kodak t max 400


endoplasmatic reticulum by Rahada
Via Flickr:
Chris on Kodak T-Max400

Intersection of County Roads 50 and 51, Collin County, Celina, Texas.  Winter, 2017. 

If you travel far enough up the Dallas North Tollway into Collin County, you will reach the end.  It reverts back into Dallas Parkway, and stops at a “T” intersection at FM428 in Celina, Texas.  It seems an abrupt end to the tollroad that began in the late 60′s. In various phases since, it has carved its way south, nearly to downtown Dallas, and north through the suburbs of Collin County.  Malls, shopping centers, corporate headquarters, and entertainment centers dot the real estate along its edges wherever the roadway expands.  But at its northern-most end, for now, there are still fields with rows of crops, cattle, hay bales, and some gravel county roads that criss-cross it at stop sign intersections.    

I’d driven up this far north for work a few times and hadn’t noticed the muddy, gravel paths that these county roads really are until this day when the crops had been trimmed down to ground level.  I could see clearly to the horizon, and curiosity had me turning off Dallas Parkway to check out this lonely street sign sprouting up from the edge of a ditch.  I raised my tripod as high as it would go, composed the shot while standing on the rear bumper of my car and got this portrait.