kodi kitchen

Kodi Kitchen is out at GH

It’s been reported via Carolyn Hinsey (Soap Opera Digest columnist) that Kodi Kitchen, who plays Maggie, has been let go. “Guess the big "Secret in Memphis” is that A-list characters rule on the new GH.“ Hinsey tweeted.

Kodi’s role on the soap has been small but suspenseful as she’s been keeping a secret along with Steve Webber. As this storyline dwindles down upon her exit, I hope we at least get a satisfying ending, unlike some undeveloped storylines in the past.

As Hinsey tweeted, Kodi is just another newbie being let go so GH vets can get the airtime they deserve, with GH favorites like Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers back on screen, as well as more to come! Stay tuned!