Karlie Kloss breaking stereotypes
  • Interviewer:A model has to watch what she eats.
  • Karlie Kloss:Oh please, watch me today. I'm gonna be having just about everything.
  • Interviewer:What should a women never wear?
  • Karlie Kloss:A frown.
  • Karlie Kloss:Sometimes I just don't understand fashion. AT ALL. Sure there are absolutely times [...] I look at my outfit and I'm like 'You gotta be kidding me. Right?'
  • Karlie Kloss:*is a bussiness woman*
  • Karlie Kloss:*creates a cookies recipe -'Karlie's Kookies'* *donates meals to children around the world*
  • Karlie Kloss:*goes to college* *learns coding*
  • Karlie Kloss:*sponsors scholarships for girls to learn coding -'Kode with Karlie'*

Karlie Kloss wants to teach young women how to code

The supermodel launched the Kode with Klossy summer camp, bringing coding education to almost 80 young women in New York, Los Angeles, and Kloss’s hometown of St. Louis. 

The summer camp is meant to encourage young women to pursue computer science, a field in which women are largely underrepresented. Just 18 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women, and representation at tech companies is just as low.