When an octopus touches an object it can feel the temperature, colour and texture and adapt thusly. They are the ultimate experts of camouflage and extremely clever.

Sometimes we like to interact with small ones, but only if they are in the mood. We put out a figure and wait for a response. Normally they reach out a tentacle and wrap it around you to check you out. It is like an octopus handshake!


Two Days South of Krabi, Thailand

As I mentioned in my Ko Lanta, Thailand post, day 5 and 6 of my trip were much more enjoyable for the leisurely type. Think traveling by high speed boat out to a remote island with crystal clear blue water with a plethora of coral reef ready to be explored by snorkeling. Followed by an even more leisurely experience on Ko Rok island, where you can find many little hermit crabs and enjoy a little piece of paradise while visiting this island. 

Following my morning of R&R, it was time to head Ko Klang. A quante little fisherman town with unique ways on how they captured their fish, and that also had a specialization in rice growing. To get around this town it was all done by their local side scooter vehicles that take you winding around their little streets through their unique towns. Around each corner was a new spectacle either it be traditional children enjoying popsicles after class to everyday adults going amongst their lives. It was neat to see so much rich culture in one place, simply stunning. 

Locations visited: 

  • Ko Rok for snorkeling/ lunch
  • Ko Klang Island for Islanda Eco Resort Hotel
  • Learn about  sangyot rice
  • Long tail boat to see traditional Thai fishing   

If there is anything I left out that you’d like to know, feel free to leave a comment. There was so much done each day, I’m only sharing my favorite moments from each location. 

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