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pokemon questions. how much do you know about pokemon? opinion on koffing? opinion on mr mime and mime jr? i have a koffing in pokemon go and i always think of you

ive been in2 th concept of pokemon ever since i was baby n watched the movies n stuff (my fave was/is th rly daylite horror high concept one wher the unown start fulfilling this rich isolated child’s wishes n naturally she wants 2 cover the world in a layer of multicoloured crystal and replace her dead dad w a legendary) but i only started playin the games in th last few yearz on emulator n rly enjoyin them, one of my frends is gona giv me her old slice-o-bread 2ds so’s i can play sunmoon n xy :> my fave pokemon is pink jellicient bc its Me but koffing n ko. r xtremely good boys, mr mime is my son, End Mr Mime Hate 2016

The shipwreck arc in Pokemon season 1 is just getting better and better… First Ash’s group and Team Rocket having to work together for survival… then finding out that Gyarados evolves from Magikarp (thank goodness… so that’s what Magikarp is for!)… and now Ash and Team Rocket are separated from their Pokemon

Meowth tried to lead an attack on Ash’s Pokemon, but Koffing and Ekans actually have nothing against any of them and only fight because they are genuinely loyal to their masters (which is sweet)

So Ash’s Pokemon tie up Meowth and aren’t going to let him have any food until he apologizes, but are just hanging out and having a good time with Koffing and Ekans, who are completely ignoring Meowth and it is hilarious

I love this

Penarth identified as Pokemon blackspot by player as 'Pokemania' hits
A FRUSTRATED gamer has identified Penarth as a blackspot for Pokemon.

Penarth resident Mr Roberts is not happy with what he sees as the lack of quality Pokemon in the area.

He said he has spoken with fellow Penarthians and that they are having to travel to Cardiff to catch rarer Pokemon.

In Penarth, he says, he has only managed to catch Magikarps and Koffings.

“Isn’t a little worrying that such uninspiring and awful Pokemon appear when out and about in the town we love so much?”

“Penarth is a great place to live, so I am baffled why the Pokemon don’t agree,” said Mr Roberts.

“It’s a real kick in the pokeballs for Penarth.”

The team at Station Road-based Penarth Tyres appear to have had more luck though.

They found a Pikachu outside their building last week.

i don’t even know okay.

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Knight of Fangs gives me hope???? For having a band a friends to rp in mc with lol it looks really fun and you're all so talented and creative and it makes me excited to try it out for myself should the opportunity present itself :D

KoF was a lot of fun to make and I’m glad we got to do it as long as we did, I hope I find a project down the road where we can band together for drama and absurdity again.