koala of the dead

Supernatural s12 Appreciation

AKA S12: Fanfiction Come to Life 

  • Cas’s ‘Dean is back from the dead’ Koala-Hug
  • Dean and Cas working the case to save Sam
  • “Morning, sunshine. Some coffee?
  • “Dean, it’s called sublimation.”  “Yeah. Yeah, it’s kinda my thing.” 
  • Dean asking Cas for personal advice
  • Dean and Cas shared a pair of pink panties
  • Sam and Dean dressed to impress in LA
  • Cas came out of the closet
  • Cas and Dean both counted the days they were apart 
  • Facing death Dean desperately wanted to see Cas one last time
  • Cas was in a female vessel
  • Sam and Dean defend Cas from Ishim’s insults
  • Dean doesn’t kill Ishim because it might endanger Cas thus leaving himself vulnerable
  • Dean rode Larry
  • “My devastatingly handsome friend”
  • Dean: “I’m not mad. I’m worried.”
  • Sam:  “ We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.”
  • Dean: And like you said, you’re family. And we don’t leave family behind.”  “Let’s go home.”     
  • Cas:  “Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life.”  “I love you. I love all of you.”
  • Witch!Sam
  • Dean & Sam in glasses
  • Sam / Eileen being super cute and smiley together
  • Dean worrying about Cas non stop
  • Dean made Cas a mix tape
The Koala Cabal

A little-known fact is that Australia is not run by people. No, the country is run by a super-secret cabal of hyper-intelligent koalas who may or may not also be the aliens who taught the Egyptians how to build the pyramids.

You think I’m crazy, don’t you?

Fine. Ask yourself this: what do koalas do all day?

I’m waiting.

That’s right. You don’t know. Nobody does. If you stare at a koala for ten minutes, all it’s going to do is sleep and maybe eat something. After a while, you’ll get bored and find something else to do.

And that’s exactly what they want.

When people aren’t looking, that’s when koalas make their move. Think about it. Everyone loves koalas. They’re cute and cuddly, and they just sit around all day. If you saw a koala wandering around your backyard, you’d probably think it was cute.

You’d also be dead in about five minutes because koalas can’t let anyone who has seen their true nature live.

The truth is that koalas spend 10% of their time sleeping and acting cute. They spend the other 90% of their time brainwashing politicians and assassinating their enemies. I know this sounds crazy, but how else can you explain the behaviour of our politicians? Alien koalas using mind control is the only reasonable explanation.

Thankfully, the koalas have yet to take over the world. If they had, humans would be reduced to nothing more than slaves that are forced to participate in gladiatorial contests for the amusement of their koala overlords. But whom do we have to thank for holding off the koalas?

That’s a good question, and the answer will shock you.

What is the only animal that can face a koala and win?

The platypus, which like the koala, is also an alien because how else can you explain the fact that it looks like someone photoshopped it into existence.

anonymous asked:

Why are you being so rude suddenly? I love your misa fics you always seemed so nice :/

have you read went’s essay about koalas and crocodiles?

I once posted an essay referencing koalas, all warm and cute and fuzzy. They’ve since become a synonym for “hugs.” That brings me joy.

It’s also how some people choose to perceive me. The part they like to focus on. My koala. To the exclusion of all else. “You’re so sweet.” Mm-hm. How many times have I heard that? (Many. Many times.)  Well, it’s true. I am sweet. It’s also not the whole truth. Thank goodness. Because if I were 100% koala (all warm and cute and fuzzy) I’d be dead by now.


Some people want All Koala All The Time. They insist on it. They’re uncomfortable with me refusing to compartmentalize/criminalize my croc, alarmed by me reframing a negative as a positive, unable/unwilling to allow for the possibility that the “wrong” me (angry, grieving, bored) is as deserving of sunshine and airtime as the “right” me (likeable/loveable/hirable).  


Patting my arm they police me, signaling that there’s an “acceptable” me and an “unacceptable” me. And limited space for the latter. “Why don’t you take a break?” they whisper. “Come back when you’ve pulled yourself together?” To them I say, “Adios." 

i always seemed so nice.  as if i can only be either / or.  i can either be nice and never rude…or rude and never nice.  like one must be an act if i’m also the other.

let me tell you, anon, i am capable of being sweet and nice, and also rude and angry, as well as hurt, depressed, anxious, bored, hopeless, sleepless, selfish, unkind, awkward, reclusive, and in general, human.

i appreciate that you read my fics and enjoy them.  that makes me so happy.  thank you.

but i won’t apologize for having a personality and emotions outside of just “nice.”

that’s not human, and that’s not certainly not me.

anonymous asked:

Everyone be calling jimin hugging kwangsoo a koala but in the captions running man calls jimin a leech im dead


Drop bears

Okay, the concept seems really out there, but I promise you koalas have been known to fall out of the trees when sleeping, we even have an Australian anti joke about it okay!

- Why did the koala fall out of the tree? Because it was dead. Why did the second one fall out of the tree? It was hit by the first koala. Why did the 3rd koala fall out of the tree? It thought the first two were playing a game so it joined in. Why did the little girl on the bicycle die? She was hit by three falling koala’s.

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