kodak 200iso 35mm


Shoegaze Film

Zenit-e, Helios 44-2 lens w/ Kodak Color +200 (souped)


I am from Novosibirsk and I work as a freelance artist/illustrator, shooting film is my favourite hobby. I like how abstract film is and the colour effects in photography. For this set I used purple film recipe (CGSF: …found here on our blog!!), but I’ve changed the proportions.

I choose to shoot film mostly because of the interesting possibilities and unexpected results it brings. So my advice to people who are too afraid to try shooting on film is; don’t worry too much about your pics, set yourself free and have more fun while shooting, you’ll have so many more better shots that way!


Check out Yulia’s amazing artwork on her Tumblr and take her as an example to try to let go and go crazy with your film experiments. Check out the rest of our film soup collection here and if you have some pictures to share give us a holler!!