Jacket: London
Blouse: Offbrand
Ribbon: Handmade
Skirt: Xstore
Shoes: Primadonna

my outfit for Dojaku on Saturday~! Nothing fancy, I suck at finding new kodona-ish clothes, so I have to reuse old stuff.
Well… maybe. There don’t really seem to be anyone coming I know, at least not on saturday and I don’t really wanna go on sunday… So right now I don’t really know if I’m going or not (since it’s also supposed to be pretty hot outside), but I’ve been wearing this on Japan-Day already (rather a slightly different version actually), but don’t have any pictures of it, so…
But I really don’t wanna be alone…

(hat from H&M, jabot by Harajuku Maiden, tights from Primark, boots by T.U.K., rest random offbrand)

So does anyone I know go on saturday?

preview for my kodona outfit for Dokomi sunday (June 8th)! With T.U.K. boots, Primark tights, spider shirt and semi-handmade pants (which only look decent when seen from the front orz) Unfortunately I don’t have any lace cuffs or something like that, so my arms are pretty naked ;; Maybe I’ll be lucky to find some on Dokomi saturday, cause I don’t have time anymore to make some myself ^^;
My Loveless cosplay for Saturday can be found here! :D

Oh, and if somebody’s got some pictures of my outfit from Japan Day (May 17th), please tell me~

My friend Emma mentioned that I might look good in Kodona fashion.

I looked it up, and… I reckon I’d probably look like a rejected Kingdom Hearts character.

[jon no]


Ouji/Kodona 52 Challenge - #9 - #10                                  

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjDe9CRh2qs)