Ko Lanta - Thailand

Ko Lanta is an island located in the Andaman see, off the coast of Southern Thailand. As with many other destinations in the Krabi province, Ko Lanta is known for its diving and white sandy beaches. Many of the resorts on the island are locally owned, and feature beachfront bungalows. The island is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. 

The culture on the island is a mix of Buddhist, Muslim, Thai, Chinese culture. The island is also home to the unique Chao Le people, who are known as “people of the sea”, who make most of their income from catching and selling seafood. They have managed to retain their own language, culture, and traditions in the face of booming commercialism in the area. 


Ko Lanta, day & night, Thailand. January 2013.

The best thing to do here is to rent a motorcycle and explore the island without plans. Bring your swimsuits and snorkeling gear.

The first photo was taken at The Viewpoint bar/restaurant which was the highest viewpoint on the island. There was an old-school binocular which you can use for free or optional donation.

The second photo was taken at the Klong Yak Bay/Beach at sunset. There was no one around. The clearest, cleanest, and warmest beach. 

I decided it is time to start posting photos from Asia! Lets start with the lionfish in its NATURAL habit. Taken in the Andaman Sea, Ko Lanta Thailand.

Sorry, no big pelagics yet. I won’t hold out on you though when we find them!


Manta Monday and throwback to February this year! What a great season it was too! Can’t wait to get back to Hin Daeng & Hin Muang. Roll on October 🇹🇭 #mantas #mantaray #hindaenghinmuang (at Ko Lanta)

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When an octopus touches an object it can feel the temperature, colour and texture and adapt thusly. They are the ultimate experts of camouflage and extremely clever.

Sometimes we like to interact with small ones, but only if they are in the mood. We put out a figure and wait for a response. Normally they reach out a tentacle and wrap it around you to check you out. It is like an octopus handshake!

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