kobb art

theasactingnhcblog  asked:

I can't find an KOBB Fics, do you know any good ones? Btw, your art is amazing! Especially the KOBB art!

That’s cause there hardly is any, welcome to suffer with me. No but really there is some really nice ones. Just go to like Ao3 but here’s some of ‘em i really like
First (nsfw kinda, also they’re based on my humanformers design), Second (nsfw) , Third, Fourth
Also thank you, that’s really nice of you!

Things I apparently like to draw: characters hanging out around a TV.

While I did my BWD book blitz this weekend (file goes out tomorrow! huzzah!) I rewatched the entirety of Swat Kats on my second monitor. It’s kinda adorable how Chance is the hot-headed aggressive one, but then he laughs himself sick at terrible slapstick cartoons. And Jake just kinda tolerates it, heheh. Best bros.