kodak etkar


It is no secret I Love Gray-Cards’ inclusive photographic events.. For their fun year end Top 5 extravaganza, I thought I would do something different and share five of my favourite film photos from this year. I love film and need to shoot more. Because developing film is expensive,  I have found that it has made me a better photographer as I need to make each shot count! I love the slow process of waiting to shoot the whole roll and then waiting for it to e developed before you get to see the results. Sometimes I forget what I have shot and get a pleasant surprise when the film comes back!

Here are the descriptions for my images.

Thanks Gray-Card and keep up the great work!


1- ‘Flowers at Fed Square'  (late 2013)

35 mm film photography (Kodak Etkar). Scanned negative

2- 'new works #07, 2014.'  (scanned 29/06/14)

35 mm scanned film negative.

This image is from a series of experimentations with failed film negatives, acetone and watercolour. In these experiments I cut up previously effected negatives (by acetone and watercolour), doubled up/overlapped film in the scanner, and did some photoshop manipulation of exposure, brightness, contrast etc. Often the scanner produced unexpected results, which was very exciting and dare I say ‘collaborative!’.

3'Melbourne Skyline'  (early 2014)

35 mm Film photography (Kodak Ektar). Scanned negative.

4- 'Life in the margins’   

 (early 2014)…in all of its raw and dusty glory!

35 mm Film photography (Ilford FP4 plus). Scanned negative.

5- 'Negative space #15'  18/05/2014

35 mm scanned film negative.

Thank you to Thierry Facon, for often reminding and encouraging me to get into my studio and experiment! This image is from a series of images where I experimented with failed film negatives, using acetone and watercolour.