Cuddle Time - Sam Holland x Reader

Requested by @twinsofia for happy November

“Fia….Sofia, love get up your sister is calling.”

You were sleeping, and you were enjoying the warmth and especially your dream. You slowly began to register what was going on around you. You were awake enough to respond “Sammy could you answer and tell her that I am not feeling well”

That was your excuse you were kinda feeling under the wether as to where you didn’t want to get up and leave the house, much less your room when your boyfriend is in town. You and you sister were going to go out for coffee and your Saturday walk through out the town. But you wanted to be with Sam more.

Sam came back from hanging up the phone after talking ot your sister. “Sofia how are you doing darling, do you want anything.” Sam was feeling a little worried how sick were you feeling as to where you were going to cancel something with your sister. He knew how much you loved your family so he was going to panic a bit.

Little did he know you just wanted to be lazy and cuddle. You made grabby hands for him. He came and laid down with you and you guys stayed like that. He was wide awake and going through his social media. You slowly began to fall back asleep when your bae decided he was hungry.

”Honey a man’s got to eat, and I am starting to get hungry and I know your comfy but I am going to feed us

”But Sammy ssdfghjdlksfjoehro” was all he heard. Sam turned around to look at you from his state of getting up. He knew just what to do.

He sat on the edge of the bed and you crawled over with your blanket. Sam wrapped you up so you looked like a taco, and you climbed on to his back.

“How you feeling my little koaloa bear?”


You were not having it this boy was moving to much and all you wanted to do was chill and sleep.

DEFENITION OF LAZY DAY but Sam gave you a piggy back ride just to the couch. You didn’t want him to leave he was comfortable and he is the best and you never wanted him to leave.”Don’t leave me Sammy” “Love I am going to make breakfast”.

You sat there pouting and ended up shuffling to the kitchen and sitting at one of the chairs and curled up still pouting. He ended up making French toast for you guys and he sat right next to you. You leaned on his shoulder and ate your food.

You guys moved to the couch afterward cuddling. You guys watched Riverdale on Netflix and Hairspray. You guys enjoyed each others company.

This was all you wanted. Your boy and cuddles.