Just some awesome photo’s I found scrolling through Facebook this morning :)

Loving the photo of Koba and Caesar painting the graffiti on the wall.

Anyways I cried myself out over Caesar’s, Blue Eyes’, Cornelia’s and everyone elses deaths. Including I cried a little that Cornelius is all alone now; No Father, Mother, Brother. Maurice is probably the only one out of his chill group of friends that lived throughout ‘ALL’ three movies. At least Cornelius, Bad Ape, Nova, Lake, and Maurice will have each other and be an awesome group of friends as well.

So yeah! Totally ready now! *Got over my emotional feels in the middle of the night*

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But if there are other movies and Cornelius has the main lead…I hope nothing bad and horrifyingly sad happens to him.


I hate tomatoes, too, Ash.

I look forward to when “War” comes out on DVD; then I’ll have a lot more screenshots to work with from that movie.

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The Planet Of The Apes reboot characters as highschool cliques/tropes

(from a discord convo)

Caesar: Nerd

Cornelia: Genuinelly popular, gets good grades

Rocket: Jock

Maurice: Goth

Koba: Edgy kid in a trenchcoat who sits at the back glaring and going “super saiyan” at bullies

Luca: Metalhead

Bad Ape: Ultra nerd

Blue Eyes: Emo

Nova: Token Minority (coz she’s human)

Ash: Theatre kid (or theatre shit, as I’d somehow accidentially typed on Discord)