kodi's recovery

Kodi's Recovery - 2

[Mod]: I will be running a few updates like these when I feel that interaction from the villain won’t fit.

[Sc0tt]: Damn, we better move. The beast knows we’re here, and if we’re fast enough might we avoid being killed. *He ran into the hallway that lead to the tower. Fires burned, lighting up the hallway, and he turned every now and then to see of the others were keeping up with him.*

Through the Gate

Everyone are assembled on the beck of Airship Darkwood, which was the airship that had been stuck under the metal lid of the Darkwood Airship Base for countless years. Scott was standing besides Kodi’s throne, which had replaced the old wheel. Over at the bed section was there also several people. These were watching over Kodi’s lifeless body.

[DJ Sc0tt]: Right. i’m impressed to see this many people who are willing to set their life on the line. You guys are great. *he nods* anyways. Kodi closed the gate after the events I told about earlier, but he told me how ro activate it again. It as originally shut down to prevent the beast from getting power in our world. I want full focus on recovery when we enter. Recovery and support. *He had made sure that anyone who were there as support had been stacked up with potions of all kinds* 

Alright guys. It’s time for us to go. *He heads under the deck and to the front of the airship. there he unlocks a door and enters a room with an endergate, which apparently was powered by Redstone. He activates a set of levers, and the gate activates*

Good luck. *He jumps into the gate. As he lands on the other side is he sent flying into the ground, landing hard. As he get up are other people sent flying out of the hovering gate, either down or up, landing all around him. Instantly are the first health potions passed around.*

As everyone had recovered themselves and gathered into a group did they turn to face the tower in front of them. It was massive, made of netherrack with a pool of lava on each side of the entrance and several large fires serving as torches. There was something in the tower. some thing big, evil and possibly dangerous.