You may be gone
                     But out here in the desert
   Your shadow lives on without you

  • [Arguing over whether to kill a bird for food or not]
  • Jet Star: You won’t be able to go through with this if I give him a name! He’s now… Kobra Kid!
  • Party Poison: [Gasps] That’s my brother’s name!
  • Kobra Kid: It doesn’t matter, Jet, we need food and you’re the only one complaining.
  • Fun Ghoul: I don’t like this either, it’s not a fair fight. Give the bird a gun, let’s see what happens.
Awkward things that happened during claps that the fab four doesn’t want you to know about:
  • Kobra bringing everything to a standstill because he lost his contact lens. Had everyone, including Dracs, looking for them.
  • Party losing his pants and refusing to put them back on.
  • Everyone pointing at Korse and yelling ‘Bald!’ because the sun was reflecting just right and it blinded them.
  • Jet tripping over his own feet because he couldn’t see through his hair.
  • Party trying to jump over the hood of the Trans Am dukes of hazard style and hitting himself right in the balls.
  • Ghoul torturing a Drac by reciting vegan brownie recipes
  • Kobra punching out an exterminator so hard they were flung back like ten feet but no one seeing it.
  • Kobra karate chopping a blaster in half when no one was looking
  • Poison’s gun jamming and him throwing it at a Drac before freaking out and trying to get it back
  • Jet ‘accidentally’ suplexing Ghoul
  •  Ghoul ‘accidentally’ kicking Korse in the balls so hard that Party felt so bad he called off the fight
  • Kobra pantsing Korse during the middle of a clap and no one knowing what to do
  • Ghoul and Kobra accidentally making out
  • Jet stopping the fight because he found someone’s finger and needed to make sure it wasn’t any of the guy’s.
  • Party and Jet getting into a fight with a group of maggot babies because they kept touching their hair
  • Ghoul forgetting to fill the Trans Am with gas so their ‘dramatic’ escape took several hours.
  • Party being so sleep deprived he started fighting the cacti instead of the Dracs
Some Danger Days headcanons

- Jet can bench 300 pounds, but doesn’t brag about it because he feels slightly self conscious about it.

- The witch occasionally will scratch on people’s windows during the night if she see’s they’re awake in their rooms and then laughs to herself when they freak out. 

- Party secretly loves slaying a man bun.

- Ghoul and Kobra relentlessly dare each other to do stupid shit, like punching cacti and drinking entire bottles of hot sauce. 

- Jet has tried a thousand times to tell Party he cant build sandcastles in the desert no matter how much water he uses. Party in turn grabs handfuls of sand and throws it at Jet, elevating Jet’s stress level. 

- Ghoul is a cuddling master. 

- Kobra secretly has a 6 pack. None of the other 4, not even Party, knows about it. 

- Party is a HORRIBLE liar. 

- Ghoul likes to pour gasoline on random objects and then proceed to set said things on fire. 

- Dr. D has home videos of himself waking up each of the 4 by dumping water on them and watching their reactions. Of the 4, Jet was the calmest when getting water poured on him, and surprisingly Kobra was the worst sport about it, and refused to talk to Dr. D for two weeks. 

- Kobra holds the longest grudges.

- Cherri Cola likes to hide the 4′s jackets in random places throughout the diner. 

- Party installed an alarm device on his ray gun because the girl once took it and pretended to use it as a light saber and almost shot herself in the foot. 

- Jet’s favorite color is purple. 

- The four like to build “bouldermen” and make sand angels instead of snowmen and snow angels around Christmas. They also(carefully) root a cactus from the ground and decorate it like a Christmas tree. 

-Party love’s stargazing. He has a star map and knows every constellation in the night sky. 

- Ghoul once climbed out of his seat in the Trans Am and sat on the t-top and sipped on hot tea as Party drove down the road at 100 miles per hour. 

- Party’s music taste ranges from pure screaming to classical music. 

- When the girl has nightmares, she goes into Jet’s bed room and sleeps with him. Sometimes he wakes up with her beside him and he doesn’t remember her being there before but he rolls with it.

ɪ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴍɪss ʏᴏᴜ…