koga art


🌟Ensemble Seijou🌟

(※ traced+edited from the official card)

Inuyasha Cast of Characters

Manga colored by me (@colorfullykalene)

This is one of the cast of character sheets that Rumiko Takahashi includes at the front of each Inuyasha manga volume. These pages introduce you to the main characters that will be in that volume. There is a picture of each character, along with a short description of them. I thought it would be fun to color them and bring these characters descriptions to life.

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i feel like this line has been used already but just let me feel original ok

thanks so much for the request anon!! here’s a messy comic, i hope that’s ok ;;; i love me some flirty koga and jealous inuyasha~ also i’m really glad you dig my art 👌🏽