kofuku (noragami)


Imagine Yato and Yukine after Hiyori’s death.

Imagine how Yato stays awake, drinking, until his body forces him to pass out. How, when he does sleep, he relives his memories with her.

Imagine Yukine in bed all the time, crying loudly.

Imagine Yato, when he’s not crying or raging, being expressionless.

Imagine him bearing both his and Yukine’s grief. Imagine Yukine relying more and more on Daikoku and Kofuku because Yato just isn’t really there. Imagine Yato becoming horribly blighted but almost doesn’t do a thing about it because what’s the point.

Imagine him walking alone at night and a group of girls, laughing, cross his path. He looks up out of reflex and one of them looks almost exactly like Hiyori. Without meaning to he opens his mouth and her name comes out in a whisper, but of course there’s no response.

Imagine his waning will against his father, and imagine him reverting back to how he used to be-cold and nearly lifeless, no goofiness or second glances towards capypas. No reaction when he learns they’re just people in suits.

Imagine Yukine becoming scared when he looks into his eyes.