A Geography Lesson for the Tea Party

   When the Tea Party burst onto the national scene in the summer of 2010, it looked like a national movement. But over the past year, even as its grip on the national GOP has strengthened, its influence has melted away in large swaths of the northern half of the continent, its activists forced to confront the fact that their agenda and credo are anathema to the centuries- old social, political, and cultural traditions of these regions. The Tea Party agenda may hold sway over large parts of the South and interior West. But the movement has no hope of truly dominating the country. Our underlying and deeply fractured political geography guarantees that it will never marshal congressional majorities; indeed, it almost guarantees that the movement will be marginalized, its power and influence on the wane and, over large swaths of the nation, all but extinguished.

The Tax Payer Subsidized Philanthropy of David Koch

The Tax Payer Subsidized Philanthropy of David #Koch #Kochbrothersexposed

Earlier this week, The Metropolitan Museum of Art held a gala to unveil their newly renovated fountains and plaza. Attending the gala was a cavalcade of wealthy patrons, a large squad of private security, and a handful of protesters who came to thank the man being honored for making the renovations possible.

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The project, which had a price tag of $65 million, was paid for by David Koch, the…

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