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Vosnian Formal 

Knockout adorns his decorative armor for a “Officers Ball” in Vos. 

Vosnian formal plating and cloaks vary based on rank. Each are custom made to suit the individual officer by a specialized tailor/ artisan. 

Knockouts ornate formal armor signifies that of a High Commander “The Second Wing” to the “Lord of Vos.”  The two dangling Red Crystals signify his rank along with the dual crests on his Ornamental Helm piece. 

He holds a staff adorned with a Red Energon crystal. The Crystal in this case is indicative of his speed and cunning but also has always symbolized a passion to protect the city and its interests. The element albeit powerful inside is also prone to its own instability that is why it is shielded by three wings as a tine would keep order and protect its city. 

Knockouts decorative armor is unique to him in that it is adorned with many wings and dual symbolic cockpits that rest on each of his shoulder. It signified his unique burden. Being he is the first high ranking Vosnian Commander in Cybertronian history without a set of his own wings, his tailor, whether in jest or genuine good intent to make up for what some deem his short coming saw fit to remind others symbolically that he belongs despite that fact.

The translucent cape symbolizes, loyalty, transparency and friendship with the Lord of Vos. It is also noted that only high ranking officers are allowed a unique cape and that none may touch the floor due to the tradition that this privilege is reserved for only the Lord of Vos himself, Starscream. 

(This is Based off of @tyrantofthefirmament and @ask-dr-knockout RP timeline that continues the TFP story on Cybertron after Predacons Rising with Starscream and Knockout resolving their differences to ultimately work together for a cause greater then themselves.)  

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Eto talaga yung purpose ng business para sakin e.. in theory ha. Kasi gusto ko KUNG magkakapamilya na ako, ayoko na nung araw araw pa ako papasok sa office. Gusto ko yung balanced ang time ko sa pamilya pati sa trabaho. As much as possible nga, ayaw ko maghire ng kasambahay kasi wala akong tiwala sa ganyan. Baka mamaya di mo alam dinuduraan na pala niyan yung pagkain ninyo. Yung dati kasi naming kasambahay, galit dun sa dati niyang amo tapos kinikwento niya na ganon ginagawa niya dun sa pagkain nila. Grabe kadiri. 

Tsaka gusto ko rin na pagka “kailangan” ng asawa ko (kung magkakaron) na mag unwind from work or mag stop talaga kung gusto niya para mag focus sa family, gusto ko yung meron akong stable na income plus stable na trabaho. Para kaya ko both. At ayoko rin yung umuutang kasi sa ibang tao kaya gusto ko as much as possible, financially stable at confident ako. Okay pa sa akin yung ako yung magpapautang eh kesa ako yung uutang. 

Tapos syempre ang sahod naman hindi basta basta lumalaki yan, pero ang business pagka inalagaan at tsaka pinag sikapan, pwedeng mag boom tapos syempre malaking tulong yun hanggang sa mag retire na ako. Ayon lang. Scout scout muna in the mean time.

Pagka nakuha ko tong trabaho na to, legit hahanap ako ng pagtetrainingan ng cloud computing. Legit talaga huhuhuhu Lord pls pls pls bigay Mo na po to sakin. Kahit wag na po jowa pls need ko ng knowledge, stable and growing career, at pera po. 😭😭😭