There’s an old poster for them in zone one,but they just look like another pair of kids willing to do anything for a way out of the city. Still they must have really hopeful parents, seeing how the posters been up so long. I remember seeing this when I first got out and it was a few years old then. Man I wonder what happened to them, hopefully their living peacefully here in the zones.


Oi hello i’m gonna be working on quite a few things for wattpad in the next little while, I don’t know when the chapters and stuff will be uploaded but hopefully in the next few months. 
GRAVITY is a Danger Days frerard/framia AU (i honestly don’t know which ship is more dominant in this fic yet tbh but i’ll work that out eventually) and I’m super excited for it because I’ve been wanting to do a DD AU for so long.
School Halls and Bathroom Stalls is basically what it looks like, it’s a teacher/student fic but this time Frank is the teacher and sweetheart!gee is the student. I’m doing it as a collaboration with @pegasistersrock (@Danterredgrave on wattpad).
BITCH is just a frerard Halloween one shot that i’ll be posting on October 31st (: 
I’ll wanna start working on the teacher one right away but GRAVITY should come out a little later. Maybe once i finish my current fic Like Ghosts in the Snow.

But yes if you like frerard and you like fanfics maybe check em out :) Here’s a link to my wattpad. All the fics mentioned are linked under the titles as well. Thank you!

-Dylan (I’m 18 in less than a year why haven’t I grown out of this frerard fic-writing phase…)

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2 6 and 14 for your choice

I’ll do it for Kobra cause I never talk about him

2. Describe their handwriting.

Very angular and thin letters. It’s extremely neat, but practically unreadable because he squishes the words close together.

6. Describe their living space.

He shares his living space with, like, three other dudes (and a little girl), so it’s a huge mess. He’s prefer it to be neater, but he’s given up hope for that a long time ago. He’s claimed the bar area of the diner as his own and he stores all the tech they managed to capture over there. Jet’s the only one allowed inside, because he’s the only other one who knows that he’s doing. It’s full of a bunch of torn up computers and tablets and unholy combinations of all three.

14. What’s the most beautiful thing that they’ve seen or experienced in the zones?

Not to be sappy, but the most beautiful thing he’s seen was his brother becoming so much more than he ever was back in the City. It was Kobra that had to drag Poison out of there and he’s so, so happy that it all worked out for the best.