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Knockout hid it pretty well but sometimes Breakdown found it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But could you imagine him revisiting and looking at these little remnant scribbles after the loss of Breakdown.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

This is what the two entries say if you can’t make them out:

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KOBD Comic 6

I thought about coloring this so it’d be easier to read but then I got bored. You’ll just have to look real close to figure out whose legs are where :U

comic 1
comic 2
comic 3
comic 4
comic 5

Aaaaand that’s all! Hope you liked these terrible KOBD comics. It took me three years to make all of them hahaaa

My finals are finally over so I can draw again! Wooohoo!!!
It was terrible, worst semester of my life :D

I started with thing I´ve been mostly looking forward to finish since the start of my internship and later, finals. “Sequeel” to my prime bugformers.
I know there´s been lot of cool bugs around lately but I just couldn´t wait to draw these guys again and I promised lot of people to do Lost light crew as bugformers. Sooo… here I am again. :D

(Drift is enjoying Rodimus shiny firefly butt, you know… since bugs loves light, Rodimus uses his ass to attract attention :D )

anonymous asked:

i get the feeling that in one of those kobd comics; starscream is /actually/ going to walk in on them and they're /actually/ going to be doing it...

Well now everyone’s expecting that to happen… I’ll have to come up with something less predictable now :U