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Happy Birthday Robert Koch!

Dr Koch won the Nobel Prize for his work on tuberculosis.

He was the first to show that disease was transmitted by microbes, in this case anthrax, caused by Bacillus anthracis.

If it weren’t for Koch, we would only have Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer to use as lullaby music for our babies.

Dr Koch also named (discovered) the cholera microbe (Vibrio cholera) but sadly, the band Cholera did not achieve the success of the band Anthrax.

Creator of Koch’s Postulates

  1. The organism must always be present, in every case of the disease.
  2. The organism must be isolated from a host containing the disease and grown in pure culture.
  3. Samples of the organism taken from pure culture must cause the same disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible animal in the laboratory.
  4. The organism must be isolated from the inoculated animal and must be identified as the same original organism first isolated from the originally diseased host

Even more cool is that Koch’s thesis advisor was Georg Meissner, and his other advisors included Friedrich Henle, and Rudolf Virchow.

You all know Meissner as the discoverer of Meissner’s corpuscles, mechanoreceptors responsible for sensitivity to light touch; Henle was THE Loop of Henle guy in kidney anatomy and physiology; Virchow was the father of modern pathology, but not a big microbe guy.

This birthday message brought to you by MicroMinutes, WarholScience, The periodic Table of Microbes, and The Small Guide to Small Things.

Climate purge: Trump demands list of Department of Energy climate negotiators

The Trump administration will put a fox in every henhouse, from theGoldman Sachs execs who’ll run the treasury to the working conditions repeat offender who’ll run the Department of Labor to the public school abolitionist who’ll run the Department of Education, but when it comes to climate and energy, the Trump administration is pulling out all the stops.

The EPA will be run by an unabashed climate change denier, while the Department of Energy transition team is being led by Thomas Pyle, a Koch coal lobbyist.

Pyle and his gang have sent the Department of Energy a memo demanding the names of government contractors and employees involved in climate negotiations, clean energy initiatives, portending a political purge of DoE employees who favor an evidence-based approach to climate, rather than a hydrocarbonist ideological approach.

This played out for more than a decade in Canada, under Stephen Harper’s Petro-Tory regime, and it was fucking ugly. Canada has the world’s dirtiest oil, but its carbon crimes are only a fraction of America’s, and the damage that hydrocarbonism could do in America over the next four years is frankly terrifying.


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
MΔΠUҒΔCTURΣR: Heckler & Koch
MΩDΣL: USP Compact Tactical
CΔPΔCITΨ: 8 / 10 Rounds
ШΣIGHT: 780 g
USP Compact Tactical
The USP45CT Compact Tactical is a .45 caliber handgun developed for U.S. special operations use that combines features of the full-size USP45 Tactical pistol in a smaller, more concealable package. Features include an extended threaded o-ring barrel with polygonal bore profile and taller sights enabling use of sound suppressors. These two features may hinder the use of holsters designed for standard USPC pistols. Standard USPC barrels do not feature the o-ring. The USP CT is .45 caliber only and is not offered in 9mm, .40 or .357 SIG.

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Exxon-Mobil Chief Expected To Be Secretary Of State Nominee
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Trump’s choice of Exxon-Mobil CEO should surprise no one. He’s an extremely wealthy CEO of the largest oil company in the country, and he’s really good friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Washington Post reports:

Tillerson’s nomination could face intense scrutiny in the Senate considering his years of work in Russia on behalf of the multinational petroleum company and his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump spokesman Jason Miller said there would be no official announcement until next week, but other sources said that the pick is expected to be Tillerson, barring a late shift in Trump’s thinking.

Seriously, if there’s no serious concern about the problems this raises on a number of different levels, I’ll be amazed. This country is about to be consumed by Big Oil and oligarchs (think Kochs) while any semblance of democracy is stripped away.

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Works featured: 

A Theory of Relativity / Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan (Young Avengers) / by Aud Koch

* * *

Illustration of this meta idea:  that Billy’s powers are the manipulation of energy & matter and Tommy’s powers are the manipulation of time & space.  I’m gonna start calling these two the quantum physics bros!

The Real Hospital Ending!

To finally clearify the whole third ending issue: I found this article where Michel Koch (Co-Director and Writer on Life is Strange) talks about the heavily discussed Hospital Ending.

And this is really interesting because they considered not letting Chloe die and instead leaving her in a coma.

“It wasn’t a third ending. It was when we were in the writing process, we were hesitating between when you make the choice of sacrificing Chloe to save Arcadia Bay, we were hesitating between really killing Chloe like we did and maybe leaving her in a coma to offer hope that she could still be alive. But ultimately, when we were writing, we thought that it wasn’t a good decision to go this way, because it would reduce the impact of your choice. So if you’re making the choice of sacrificing Chloe, we shouldn’t make a cop-out and we should go all the way to really offer an end.”

Chloe would’ve survived that.

A chance for Chloe and Arcadia Bay to be saved.

Eveything would’ve turned out great. For everyone.

David would still be the hero who arrested Nathan. Nathan would still get punishment and hopefully mental help. Jefferson would still get busted by Nathan and go to jail. Rachel would still be found and get her justice. The Prescotts would still lose their reputation and control over the town due to this scandal. Kate would still not try to commit suicide. Victoria, Frank, Pompidou and everybody else in the town would still be alive.

And the most important part: Chloe would still be alive. Chloe and Max would still be together. They would still have a second chance. They could still take over the world like they’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine Max sitting in the bathroom,  crying and thinking she just let Chloe die and then…

… surprise!…awaking in the new timeline, realizing she’s sitting at Chloe’s hospital bed. She’s still by Chloe’s side.

*insert fan art*

No Storm. No Guilt. No Regrets. But still full of amazing memories she doesn’t share with the Chloe in this timeline. Not yet. But they will become real once again.

I like this outcome even more than the Max sacrifices herself version. It’s way more logical regarding the time-travel/destiny stuff, and just too ironic that Max went through everything for nothing. Because Chloe was never meant to die.


The eyes of some notorious female murderers.