anonymous asked:

jankiest arcade board in your opinion?

if we’re talking janky as in there’s a lot of glitches, either MvC1, KOF 2002 or UMK3.

if we’re talking janky as in the game itself is kinda bad, KOF 2001. like what the fuck


don’t bring a sword to a fistfight

castortheanimation  asked:

How it feels playing kof 2001?

Not as terrible as one would initially think? Other than a couple awkward issues with input that 96 - 01 all seem to have for some reason, thing that probably stands out the most is the awkward way meter is handled. ‘01 lets you be more flexible with team slots than its previous assist having brethern, letting you choose to have from 1 to 4 of your team members active, with any benched becoming potential assists instead, as well as each assist letting you store another bar past 1. That’s right, at default 3, you can only have 2 whole bars of meter at any point in time at most. No, I do not understand this design choice either.

Also a couple of other awkward things here and there, but not the absolute worst thing I’ve ever played.

God fuck SvC Chaos

Vice-Idle Stance KOF 96 through XIII

In chronological order

KOF 96, KOF 98/ 98 UM, Capcom Vs. SNK/2 (2000/2001), KOF 2002/2002 UM, and KOF XIII (2011)

All sprites and art from The Fighter’s Generation.