Christine is by far my favorite sister wife. She is just so done with Kody and his shit and she gives absolutely zero fucks when it comes to voicing her opinion and i love that. She is living proof that plural marriages aren’t always misogynistic and controlling. Christine literally says in the first 2 minutes of every episode that she was in it for the sisters, not the husband. I love that.

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So I actually watched the Sister Wives episode with Mariah coming out, and while Janelle was definitely the most immediately receptive, it was interesting seeing how each parent handled it. Meri, as you guessed, had huge issues especially regarding the whole wedding planning/grandbaby thing. She was really awful. Surprisingly, Mariah said it was conversations with Robyn (about Robyn's many gay friends) that helped her come to terms with it. Robyn seems to be helping Kody and Meri accept her now.

I gotta sit down and watch the actual episode.  I’m really not that surprised about Robyn, since she seemed to live a less isolated life than the Browns (minus Janelle, I guess, since she at least had a job).

I think Meri will be easier to bring around than Kody, though.  Meri’s self-absorbed but ultimately I think she’ll adjust.  Kody, on the other hand, was likely having a small stroke, not because he’s homophobic, but because he’s the world’s biggest control freak and probably has each kid’s life planned out for them before they’re born, and I’d wager this wasn’t what he had in mind.

if kody brown was my father, i would NEVER take him seriously. get a haircut dude.

“a kiss is a token of commitment.”

and then that one girl doesn’t want to be kissed until marriage.

these people are so wierd.

it’s just so damn backwards. he can have 4 wives but he doesn’t want his kids getting kissed. get real dude.

Baby Brush is officially here!

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to a healthy baby boy — named Axel James Brush — PEOPLE can exclusively reveal. Axel was born at 12:13 a.m. on Saturday, May 20, his exact due date. He clocked in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. and is 21-inches long. The family’s little bundle of joy was born after 72 hours of labor — including 12 hours of hard labor and four hours of pushing.

“We’re feeling both excited and exhausted at the same time,” the couple tells PEOPLE. “We’re looking forward to having a family. Now that he’s here we excited to grow our family a little bit more and spread our love even more.”

Maddie’s parents Kody and Janelle Brown are also excited about becoming first-time grandparents. “I think being grandparents hasn’t sunk in yet,” they tell PEOPLE. “It’s so fun. I can’t believe how much we love this baby already.”

As for the rest of the Brown family — which includes four wives total and 18 children — Kody and Janelle admit that Axel has a large extended family that is waiting to meet him. “The whole family is excited. In fact the biggest trick will be giving Maddie her rest because there’s going to be this long line of parents and siblings that will be continuously wanting to hold the baby.”

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The kids of the Brown family all had more freedom when they grew up compared to the Duggar kids because of the Brown's polygamous lifestyle. Kody Brown is not nearly as involved and controlling of the kids' lives as JB. Not that JB is doing any real parenting anyway. The sister wives almost live like single moms for at least half of the week. Kody is busier concentrating on his four marriages than controlling every step and decision of their kids' - daughters more specifically - lives.

True that! I think most of the grown ups seem miserable most of the time in their marriages. (Annie)

Watching Sister Wives for the first time in what seems like years.

Wow.  These women all hate each other.  Kody isn’t even pretending to care about anyone who isn’t Robyn.  Kody is a lying sack of shit with a ponytail and  a bluetooth headset. 

Why, why, WHY haven’t Meri, Janelle and Christine just packed up and left?  They hate each other, he treats them like garbage, I assume they all get paid for the show (and Janelle at least has her own job, doesn’t she?)

Seriously, this guy is just the worst.  He’s an emotionally abusive dick who gets by on the “good ole boy” act that I suspect he actually believes.  (Huh, that sounds like someone else I know and loathe…)