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🐍 🍜 ?

🐍:Kobra Kid
🍜:Tommy Chow Mein

They don’t have much of a relationship, if any. Kobra mostly only sees him as That Crabby Old Guy Who Gives Us Shit Sometimes and Tommy just sees him as That Slightly Less Irritating Brat.

Tommy knows that Cherri and Kobra are friendly with each other, so he tones down the hostility a bit. Not much, but enough that Cherri notices and appreciates it.

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🐱 and 🐍?

The Girl and Kobra Kid:

Kobra wants to take the girl on a tour of the abandoned theme parks that are scattered along the Getaway Mile. Fun Ghoul and Party Poison agree that it would be kinda fun, except for the whole “It-Is-Pretty-Much-Impossible-To-Survive-Out-There” thing that Jet Star keeps reminding them about.

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Long ago before hair was red and eyes were hidden by glasses lived 2 young kids in a big house with only each other to talk to. The older one was contently in and out as the adults tried to figure out the right amount of candy coated pills to be swallowed each day. The night we look at however isn’t one of the nights were each child sleeps alone in separate rooms that are in separate buildings that are in separate parts of the city, but rather a night were the children are huddled together in bed looking out at the city rain up past the rooftops and pretending the glints in the sky are stars instead of satellites and that the older child doesn’t have to leave in the morning. Many years later 2 not so young adults look up at the stars in the sky and no longer have to pretend.

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okay so we all know kobra has the poker face of a god, it’s his default expression and he barely even has to think about it. but laughter is a different story. he actually has a difficult time controlling his own laughter which can either result in a really weird blank expression + giggle combo or, if he has his guard down, the most ridiculous laugh ever

like, he will actually fall over from laughing too hard. this is not an uncommon occurrence. he has gotten too many bruises please save this man from himself

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Party Poison, Val Velocity, and Kobra Kid:

Val has met Party and Kobra before, but he did not recognise them. When they saw how obsessed Val was, they decided to give their backup names (Hesitant Alien and Electric Century), rather than their well-known Killjoy aliases. Literally everyone knows who they truly are, but they play along whenever Val is around. To this day, Val still believes that Party and Kobra are dead.