mapleofrph’s fc suggestions: 95 liners [part 2/3]

here are a few of my favourite fcs that were born in 1995!! all of them are poc and have plenty of resources so. yeah. neat. 

  • Choi Min-ki [x
  • Park Jung-hwa [x]
  • Cierra Ramirez [x]
  • Diggy Simmons [x]
  • Lulu Antariksa [x]
  • Shin Hye-jin [x]
  • Gigi Hadid [x]
  • Han Sang-hyuk [x]
  • Alex Steele [x]
Hey guys I really hate doing this...

But I really need to take on more art commissions. I’m already working on 3, but I have a phone to pay for. It’s only $43.50 but I STILL don’t have a job and I’m applying everywhere, minus food places because I can’t handle all the smells.

I also need to buy food for myself since my aunt is being a butt and buying food I can’t eat [I’m lactose intolerant].

Please, if you can’t afford it can you at least reblog this? 

My Commission Information

guys, seriously, i feel like we should all give jimin more credit for being the angel of bangtan. like he comforted taehyung when he was being bashed by some knetizens, he mentioned that rapmon was suffering alone and probably comforted him too. and remember that time these random trolls started a hashtag saying that bts should get rid of jhope, and jimin tweeted a really supporting message that was obviously aimed towards jhope. he also comforted jungkook when he started feeling like shit after he made a mistake after going against that guy in AHL. he’s suga favorite among all the members. all the members chose him as a stress reliever during ASC. rapmon even said they couldn’t have won without jimin. seriously he is an angel that we all need to protect and appreciate


So these are the beta test pictures. Learned a lot about the big guy yesterday, and found a major area that I’ll need to correct before taking him out to a con. Overall not a bad test, even go a chance to make a few kids in the neighborhood smile.

Just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to show this early version of my Baymax cosplay some love!  You are all awesome!


오늘은 오늘로 내일은 또 내일로~ 
오늘도 전국에서 응원해준 우리 아미 감사합니다 
너무 거창한가 ㅋㅋ 고마워요~ 
_JM http://t.co/QRutQ067Br 

Today is today, tomorrow is another tomorrow~
Thank you to our ARMYs from the whole country for cheering us today as well
It was really great keke Thank you~

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans


bts deciding who will share a room in their new dorm

Jhope: I want chimchim.

Taehyung: Jimin

Suga: Jimin

Rap Mon: Jimin

Jin: Jimin

Jimin: Jungkookie-

Jungkook: no