Additional casting for the anime adaption of Ballroom e Youkoso has been revealed!

  • Sumire Morohoshi (Izumi Kyouka from Bungou Stray Dogs, Yachi Hitoka from Haikyuu!!, Fueguchi Hinami from Tokyo Ghoul) will be voicing Akagi Mako
  • Tomita Kentarou (Sasaki Junya from Dream Festival!) will be voicing Akagi Gaju

The anime is set to premiere in July 2017.

 This was a really fun experiment with style for a game I’ve been wanting to do some art for, for a long time now! Just had to decide whether to draw Jack or Mark, but someone gave me a request that I based this off of for Jack. So here’s the answer. XD

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Speedpaint: https://youtu.be/gjsfe56Fcrs

A dangerous plan, just this time
A stranger’s hand clutched in mine
I’ll take this chance, so call me blind
I’ve been waiting all my life

I wanna post the painting ive worked on recently but it’s supposed to be a set of two so have this for now
@crazytwirlcurls thanks for the toshinko playlist ;w;