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Pointless Fighting Game Trivia: The Mascots of SNK

This is G-Mantle. If you played a SNK, chances are you probably ran into a character looking like them. What you may not know is this is the original mascot for SNK. G-Mantle has shown up many of SNK games, starting with Blue’s Journey in 1990. Since then, G-Mantle has shown in various games such as a cab driver in the first Fatal Fury game, a part of King’s intro in Art of Fighting 2, and even a Striker in KOF 2000.

This is Enta-Girl, also known as Enta-Chan. Enta-chan is the new mascot for SNK Entertainment, SNK’s new sub company. Created this year, Enta-Chan has her own twitter account, and speaks both Japanese and English, where she mainly promotes SNK games and Entertainment, as well as indulge in her favorite activities: Her love SNK games. Enta-chan also stars in the comic Part Time Stories: Kyo & Iori. The comic, created for the new, redesigned Japanese SNK Store, follows Kyo and Iori from KOF as the work in the SNK store, with Enta-Chan as their manager