Mystery Girl

Written by: @winchester-lover95   Moosette_95 (AO3)

Word Count: 2134

Summary: You and your girlfriends go out for a typical night out, but it ends in a way you never expected. 

Pairing: None really (Yet..)

Warnings: None

Author Notes: Y/N (Your Name) Y/F/N (Your Friends Name) Y/O/F/N (Your Other Friends Name)

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“Y/N come on we won’t get in if we don’t leave now.” Y/F/N said through the door.

“Calm your tits I’m coming.” I said back. I stepped out of the bathroom.

“Hot damn woman. You look amazing.” Y/O/F/N said.

“Thanks I got it just for this trip.” I said walking over the mirror hanging off the wall in the hotel we were staying at.

 I looked at myself, I was wearing a royal blue dress that had a lace overlay, it came down to about mid-thigh and had ¾ sleeves and my anti possession tattoo peeking out just a touch. Y/F/N was in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a black tank top with lace back, a pair of black leather flats, her tattoo also peeking out just over her tank top. Y/O/F/N was a pair of black jeans, a red top with a scoop V-neck where you could clearly see he tattoo, and her black combat boots.

We had decided that we needed a girl’s weekend, and what better way to have a girl’s weekend than spending it surrounded by hot guys, to be more specific, the cast of my favorite show, Supernatural. The convention had ended for the day, I had suggested after a fun filled day why not continue the fun by going out a local bar. We all walked out the hotel and waited outside for the Uber to arrive.

“Where is the damn Uber Y/N?” Y/F/N asked.

 “It’s like a minute away.” I said.

 “Good because I’m freezing.” She said.

“Maybe if you had put on your jacket like I suggested you wouldn’t be.”

“Shut it Bitch.”

“Jerk.” I said just as the Uber pulled up.

 We all climbed into the car, “Where you gals going?” The driver said.

 “Brit’s Pub.” You all three said in unison.

“Alright then.” He said pulling away from our hotel in his Dark Blue Chevy Silverado. I was in the passenger seat since Y/F/N and Y/O/F/N claimed they didn’t want to die next to some shady Uber driver.

 “Whatever weirdos.” I said. About 10 minutes later we pulled up to Brits Pub.

“Here we are ladies, Have fun.” The driver said.

“Thanks.” I said. Y/F/N and Y/O/F/N just smiled and gave a small wave. We all got out and straightened our outfits before heading to the door.

“Can I see your ID’s ladies?” The bartender asked as we sat down at the bar.

“Why of course.” I said.

“Yeah sure.” Y/F/N said.

“Is the paper copy okay?” Y/O/F/N said. Y/F/N and I just looked at her.

“What we left before the actual one came in.” She said. We just laughed.

 “Yeah if the birthdate is valid I don’t care.”

 “I’ll take a UV cake and Root beer.” I said. “She’ll take a Smirnoff Ice.” I said pointing to Y/O/F/N. “And she’ll take a beer.” “What kind of beer?” “Whatever’s the most common on tap.” I said. “Oh, Y/N I get all tingly when you take control like that.” Y/F/N said. I snorted my drink spilling some down my chest.

“Jerk.” I said.

“Bitch.” Y/F/N said. Y/O/F/N was also laughing so I looked at her and said


 “How dare you?” Y/O/F/N said faked a wounded look clutching her chest. Suddenly there were girls squealing.

 “Ow my ears.” I said.

“Oh, my chuck.” Y/O/F/N said as she hit my arm. 

“What?” I asked.

“It’s the boys.” Y/F/N said.

 “Oh, my chuck.” I said realizing Jared, Jensen, Misha, Rob, and Rich were walking into the bar. They said hello to some fans, then all but Jensen walked over to a section of tables. Jensen walked over to the bar, right next to us.

“5 beers.” He said.

“What kind?”

“Whatever’s the most common.” He replied.

“Hi Jensen.” I squeaked out. He looked at me, smiled

“Hey,” He said.

“J where are our beers?” Rich called out.

“Coming.” He replied. He started to walk away but stopped turning back around he looked back at Y/F/N and smiled winked then turned and walked over to the guys.

“Oh, my Chuck, Y/F/N he just winked at you.” I said. Y/F/N couldn’t move.

 “Earth to Y/F/N.” Y/O/F/N said.

