TOP 10 2012 - NY airbnb

Ah 2012. The one year I spent fully in New York. What a great ride it has been. I wake up feeling energized and full of zest for life everyday.

My love for you grows stronger as the time goes by, New York. Oh how I love thee.

10. Koffeecake Corner Lexington - When I discovered Nutella Latte, there was no turning back.

9. Mie Jakarta - Nothing comforts the soul and warms my tummy like down home, authentic Indonesian spiciness.

8. Bookmarc - Whenever I am in need of a souvenir, a present, a fun shopping store, or just to waste some time, I know I can always count on Bookmarc.

7. MyWayCup Coffee - They have converted me to appreciate a good cup of coffee. Nothing energizes me in the morning but a wonderful cup of soy latte from these guys.

6. Century 21 Department Store - About 90% of my home goods are from here. Truly a lifesaver for great, affordable pieces. This new Century 21 location beats all else hands down with it’s wide aisles, clean open spaces, high ceilings and wonderful selection. 

5. 230 5th rooftop lounge - Splendid summer memories bringing my out-of-towners here, wowing them with great views of New York. 

4. Frying Pan - Another summer gem. Who doesn’t want to drink on a boat and feel the breeze? To chill, to chat, and to get chummy; oh the summer indulgence.

3. Cho Dang Gol - Anytime I have a visitor who is down for some good Asian food, this place always tops the list. I can never get tired of this Korean homemade tofu gem of a place. Also, many pregame memories made here that truly defined my 2012. Psst, hint hint, you must try the Makgeolli.

2. Cloister Cafe - Ah, my go-to spot while I was on a dating marathon stint. Lol. From awkward, pain-inducing dates, to wonderful, tipsy times with secret lovers, Cloister Cafe will always hold a special place in my heart. Do try the Rose-Mint Hookah flavor combo.

1. Central Park - This place is so huge, I will probably always find a spot for it in all of my Top 10 list. Wonderful summer concerts with good friends; quiet, peaceful times lying on a blanket with a book in hand; stealing kisses with my dates; stealing more than kisses with secret lovers…