kodak gold 200 iso


From digital to film

Pentax K1000 & Alpa 9D on Various Film

I am a french self taught amateur photographer, I learn on digital camera, but one day someone lent me an Analogue SLR camera (Minolta), since I bought some camera and try to made something I like, I like the fact I took a photograph and I can’t see immediately the result, I took just one, and sometimes it is bad, sometimes really good. I took principally landscape photographs but I like street photography and portrait too. 

The First one “Avril 2014 (Fin) IV 1” was shoot on Kodak gold 200 iso with a pentax K1000 and 28 mm f3,5 pentax lens

The second “Chasse neige [..] ” was shoot with on kodak Portra 160 iso with a pentax K1000 and 24-35mm f3,5 pentax lens

The third “Forest […] ” was shoot on fuji superia 200 iso with a Pentax K1000 and the 28 mm pentax lens f2,8

The Fourth “Mai 14 ” was shot on a portra 160 with an Alpa 9D and a Carl zeiss jena 35mm f3,5

The fifth “Tri X […] ” was shot with a pentax K1000 and a 28 mm f3,5 pentax lens, on a Tri X at 200 iso (self develop)

–Luc Stz

One shot on a film camera and Luc was hooked! My hands are itching to grab on my film cameras again and all the pictures we are receiving from you are definitely elevating that need for film!! Keep your submissions coming everyone. Send them to us here.