kobanya-kana asked:

For the eating in the bath thing, iirc, there are little dinner trays that attach to the side of the tub so you can eat and soak. There might also be ones that float, but I honestly haven't looked into it since if you miss your mouth, you're gonna be swimming in food globs. x.x

And that is disgusting.

Hubby got so excited about all these prospects. Like, I know I’ve shared pictures and stuff with you guys, but I just don’t even know how to convey the way his face lit up on all these bath ideas.

I then suggested a bath pillow, since commas-and-ampersands mentioned one the other day. “Ooo, I DO like to put my head back,” he said.

"You can apparently get them with suction cups so they stay in place."

So yeah, so that’s definitely gonna happen.