kodaline ep

All I Want
All I Want

We all know that the way most bands get attention today is through commercials or tv shows…which is great because it gives bands the chance to reach a wider audience. But we also know that once a band gains commercial success their sound usually becomes more commercialized and radio friendly. Usually. 

This particular band’s single off of their newest EP was recently featured in a Google commercial (and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy). It was only the instrumental that was featured and since they’re on their debut EP under their new name, it’s safe to assume their sound won’t be affected by commercial success. This band is called Kodaline.

I found out about Kodaline online when searching for new music*. The first time I heard All I Want I thought it was just like every other acoustic indie song…until I heard Steve’s voice. Ho-ly shit. Hooooooooo-lyyyyyy shit. 

It’s not that his voice is incredibly different from any other voice - it’s the raw emotion he soaks the lyrics in. The lyrics themselves aren’t complex lines of poetry that need to be analyzed; they’re gorgeously simple and heavy with meaning. Once Jason, Mark, and Vinny’s vocals start to harmonize with Steve’s and the drums join in with the guitars, it’s all over. The instrumental continues rising with heartwrenching emotion and falls back into just the acoustic guitar and Steve’s voice, matching the flow of the song with the emotional tumult that follows a breakup: the feel of despair and the result of acceptance that follows. 

Press play and let Kodaline’s sound take control of your eardrums. 


*Stereomood. google Stereomood. it’s a website that helps you find new music through genres and how you’re feeling. sounds weird, but you type in how you’re feeling and it creates a playlist tailored to your mood. it’s how i found Kodaline and a couple of other bands. you won’t be disappointed.