Mercedes Benz SL 500 Silver Arrow Special Edition, 2001. A limited edition that was a “run-out” model marking the end of R129 production which referenced the Mercedes Silver Arrow GP cars of the 1930s. In total 1,400 SL500s were built and 100 12-cylinder SL600s. All were painted a special metallic shade – “Silver Arrow” – with unique 6-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels. They had several splashes of aluminum exterior trim, a brushed aluminum instrument cluster, aluminum shift gate and pedals


2001:A Space Odyssey Space Station by NASA on The Commons
This the classic space station image from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. Praised for its special effects, the movie based its space station concept on Wernher Von Braun’s model. Kubrick’s station in the movie was 900 feet in diameter, orbited 200 miles above Earth, and was home to an international contingent of scientists, passengers, and bureaucrats. Image # : 2001SpaceStation January 1, 1968


Eerie And Dreamy Science Fiction Paintings Of Astronaut Exploring The Earth

Artist Scott Listfield paints surreal pictures of an astronaut exploring urban landscapes filled with subliminal messages of consumerism references to pop culture and iconic movie scenes and characters. Find his work in his Society6 shop.

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‘Armchair / Jacket’ from the ‘Inflatables’ line, by C.P. Company (2001)

“This bright blue polyurethane design could be worn as a waterproof barrier shell hooded jacket and featured magnetic buttons throughout. It could also be rapidly inflated with the provided air compressor to create an armchair that could be used in a multitude of conditions.”