“Huh.” She replied.

“Jensen just totally winked at you.” Y/O/F/N said. Before she could say anything else, the bartender had a microphone in his hand.

 “Alright everyone in honor of the Supernatural Convention this weekend we here at Brit’s Pub have a little surprise for all the fans here tonight.” Then on the stage where the band was usually set up where just a couple of mics. On the screen behind showed the anti-possession symbol along with the words ‘Brit’s Pub SPN karaoke night.’

 “Oh, my chuck Y/N you totally need to sing.” Y/F/N said.

“Yeah Moosette.” Y/O/F/N agreed.

“No no no.” I said slightly drunk there was no way in hell you were singing. Especially not in front of Richard Speight Jr.

“Come on you don’t need to be the first one up there but go at some point.” Y/F/N said.

“Fine I’ll do it but on one condition. Y/O/F/N has to go up to Rob, look him in the eyes and say hi.” I said smugly, knowing that it would never happen.

“Fine I’ll do it.” Y/O/F/N said hopping off her bar stool. I was concerned she might do it.

“Alcohol is the best confidence booster.” She said.

 “Over there.” Y/F/N said pointing at Rob.

 “Let’s go.” Y/O/F/N said pulling me off my stool too. You all walked over to where all five guys were sitting. 

“Hey ladies what can we do for you?” Misha asked.

 “Well my friend here made a bet.” Y/O/F/N said.

 “Ooh a bet, this just got interesting.” Rich said.

 “So, what’s the bet?” Jared asked.

“She as to look Rob in the eyes and say hi, then little miss over here in the blue will go on stage and sing.”

“Oh yeah?” Jensen said.

“Well I for one kind of what to hear little miss blue here sing so Robbie get over here.” Rich said pulling Robs arm.

“Hey, uh what’s your name?” Rob said.

 “Y/O/F/N.” She said looking down.

“Hey Y/O/F/N could you maybe look up so I can see you?” Rob questioned.

“Come on Em you can do it then little blue has to sing as promised.” Jensen said. Y/O/F/N slowly looked up. I looked at her surprised. She was doing it my heartbeat picked up.

“Hi Robbie.” She said looking at him.

“Ooooh.” The boys all cheered.

“Now little blue has to sing.” Rich said.

“Great.” I mumbled, “I hate you all.” I said slightly grinning.

“Love you too.” Y/O/F/N and Y/F/N said in unison.

“You have to sing in front of your crush now.” Y/F/N said. If looks could kill Y/F/N would be 6 foot under.

“Jerk.” I said.

“Bitch.” She replied sassily.

 “Who’s her crush?” Rich asked Y/F/N. As you walked up to the DJ.

 “Do you have Church Bells by Carrie Underwood?” I asked.

“I think so let me check though.”

“Okay.” I said nervously pulling on my necklace.

“Yup we have it.”  The DJ responded.

 “Great.” I replied.

“Do you want to sing?” The DJ asked.

“I do but I don’t but I lost a bet so… here I am.” I  replied.

 “Gotcha well it’s all set up for you. What’s your name?”

“People call me Moosette.” I replied.

“Up next we have Moosette.” The DJ said into his mic. I could hear Y/F/N and Y/O/F/N hollering from somewhere in the crowd. I looked around and saw them standing next to the boys. Rich was looking directly at me, he winked and gave me a smile and a thumb up. I smiled nervously.

 I could barely hear what Y/F/N was saying to Rich but what I made out was Rich asking who my crush is. “You.” She replied winking at me, my cheeks growing redder as I climbed on stage.

“Jenny grew up wild like a Blackfoot Daisy out in the shack with the blue tick hounds.” I sang, when I finished the song I climbed down and walked over to where I had last seen Y/O/F/N and Y/F/N. Suddenly there was a hand grabbing my arm I yelped.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” Rich said

“I was just grabbing some more beers.” He said gesturing to the 3 beer bottles in his hand.

 “Rich.” Misha called out.  

“Coming. Come on I want to talk to you.”

“Okay.” I said quietly following him. Y/F/N was talking to Jensen and Y/O/F/N was sitting next to Rob talking. You sat at the high top across from Rich.

 “So, can I get to know more about you.” Rich asked.

“I don’t know, can you?” I responded smiling.

