Studying Sounds

Hey guys, I’ve had a few asks about this so I thought I’d make a little list of my favourite concentration-aiding things to listen to whilst studying or doing homework:

  • rain/thunder sounds- this one is quite loud so not everyone’s cup of tea but I love listening to it whilst revising as it blocks out all other noise
  • sleeping at last- their music is so beautiful and relaxing; perfect for having in the background during revision
  • coffee shop sounds (hipstersound)- they have some great background noise (I personally love ‘rainy terrace’ and ‘ocean lounge’)
  • soundtracks (pride and prejudice, harry potter)- I especially like listening to the pride and prejudice movie soundtrack; the music is lovely and relaxing (tbh any movie soundtrack is good background noise for revision)
  • kodaline (1st album, 2nd album)- kodaline is one of my favourite bands ever and I find their music great to study to; it’s calming and also uplifting

Hope this is helpful! I’m thinking of making a revision/study playlist if anyone is interested? :)