kochira koufuku anshin iinkai desu


According to twitter and utataP’s new youtube upload, it looks like ‘This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee’ is getting a novel! I’m an amateur at Japanese translation, but from what I've found out, the release date is January 16th, 2013! I've included some source links below in case someone with better knowledge of the language than myself would like to find out to more about it, or is interested in translating it for the rest of us!

twitter(1) | twitter(2) | twitter(3) | youtube 
(there’s utataP’s synopsis of the novel in the youtube video description if anyone is willing to give it a proper translation!)

So, relax and fulfill your duty!
Your happiness is our happiness.

Are you happy? It’s your duty, you know? Are you fulfilled?
If you’re not happy…

Hanging, beheading, death by shooting, boiled in a pot, drowning, electricity,
roasting, buried alive, poison, stoned, sawed, crucifixion.
Pick whichever one you like♪

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Title: こちら、幸福安心委員会です。
Original: 初音ミク
Vocals: トリプルC