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Inuyasha Cast of Characters

Manga colored by me (@colorfullykalene)

This is one of the cast of character sheets that Rumiko Takahashi includes at the front of each Inuyasha manga volume. These pages introduce you to the main characters that will be in that volume. There is a picture of each character, along with a short description of them. I thought it would be fun to color them and bring these characters descriptions to life.

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Hello everyone. Today I want ta introduce Shina’s teammates that @tomoe-au​ helped me come up with. You see, I’m terrible at coming up with OC’s. I neglected to really write about Shina’s teammates for this reason.

While trying to come up with who his teammates might be, well, I realized something. His teammates will probably eventually be his friends… and you see, so far… almost all of Shina’s fandom friends are girls. ^_^; I could have followed the 2 boys one girl policy, but that’s just really meh. I couldn’t do the 2 girls one boy thing because again there’s the problem of no variety in Shina’s life.

I neglected to mention his teammates for years and years. I considered just using some of by buddies OC’s like @rebelliondou, but that’s a story in itself which is not the same ‘story’ this blog follows (not that I wouldn’t mind doing asks for that particular AU) And them @tomoe-au saved the day!

So here we have Koga and Myouen. (Their colors/outfits are not final). This team was formed when they were 15, but they were aware of each others existence prior to becoming teammates even if they weren’t quite friends.


Koga is like a loyal dog. Always has some encouraging words to say, especially for Shina. He’s loud and if he thinks someone undeserving has been insulted, he will bark angrily. Not actually bark, but you get the idea. He may be be prone to mood swings. Pfff

Although Myouen doesn’t think much of Koga, Koga has a lot of beef with Myouen. It’s not uncommon for Koga to be yelling about something insulting Myouen has said and Myouen completely ignores him.

Koga has a scar on his eyebrow that he got after a very dangerous expedition where he sailed the seas and fought ninja pirates for the treasure of one piece… except that’s not what happened at all. He got the scar when he was a toddler and a vase fell on his face after pulling the table cloth. For every new person he meets, he makes up a new bull crap story of how he got it. At this point, not even he remembers how he actually got it. Probably.


Myouen is the local grumpy cat. He is extremely intelligent and excels in school and martial arts training, but because he’s super milk toast, no one really pays attention to him or his accomplishments.

Since they were younger, Myouen had an intense dislike of Shinachiku. Since he is the Hokage’s son and the son of the most prominent doctor in the world, he’s bound to get attention no matter what he does. Myouen finds Shina very undeserving and makes his feelings known.

Their ‘Friendship’

You can imagine how great everyone gets along at first. Meaning, they didn’t get along at all. The day they were assigned to meet, Shina and Koga got along right away. Koga was similar to his dad and Shina knew how to handle it.

When the two went to meet up with Myouen, things did not go well. In fact, the first thing out of Myouen’s mouth was insinuating Shina only got approved to be a shinobi because of the status of his parents and he hoped Shina actually held his weight on their future missions.

Cue the never ending cycle of Koga shouting, Myouen ignoring him, and Shina making sure the two stayed as far away from one another as possible.

There is a point where Myouen sees Shina in a different light and the three will get along much better, but that’s a story for another day.

Being almost complete opposites, Koga and Myouen will always kinda clash, but they’ll learn to respect one another.

Sooooo, what do you think? Again, couldn’t have done this without @tomoe-au, had a lot of fun spitting out headcanons and stuff.