kobe is back

Stephen Curry was recently called “the Messi of the NBA” and he had a few things to say about it:

  • “It is an honor to be compared to Messi.”
  • “I love watching him play. I’m a big fan. And to see just a guy that you never know what he’s going to do at any particular moment – when he’s on TV, everybody is glued in because, as soon as he gets a touch with the ball, something special could happen. And you’ve got to appreciate that kind of talent.”
  • “I try to do the fancy things out there by going with both hands, making crossover moves, and having a certain creativity and flair to my game. That’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches.”
140411 EunHae tour in Kobe:
  • hyuk: I came back to someone sleeping on my bed. when I switched on the light, it was donghae
  • hae: my head was hurting, so I came to his room but hyuk wasn't there (;_;)
  • hyuk: he has his own room but still come to mine, such a fool
  • cr: ebi_1015

Here Are Some Up Close Images Of The Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low “Oreo”

We first saw this new Nike Kobe silhouette back in mid-December with the “Achilles Heel” color-way being showcased there, along with the “Oreo” color-way you see above. The entire Flyknit upper of these Kobe 11s is covered with Black starting off on the toebox and fading into white farther back leading to the heel where the 4 horizontal lines on the left shoe, along with a new Kobe graphic logo on the right shoe, and to complete this color-way is an icy translucent sole. These are slated for the end of January and will be going for a set price of $200, anyone planning to cop?

Images Via: Kenlu

It’s still freezing cold in Japan, and as much as I love eating ramen to fight the chill in he air, I also like a little variety in my life. So yesterday, before leaving Kobe to head back to Tokyo, we hit up a “katsu curry” joint in the Shinakansen station.

A deep-fried pork cutlet over rice, smothered with spicy Japanese curry… the perfect way to warm your bones in winter!

Oh, he definitely fucked it up this time. Kobe’s eyes widened at the sight of a bloody Luke. He blacked out when they first bumped into each other and their words were exchanged. Now he saw him and the male was hardly breathing, probably not at all. Kobe took a slow step back before running off away from the scene. He ran and ran until he was a Hazel’s and knocked on the door quickly. “Hazel? Hazel, it’s me open up!”


Meryl, 50 Cent & Kobe…

As a Knicks fan, I’m sure you want him (Melo) to stay put, but as his business partner, would you be OK with the Lakers? 

L.A. is definitely a nice spot. And Kobe will be back. I actually just saw him at the Knicks game and I hung out with Kobe after, and Meryl Streep. 

Yeah, I want to ask you about your photo with Meryl Streep. What’s the story behind what might be the greatest and strangest photo ever? 

Oh, ain’t nobody gonna top my photo. When I put it on my Instagram, I told them, see if you can beat this. [Laughs] It was interesting. We just ended up in the same place. It was actually Meryl’s first game. We came into this lounge area, where you hang out before the game, and they serve food and drinks, and then you watch the game. We sat down and talked and enjoyed it. I wanted to talk to Kobe during the game. We made eye contact, and he was like, when it’s done, come around and we’ll talk. As soon as the game was over, Kobe had some guys escort us to the back so we can actually speak to him. We took regular pictures first, and then I started playin’ around. I was like, “Hold up, we gotta get a lil gangsta back here, now.” But I only put up one photo. 

I’m dying to know what you, Kobe and Meryl talked about. 

We was talkin’ for a bit. We talked about [Streep’s film] “August: Osage County.” I told her, “You’re gonna win another award because you scared the s— out of me in that movie!”[Laughs] She started laughing at me. I was like, “What the f—, man?! I ain’t gonna lie to you, Meryl, you kinda scared me with all that s— in that movie!”