kof 2002

Norio Wakamoto

- Omega Rugal using his special move “Kaiser Wave”, The King of Fighters 2002 [NeoGeo] (SNK-Playmore)

Ah yes. My favorite Athena plus one of the athena’s i had no time with. Thing is, My first KOF was in fact 2002, and i first played Kyo, Iori, and a bunch of the usuals on it. Then i tried out Athnea in it too. I was still a scrub, so i sucked, but i really liked her whole look and her special attacks as well. Maybe thats why its my favorite? Nah, I just feel like thats the best one she’s had. I did also play KOF 2003 as my first KOF, since i rented it on xbox original and it was a 2 pack that had 02 and 03, but i only played the usual people, and no athena. I actually had more fun with 02 back then, and i still do today. Like i said before, I’m not amazing, but my basic style of play is still solid.

Picture by no~ma