adventures of a multishipper dealing with the vld fandom

anti sheith: you can’t ship this cause it’s pedophilia

me: well Keith’s a teen not a child but okay, also the book says that he’s 18-19

anti sheith: well yeah but, it’s incest! BROGANES!!!

me: that’s….not canon

anti sheith: to me it is!


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I’ll just ship Kallura then


me: how come?

anti Kallura: wake up sweetie :) Keith Kogane is Keith KoGAY. He’s literally disgusted by the female form. And I guess Allura’s a lesbian or whatever

me: uh…that’s not canon either. Also you know bi and pan people exist right?

anti Kallura: well it’s FANON. Also that’s gross, Allura’s like a mom.

me: you know I see this in many other fandoms as well, pushing the mom and/or lesbian label on to a dark skinned/Black femme character occurs a lot; just so you can excuse not shipping her with male characters. What you think is being progressive is actually just thinly veiled racism and misogynoir, and is just an acceptable way of either desexualizing or hypersexualizing said character.

anti Kallura: ……

Also Shallura is pedophilia too

me: bro what the fu-

Okay, so I’ve seen an AU where Lance is like the son of the ocean (not a mermaid but can like control the water and has eyes that glow and probably a cool tattoo.) Somebody give me a chance to add to that because I have some ideas.

-he can’t be too far away from the ocean or he becomes sluggish and loses energy. He needs to sleep constantly and he can’t eat anything.

-he’s like thousandsnof years old but still looks like a teenager and is actually pretty up to date with everything current.

-he has a house right next to the beach, it’s made out of an old boat.

-he goes to highschool, and that’s where he met Keith, Shiro, Allura, Hunk, Pidge and Coran his teacher.

-he finds it so amusing when people refer to Allura, Coran and Shiro as ‘older than him.’

-he would be sooooo good at school at this point in his life.

-they all go surfing together (Coran does as well because he is Allura’s uncle and she lives with him after her parents died.)

-they often have competitions and Lance let the others win.

-unless its Keith, cos, you think you’re better than me??? Let me show you how good I am.

-no Lance, he just loves you.

-I mean….. what?

-Hunk is in a Fijian dance group, and they sometimes hold bonfire nights with a barbeque to perform their stuff, Lance always makes sure to keep the weather nice for them on those particular days.

-they live in a small town

-Lance is the weather man in the town, everyone always asks him what the weather will be like, cos he will definitely know. They think he’s just got super awesome senses, but really its just one of his powers.

-no one knows about him

-everyone checks up on him, the whole town is like his parents because they are so concerned for him. Cos, he’s like this 17 year old that lives on his own in this gigantic house, and his dad only comes around every so often to check up on him

-he actually is REALLY close to his dad, he’s just like, an ocean god.

-his dad sometimes makes himself in human form, so that he can go sea how his son is doing, go to parent teacher interviews, have an awesome christmas/birthday.

-Everyone in the town hates him because they think that he just leaves Lance to fend for himself. And they don’t understand why Lance loves him so much and gets so excited when he comes around.

-they always pretend to be excited and supportive anyway, because Lance is just so happy.

-he doesn’t have a mum, he was like, formed from seashells or coral or some shit.

-when he goes to 'visit his dad in California’ he actually goes to the bottom of the ocean where he becomes a mermaid and everyone else is a mer of some kind. And his dad has this super cool ocean palace and everything is great

-also Klance somewhere

-Pidge is a lesbean


-and Hunk just loves love

Okay, thank you, someone please write this and let me know beforehand. K, bye


Shimabara Yagumo-dayuu 1922 por Blue Ruin 1
Por Flickr:
Courtesan Yagumo (Thick Clouds) of the Shimabara district in Kyoto, postmarked Taishō 11 (1922).

Spray Tan

Lance: So, how dark do you want to be? We have one, two or three.

Keith: Well, uh, I like how you look. What are you?

Lance: Cuban.

Keith: Two, I think two.

Blunt Keith

You guys, I have so much to say about VLD season four but I don’t want to start drama, if you want to talk about it also, pls DM me!

Okay, blunt Keith here we go.

- okay so it’s pining Keith but he is totally okay with everyone knowing. He just does not understand how people do it and gets so confused when people get shocked at his blutness.

-when he realises he has a crush on Lance, Pidge asks her why he is being such a softie and Keith just sighs and says ‘love does that to a man.’ And Pidge is just kind of 😐

-Pidge promises not to tell anyone if he lets her tease him and he gets really confused and asks why he wouldn’t want anyone to know

-Pidge gasps and runs to tell Hunk. The news spreads fast as hell

-when Lance finds out he confronts Keith like 'is this true.’ And Keith kind of just tilts his head like its the most obvious thing in the world (*cough* it is *cough*) and goes 'ya, duh.’

-cue flustered Lance

-Keith asks him out and Lance almost just yells yes straight away but composes himself and tries to play it cool.

-Lance says that he’ll date Keith when he asks him out in the most romantic way possible (that’s how extra Lance is).

-cue Keith asking Lance out in every way possible until he finally says yes.

-evveryone knows they were basically dating before this, making out all the time, holding hands, cuddling each other, but it wasn’t official until Keith finally managed to make it romantic enough.

Let me know if you want a part two on how Keith asked out Lance! I might write a short one shot or something… idk.

“Keith Kogane? More like Keith KoGAY, amiright…No? Anyone?”

-Probably Lance