“OH, playing hard to get I see.”

“Just like my alter ego I suppose.” I responded.

 “Oh, and what’s your alter ego.” He asked.

“The trickster.” I said grinning.

 “Okay trickster what’s your name?”

“Well my friends call me Moosette.”

“Okay Moosette can I get your real name?” Before I had the chance to respond Y/F/N came over.

“Y/O/F/N got sick so we should uh you know.”

“Yeah let’s get her back to the hotel.” I said getting up.

 “Where are, you staying, I could take you back.” Rich offered.

“it’s okay I already have an Uber on the way.” I responded. Y/F/N went and got Y/O/F/N walking back over.

“Okay missy let’s get you back to hotel.” I said.

 “I feel totally fine.” Y/O/F/N said slightly slurring.

“Yeah, sure you are.” Y/F/N and I said in unison.

 “Well boys it’s been fun but we gotta go.” I said. We both turned with Y/O/F/N in tow towards the door.

“Wait.” Rich called out. I never heard him over the crowd. You got Y/O/F/N loaded up into the Uber by the time Rich had pushed his way through the crowd you were gone.

“Damn it Robbie.” Rich groaned, “Not only did I not get her number I didn’t even get her real name.”

“Richie seriously.” Rob said.

“They’re all gone?” Jensen said.

“Yeah the girls are all gone.” Rich replied.

“Damn all I got was her name.” Jensen said. “I didn’t even get her number.”

 “What was her name?” Rob asked.

“Aly.” Jensen said. “I think.”

“You think Jensen?” Rich said.

“Dude back off.”

“Guys stop okay I know the girl I was talking to was an Y/O/F/N.”

 “Okay you know how many Y/O/F/N’s there are?” Rich asked.

 “Well find our mystery girls.” Rob said.

“Okay.” Rich and Jensen replied in unison. You and Y/F/N had gotten Y/O/F/N back to the hotel and into the room.

“Damn it.” Y/F/N mumbled.

 “What?” I asked.

 “I didn’t get his number.”

 “You didn’t get Jensen’s number?”

“No, chuck I’m so stupid.”

 “You spent more time with him then I did with Rich.”

 “Well did you get Richards number?”

“No.” I replied.

 “And I’m guessing Y/O/F/N didn’t get Rob’s number.” Y/F/N said. Y/O/F/N was passed out on the bed.

“Eiffel tower.” She mumbled. Y/F/N and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Great not only did we see the boys, we drank with them, hung out with them but somehow we didn’t get their numbers.”

“Maybe we can go out again tomorrow night and run into them this time making sure to get their numbers.” I said.

“Yeah maybe.” I said after I had shimmed out of my dress.

 “Yeah night.” Y/F/N replied she then took off just her pants and crawled into bed. The next morning my phone alarm went off all too soon.

 “Ugh.” I grumbled.

“Turn it off.” Y/F/N said.

“Make it stop my head hurts.” Y/O/F/N stated.

 I climbed out of bed, walking over to the desk, grabbing the phone I looked at the time. 5:59 AM.

 “Okay who’s in the shower after me?” I asked into the darkness of the room.

“I will.” I heard Y/F/N say.

“Okay.” I responded. Walking to the bathroom.

 “Okay let’s get some tunes going in here.” I said opening my phone.

 “That’s funny I never use Twitter.” I said noticing the Twitter app had notifications.

“Well let’s look.” I said opening the app. I dropped my phone.

“Oh, my God.” I said walking back out of the bathroom.

“What?” Y/F/N asked.

 “Both of you need to check Twitter right now.” I said.

They found their phones and opened Twitter. “Oh Chuck.” Y/F/N said.

“Y/N that’s you.” Y/O/F/N said.

“I know read the caption.”

‘Anyone who was at Brit’s Pub last night you can help us we need to know who little miss blue and her friends are. Anyone who finds them will get a surprise from the cast. #BritsPub #LittleMissBlue #AndFriends #RichiesMysteryGirl.’ Y/O/F/N read aloud.

 “It’s on all five of the boy’s pages’ dude.” Y/F/N said.

“Oh Chuck.” I said falling back on the bed. 


sorry i’ve been quiet lately. here’s some old wip paintings that i probably will never get around to finishing because painting is hard and i am weak