Not often that we see the second lead get the first kiss… <— My speculation. 


When people say this 😷


Evil geniuses! You know they did that to get us going, but it was all for a shoe… *sigh*

Mogeko Castle with Voices 06: The Very Hungry Grotesque Mogeko
Part Drama, Part Parody This is Mogeko Castle...with Voices! The first of what is hopefully going to be more to come. Yonaka Kurai, a highschool girl is on h...

In which Yonaka and Defect Mogeko brave the perils of the fifth floor! 

I feel like I’m only watching for this guy, but I also know that I’m gonna hurt for him… *sigh*


“…waiting for you.” OMG. I want one.

What the little voice in my head says whenever I press “play the next episode” at 3 am...

It never stops me, but it likes to give me sh*t. Lol!!