kobe is back

Stephen Curry was recently called “the Messi of the NBA” and he had a few things to say about it:

  • “It is an honor to be compared to Messi.”
  • “I love watching him play. I’m a big fan. And to see just a guy that you never know what he’s going to do at any particular moment – when he’s on TV, everybody is glued in because, as soon as he gets a touch with the ball, something special could happen. And you’ve got to appreciate that kind of talent.”
  • “I try to do the fancy things out there by going with both hands, making crossover moves, and having a certain creativity and flair to my game. That’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches.”

Oh, he definitely fucked it up this time. Kobe’s eyes widened at the sight of a bloody Luke. He blacked out when they first bumped into each other and their words were exchanged. Now he saw him and the male was hardly breathing, probably not at all. Kobe took a slow step back before running off away from the scene. He ran and ran until he was a Hazel’s and knocked on the door quickly. “Hazel? Hazel, it’s me open up!”


They hooked up Kobe back in May … and Sunday night, Kobe returned the favor – inviting the US Women’s soccer team as his VIP guests to the Lakers game … and they even got to shoot around on the court with Kobe’s daughters.

Everyone from Alex Morgan and Hope Solo to Carli Lloyd and Sydney Leroux hit up Staples Center to watch the Lakers take on the Rockets … as Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s special guests.

As you may know … Kobe and his family are HUGE soccer fans – and got a cool meet and greet with the team before the World Cup back in May. We’re told he’s wanted to do something cool for them ever since.

Unfortunately for Kobe, the Lakers lost and he only scored 5 points – but he invited the women to hoop around on the court before the game … and it appeared everyone had a blast.

After the game, the USWNT tweeted – “#USWNT meets 5x @NBA champ @kobebryant. Thanks for having us, @Lakers. Stellar organization, we had a great time.

After the 2001 Finals Game 4, Jim Gray interviews Kobe…

“I love you Kobe.” - Shaq mumbles as he comes over.

[…interview goes on as usual for a bit…]

“You love him as well?” - Jim asks Kobe.

“Right back at him, man…right back at him.” - Kobe.

"A love fest, who would have ever thought that?” - Jim Gray.

This came after a tumultuous 2000/01 season, where we saw the first Kobe vs. Shaq alpha dog struggle. Before that season, it was clearly Shaq-1, Kobe-2, but with Kobe (22 years old in 2001) averaging 28-6-5  and clearly taking on a bigger role in the Lakers offense it was getting a bit testy between the two.

We all know how it ended, but for at least one night in June, the combo was killing the Sixers and loving it (and each other).