoulders rolled with a belching gag that sent him heaving into his hand.

“Okay, bathroom,” Shiro leapt off the mattress and tugged Keith upright, concern and the threat of a mess all over the bed making his voice sound a little harsher than he intended.

“Oh, no,” Keith gagged, swaying unsteadily as his stomach whined, protesting the abrupt movement. He shoved out of Shiro’s grasp and stumbled the few steps to the small bathroom. “Don’t come in here.”

Before he could say anything the door whooshed shut and Shiro was left standing outside. The harsh sounds of violent retching met his ears and he cringed, wanting desperately to make himself useful.

“Keith?” Shiro knocked softly on the door. No answer. “I’m gonna grab a few water packets, okay?”

A sharp burp followed by coughing and then, “Kill Lance for me while you’re at it.”

Shiro scratched the back of his head, trying to maintain his empathy for the situation.

“I’ll be right back.”

The idiocy he endured for this team…

Some Days

A Sheith ficlet dedicated to my lovely inspirations, @itbespacegays and @kcgane !! It’s nothing special but I really hope you like it ;u; Ily guys!!

Honestly, some days were better than others. Some days, the weight of the world was much too much – And some days, Shiro could get by without too much stress. The constant, nagging anxieties buried deep inside him, they never left – But some days they were easier to cope with.

Some days.

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Day 4: Stress

Lance stumbled out of the cockpit and threw up on the hangar, right at Blue’s feet. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Blue’s massive paws, Lance wasn’t even sure he would have been able to hold himself up while his stomach painfully and violently evacuated its contents through his mouth.

Once he was finished, he stood doubled over, hands on his knees, and just concentrated on staying conscious. He was dizzy, more so than he had been while flying with the team, the feeling exacerbated by the vomiting.

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Lanterns - silverxsakura - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), family ocs
Additional Tags: short and sweet, First Kiss, Getting Together, Fluff, literally pure fluff, Little plot, Beaches, Summer break, Summer Heat, it’s mostly about the heat, boys being stupid

The heat was too much for Lance, with chafing cotton and sweat-soaked shirts and too much Keith he couldn’t touch. He was part of the family, and Lance loved him. So sleeping beside him was definitely not good for his heart.

a short klance thing i wrote that probably wont make it into a longer fic

Lance kisses like he’s never kissed anyone before, and Keith thinks maybe he hasn’t. If that were months ago, he would preen slightly with pride, knowing that that wasn’t something Lance could dangle over his head, the way Keith knows he would if he were given the chance. But it’s not months ago, and Keith is just glad that he isn’t the only one floundering here.

Lance tilts his head in the wrong direction and almost smashes their noses together. Their teeth clank together painfully and he smells like sweat and Keith can’t quite tell what to do with his hands, hovering in the air awkwardly, and he’s thinking about that and not about kissing. They pull away, and Lance is laughing before they’re even fully apart.

“That was so bad,” he says, still smiling, his cheeks pink. Keith is nervous for a second, scared that Lance is going to say that they should never try that again or that it was Keith’s fault for being inexperienced, but Lance only shakes his head, still grinning, and says, “Second time?”

Keith nods quickly. Their teeth clash again, but there’s less spit this time.

anonymous asked:

could you write something where Lance is blabbering on and annoying everyone so Keith just kinda picks him up and walks out the room with him so everyone else gets a break from it?? (I don't know I just really like this idea)

Keith is 100% done. They all are.

And despite all of the hints, from Shiro’s gentle “ok Lance, we get it,” to Pidge’s less than subtle “Lance, shut the fuck up,” the paladin in question is still talking. Or rather, bragging.

It was bragging well earned, he’d somehow managed to save the entire castle of Lion’s from annihilation all by himself, whilst the others had been tangled in a Galra trap. They suppose it’s only fair that he gets to bask in the glory for a bit.

But, as they’d come to know, you give Lance an inch and he takes a mile. Today is no exception to that rule.

Honestly if Keith has to hear, one more time, how Lance is basically an honorary prince or knight or whatever, because he rescued a Princess, he’s going to McFreakin lose it.

“So yeah, I guess I’ll be expecting a knighthood any day now.”

Yup. That does it.

Keith can’t help but enjoy watching Lance’s skin turn a sickly shade of grey as he stomps over towards him. Although Lance is taller, he’s leaning against the sofa, and Keith is looming over him like a demon-possessed shadow.

Both of them miss the way Pidge’s glasses glint as they catch the light, how her hands rub together in glee. Shiro steels himself, ready to break up any fighting if necessary. Hunk hides behind his hands.

Nobody is prepared for what Keith does.

Using Lance’s shock to his advantage, he yanks the taller man up by the waist and heaves him over his shoulder. Lance squeals, as Pidge will remind him later, like a castrated pig, limbs flailing as he tries to break Keith’s hold. It’s no use.

So he falls back on cursing him out in Spanish instead.

The cursing and the flailing fall on deaf ears as Keith carries him out of the room, Lance shooting the rest of the paladins a look of utmost betrayal as they burst into applause (even Shiro!)

“Keith what the hell man?” Lance switches back to English when they’re further down the hallway, out of sight and earshot of anyone, “I get you’re a hermit with zero social skills, but you have to realise that this in not ok right? Your hands are on my butt dude!”

Keith drops Lance to the ground.

Neither of them know what to say.

They avoid each other for three days.

Well, Keith thinks as he sprawls out on his bed, staring at the ceiling with a face as red as his lion, at least that’s one way to shut Lance up.

Title: Don’t
Characters: Takashi Shirogane, Keith Kogane
Relationship: Shiro/Keith (romantic)
Word Count: 654

Inspired by an old abandoned thread and @redchosen hurting my soul with Keith angst.

    This was bad. Not only had the two of them gotten separated from the others, but they’d also gotten themselves pinned down behind a bunker, Galra sentries closing in around them and no possible escape in sight. Keith had been holding his bayard at the ready, set to jump into close combat if necessary when the Galra commander made a single demand.

    ‘By request from Lord Zarkon. Hand over the red paladin, and we will allow the black paladin and the others to go free.’

    It was crystal-clear as it rang through the air, but it didn’t make any damn sense. Why would they want him, when Shiro was standing right here? The head of Voltron, the former Champion. Keith had prepared himself to fight tooth and nail to protect the black paladin, but he hadn’t been ready for this.

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Just Tuesday

1. I’m not dead.

2. I wrote this because of a random plot bunny I got.

3. I haven’t posted anything in forever. Even though I’ve been writing and stuff, I just haven’t posted anything. Also I’m kind of between fandoms or something right now so Kogan doesn’t have all of my focus anymore (it has most of my focus, but not all of it).

So, here’s something little and kinda dumb, but here it is.

“Kendall and Logan are literally the perfect couple!” James tells the editor of PopStar Magazine.

Kendall and Logan rolled their eyes but kept their smiles.  “You will never meet two people that love each other more than Kendall and Logan,” Carlos said. He grinned at his two friends, patting Logan’s back as he turned back to the woman. 

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