I guess this is just a continuation of the post about Poison with the brain injury but it’s also some jet/poison. Though I know some peeps aren’t into that ship but oh well.

Jet had always struggled with Poison because it had ate away at him with how the older male was somewhat unresponsive and just stares at him with obvious confusion. Poison had no idea what was being said to him and it had Jet feeling helpless until Kobra would come to his aid, offering to reteach his brother how to speak with him. He had agreed and that’s when the process of getting Poison back on the path of being able to comprehend/ speak again.

It took a few months due to them having to deal with the exterminators and dracs, they manage though. It was like teaching a child, in which both had no experience in but were surprisingly patient and would reward Poison by letting him draw whatever he wants or he receives small hugs by both boys. When alone, Jet would pull him close and cuddles Poison while speaking softly to him. The day the rebellious leader spoke for the first time again, all the boys were excited but gave him space knowing how his anxiety gets if they all rush at him simultaneously.

Jet and Kobra both had felt proud of themselves for doing this and for them it was nice to hear his voice again. It was unfortunately slurred but they noticed he speaks a little quicker, not really caring though.