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@midnightluck :And then later “I’m a pro, I was literally born for this” “yeah, sure looked like it” “it was a minor setback! I had a plan!” “Was that plan to let him beat you up?” “What? No!” “Really? That’s your usual plan.” “No, I–wait, Koala???” “c'mon Sailor Stupid, let’s get you home”

Tuxedo Mask for Sailor Ace. Some old doodles as I helped Lucky plot for the future. Koala is a goddess and I will not let anyone forget it.

Supernatural s12 Appreciation

AKA S12: Fanfiction Come to Life 

  • Cas’s ‘Dean is back from the dead’ Koala-Hug
  • Dean and Cas working the case to save Sam
  • “Morning, sunshine. Some coffee?
  • “Dean, it’s called sublimation.”  “Yeah. Yeah, it’s kinda my thing.” 
  • Dean asking Cas for personal advice
  • Dean and Cas shared a pair of pink panties
  • Sam and Dean dressed to impress in LA
  • Cas came out of the closet
  • Cas and Dean both counted the days they were apart 
  • Facing death Dean desperately wanted to see Cas one last time
  • Cas was in a female vessel
  • Sam and Dean defend Cas from Ishim’s insults
  • Dean doesn’t kill Ishim because it might endanger Cas thus leaving himself vulnerable
  • Dean rode Larry
  • “My devastatingly handsome friend”
  • Dean: “I’m not mad. I’m worried.”
  • Sam:  “ We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.”
  • Dean: And like you said, you’re family. And we don’t leave family behind.”  “Let’s go home.”     
  • Cas:  “Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life.”  “I love you. I love all of you.”
  • Witch!Sam
  • Dean & Sam in glasses
  • Sam / Eileen being super cute and smiley together
  • Dean worrying about Cas non stop
  • Dean made Cas a mix tape


Long Weeks & Rosy Cheeks

Dean Winchester/Castiel
Words: 1.7k
Warnings: upset!Dean for a long time
A/N: Thank you for the prompt @i-writefanficnottragedies !! I tweaked a few things from the prompt. I hope that’s okay!! Sorry for the lack of writing lately…I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, I promise!

Prompt: (½) could you pls write a fic where like Dean tries to ask Cas out but chickens out and is beating himself up about it and Cas is an idiot and ends up going on a date with a girl and Dean just spends the whole time moping at home and sam’s really worried about him, cause sammy the shipper knows all the shit and Cas comes home and is really depressed and stuff cos his date went wrong and Dean is just passed out on the couch and Cas just falls asleep ontop of him and (continued in following ask) (2/2) and so basically Sam finds them on the couch and is like aw so sweet and he takes pictures and Dean and Cas wake up tangeled together and Dean doesn’t give a crap anymore and they just spend the morning cuddling and then Cas asks permission to kiss Dean which makes Dean BLUSH SO BRIGHTLY HOLY S**T HIS FACE IS RED and he manages to mumble out a little “yes” and then they just kiss a lot and giggle and yeah. also could the name of the fic be based around dean’s blushing pls and thank you! 

If there was one thing that Dean Winchester was terrible at, it was verbalizing his feelings. He could tell his brother he loved him in a quick hug, no problem. He could thank Jody for something with a squeeze of the hand. Hell, he could even be appreciative of Crowley every now and again with a pat on the back. But actually saying what he meant? He was one constipated block of miscommunication. It wasn’t that he didn’t mean what he wanted to say. It was that he was terrified that one day he would work up the nerve to say something that he meant with every fiber of his being and the other person would leave him heartbroken.

Of course, Dean knew this already. He had for nearly the entirety of his thirty-eight years on Earth. It was always lingering in the forgotten corner of his mind, but his attention had been drawn to it for a while now lately. If he was being honest, he had thought about it for the past eight or so years. Loving someone - really loving someone -  could do that to a man.

Dean knew that he loved Cas, but it had taken forever for him to admit that to himself. At first, he had been more terrified of the growing fuzziness in his chest than he had been of anything else. Hell, he was still scared to death. He had pushed it aside to focus on more pressing matters. Now, he had no excuse to back out of his overflowing feelings since their lives had calmed.

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“So let me get this straight, you accidentally ingested a love potion that you made yourself?” with mas? :3

“So let me get this straight, you accidentally ingested a love potion that you made yourself?” Marco has asked disbelievingly. Sabo didn’t answer but instead stayed wrapped around the torso of the individual he had fallen for. And Ace was practically on the floor at this point, howling with laughter.

“Obviously, he did!” Koala snapped, pushing at Sabo’s face. “He’s been like this for the past fifteen minutes and I don’t have the proper books at my place.” She sighed defeatedly as Sabo nuzzled into her midsection. 

“I’ll have a look around, I’m sure I have something of the sort.” Marco snorted at Sabo, who was basically dead weight on Koala. For a moment he had almost remarked that her name fit Sabo better right now but he took pity on her. “You should probably sit down. Ace stop being an ass and help.”

Ace waved and got up. He wrapped his arms around Sabo and began to extract him from Koala. As he was pulled away and sat on the couch, Sabo whined and reached out for her. Koala rolled her eyes and say next to him, if only to make him stop. 

“You’re so beautiful and soft.” Sabo muttered, reaching out to grasp Koala’s hand. “You know our bed could probably fit four. You could stay with us forever.” He pleaded, trying to kiss her hand before she jerked it away, groaning loudly.

“Sabo, while I appreciate that you keep us in mind, even in your inebriated state. You can’t involve a fourth person in our relationship without consulting us first.” Marco droned, leafing through one of the many books on their overfilled bookcase.

“I’m down.” Ace announced, flashing a bright smile at Koala. Marco glanced over at the trio on the couch. Koala had Sabo pinned between her and Ace as she continuously slugged his arm. He couldn’t help but chuckle as Ace plead that he was kidding and Sabo’s expression of complete content between one of his boyfriends and his currently drugged induce desire. At least his time spent pouring over these books wasn’t going to be boring.   

!! Do not buy these mercari furbies !!

This is from the seller that sold @chubbyfubby his “working” Koala furby. The seller listed it as “working 100%” but it arrived dead. We tried to fix it but no dice, it was gunky and gross inside and outside. When we confronted the seller about lying about the condition she claimed it must have happened during shipping?

The seller has two furbies listed on mercari right now and I would NOT trust them. They are most likely spanish furbies because that’s what the koala furby was, but this was not mentioned at all in the listing.

Please don’t let your fellow furby lovers get scammed like what happened to my bf!