kobe shimbun no nanokakan


I’ve spent my first (and last until I’ll end exams, sob) free afternoon watching Kobe Shimbun no Nanokakan, a movie/documentary about the great Hanshin earthquake, occurred on January 17, 1995. 

This “movie” was touching, maybe I shouldn’t create a post about Sakurai Sho, who took the role of photo reporter Tomohiko Mitsuyama ‘cause you could think that I appreciate the movie just for him….absolutely not. I discovered this drama thanks to him, but he was just a drop in the ocean.

 I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now, I’m not so good in english to put in words my thoughts. I’m not asian, so (unfortunately) I didn’t know this calamity. 

Thanks Sakurai for making me discover this part of japanese history. 

And yes, you were very cute. 

And yes, I cried a lot. But not for you, sorry…..not just for you.

I really suggest you this movie, I think you should watch it not for Sho, but for your personal culture.

“Today exist because we endured the grief and believe in tomorrow." 

Just finished watching Kobe Shimbun no Nanokakan. Never heard about this before and i just downloading it because the story is about journalist. I don’t know this movie is a great movie. Well, movie is not the correct way to said it because it is on based story and you can see the real person, newspaper, and pictures so i will said it semi-documentary.

This story around earthquake at Kobe in 1995, earthquake that destroyed Kobe to the root and how Kobe Shimbun as the leading newspaper in that town cover the story. In this movie you will see how journalist and photographer was debating with their self, they are doing their best to give information, hope, and encouraging to the people. 

I really love when Kobe Shimbun change the story they cover. From the grief and sad news, they totally change into encouraging and give hope to the people. The pictures of the dead body or the ruins of the house/building'road, they change it into kids with their smile in their faces, everybody join together to help someone else. I think this is journalist all about in disaster circumstances.

I live in Indonesia and we have a lot of natural disaster. From Tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and so on. But i really disappointed with how our journalist cover the story, no matter what the media is. Newspaper, online, television, radio, they delivered the same news, tragedy, dead, no hope. I remember at that time i saw in my cable tv japanese report on their natural disaster (i forgot what kind or when the disaster) but i do remember how they potrayed the disaster. Just the same like Kobe Shimbun did. There is no crying people, they all work together to build their town again, to help each other, they put smile in their faces. I wish Indonesian’s journalist delivered something like that too. Watching this movie remind me again about that feeling. 

Everybody did a great job in potraying their character. The confused, conflict, sadness, and how they make peace with their own feeling potrayed really well. I hope all of you can watch, this is one great story about mankind and humanity


- Sho extremely cute and sweet in this movie.

- Sentence in the beginning from the movie, sub by Stormy Team