Oh man, meeting Chachi for the first time...

You have NO IDEA how hyped I was to see her. Her class was so fun, but there were so many people they had to break the class into 2. The 8-9 one and the 9:30-10:30 one. Good thing I took the second session cause there was less people. Her choreo was soooooooo DOPE! Seven was there too! :D And every time the clapping would end for Chachi, I always yelled out I love you. She made a heart for me :D And she complimented my sweater, and she signed my Rad Keychain that said “KDB<3” on the back and she was like “Awwwhhhh I love this!” Oh and after our group went, I turned around to look at Chachi and Seven and they gave me a thumbs up and while Chachi and Seven were signing stuff, Seven told me I was a pretty good dancer! :D Confidence level has went up! Oh I love Chachi <3 This is NOT the last time I’m gonna meet her, and that’s a promise. And a couple people went up to me and told me that I inspired them to dance more. I told them that my size doesn’t affect my dance and stuff and I told them my whole background of how I got into dancing and why I do it. But it feels good. :D Today is officially MY BEST DAY EVER! <333333333333333333333333333


ITS UPP. my attempt to cover Chachi’s choreo to “Should’ve Kissed You” by Chris Brown. :)) been working on it for a while, and i finally finished the video after numerous times of trying to upload it. :) hope you enjoy. :D

Who ALL got blocked by chachi ?

i don’t think she MEANT to block any of ya’ll , i mean Dom had to change her password cuz her twitter kept blocking / unfollowing people . maybe chachi’s twitter did the same ? she loves ALL of her KDB’s , i doubt she’d do this to any of them unless they’re sayin fucked up things to her … but then they wouldn’t be KDB’s :P but ya’ll know what i mean !!!!!!


Ian Eastwood ft. Chachi (Olivia Gonzales) :: Fall by Justin Bieber :: Urban Dance Camp