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I’m starting oddly enough with the end, as that’s what I got asked most about. I got asked about how they die and if Guren resurrects them. I’ll make another post or two about different sections I got asked about. Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Also, take my translations with a grain of salt as they are paraphrased and may be out of context. 

Main points: Mahiru is the one that kills them, she dies by Noya’s curse, her plan was to disrupt the ultimate experiment by having Guren there, he decides to resurrect them, and the book ends there, as the world’s destruction begins.

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[Owari no Seraph] Guren Light Novel Volume 7 Summary

I know that there are people that are going to start translating it soon. But this was VERY difficult to read this volume in terms of emotions, so I just want to at least write it down here. Once again, some stuff I might have already forgotten or somehow misinterpreted so, please, take everything with a grain of sault.

1) Guren and co. tell Mahiru over the phone that they’ve decided to betray the Hiiragi so could she tell them her whereabouts. She laughs and says later. Of course, the Hiiragi listen in and immediately cars start chasing them, the ‘traitors’.

Basically the storyline of this volume is Guren and co constantly running away and fighting the Hiiragi. Somewhere in the middle of the story Shinoa’s dreaming and she meets her demon Shi-chan, they have a funny conversation, and Shi-chan says that they were originally together (apparently born together?) and he came back to her of his own will just because they had always been together, and not because Mahiru asked him. Shi-chan’s appearance is described through Shinoa’s eyes as a 25-year old man, or maybe a woman? Difficult to say. Shinoa leaves the squad when she comes to her senses saying she has no business running away with Guren since it has nothing to do with her. Mahiru texts Guren to leave her be. What happened to Shinoa afterwards is unknown.

Then there’s a separate chapter on Kureto. Mahiru creates an illusion of coup d’etat while in fact there’s no one, and she fights Kureto. But she doesn’t kill him even though he asks her to in the end. The thing that bugs Kureto is Mahiru’s last words, something like “Nii-san, do you know why Hiiragi are so strong?” He remembers that there was once a man who alone bore the Hiiragi name for 200 years but Kureto never bothered with digging deeper and he barely knew anything about the past of his family.

When Mahiru leaves, Kureto realizes that Mahiru is a double spy, always on the side of Hiiragi, the one to bring about the world end. She knew from the day she was born that she would die on Christmas. She was born only for that experiment. He realized that Hiiragi want to destroy the world. He calls his father, and asks him politely about the end of the world. The only thing Tenri says is “So what?”. Kureto realizes that the he and Mahiru are the same. Even the beautifully strong Mahiru couldn’t escape from this hell that is Hiiragi. Meaning there was something that even that invincible Mahiru afraid of, or someone. So he realizes there must be someone behind Hiiragi Tenri. He also asks his father what they used to keep Mahiru, and Tenri says Shinoa. With the promise that they won’t touch Shinoa they made Mahiru do all these things.

Before that phone conversation Kureto talks to Aoi and asks why she follows him, because he’s a Hiiragi or…? I don’t remember exactly what Aoi says but she says because it’s Kureto, not because he’s a Hiiragi. Since there are ears everywhere, the Hiiragi heard that, and as Tenri’s asking what Kureto’s choice is, someone shoots Aoi’s leg off. Kureto says something with the meaning he’ll stay with Hiiragi, and if Tenri doesn’t believe that, then he can kill Aoi. Tenri tells Kureto he will survive the end of the world. Kureto then takes Aoi’s leg and attaches it back, and her demon begins the treatment and it makes her blush as she says it’s embarassing how he’s touching her but Kureto doesn’t understand her. (Kureto really doesn’t know a thing about love xD). He then realizes that only those with demons inside will stay alive, and asks Aoi to try to save as many subordinates of his as possible.

Kureto also remembers Mahiru’s words to treasure Guren since there not many allies in this world. Kureto thinks so too. He orders Aoi to kill Guren. But obviously it’s only words.

2) Guren and co. keep on fighting and finally get a call from Mahiru who says she’s in Ginza, while Guren realizes she’s in Ikebukuro. Here we also see the first time Shinya says “Zudon” as he shoots down a helicopter.

Mahiru seems to be crying and talks to Guren as if it’s their last conversation while Guren assures her he’ll come.

3) Meanwhile, Saitou takes Yuuichirou to the Hyakuya Orphanageg away from all the fighting. There are some pages dedicated to Saitou’s thoughts, I think it’s better to leave them to the translators but all I can say is that I don’t think he’s a bad guy anymore, really… And it seems that Christmas Eve is the day that Mikaela met Yuu in the orphanage. Saitou’s phone starts ringing non-stop, and he thinks that it’s reports from all over Tokyo that the end is coming. He looks at the falling snow and thinks that he didn’t make it in time, he couldn’t save the world today. So he needs to make preparations for the future. Saitou part ends here.

4) It takes them (Guren and co.) 20 hours just to get to Shinjuku from Shibuya and it’s already 25th of December evening. Shinya and Goshi offer to become decoys so that Guren could go to Mahiru. Everyone realizes they will die here. They almost agree to the plan when Guren suddenly says that he doesn’t want to lose anyone here. Shinya is on the verge of tears and punches Guren in the face. They have a long conversation but then they decide that if they are gonna die then they are gonna die together.

Then they think and realizes that the enemy could have easily killed or taken them hostage if they wanted by they’re not. Meaning this whole fighting is a decoy too. Meaning that Hiiragi have a huge enemy and they need that enemy’s attention to be taken from Mahiru, their double spy, to this fight. As Guren propose giving in, he looks for the commander of the enemy forces and sees Kureto. They start fighting at 100% while Kureto tells him that Mahiru is here in Shinjuku, not in Ikebukuro, and since Kureto can’t save the world this time, he’ll leave it to Guren. But they are being watched so he should fight him. Guren thinks Kureto is the type of man that would never attempt to do something he can’t succeed at, so this act is small act of rebellion against Hiiragi. They do as told and then, Guren kinda wins (?) and they all run to the Hyakuya Kyou underground research facility only to find Mahiru feending on blood of Hiiragi soldiers and some dudes in white robes (researchers?).

They fight and Mahiru throws Shigure at all of them, and Shigure’s broken bones pierce her heart. Guren takes out the bone so that she could heal herself. She does. Then Mahiru talks about Guren choosing between her and his friends, because he has to make a choice anyway. To which Shinya laughs at her and says that she should be choosing here, or she should have done so long ago, and the reason she likes Guren is because he’s “not right”. And she chose the “right path”, and she envies Guren because he chose the “not right path”. This angers Mahiru and sticks her hand in Shinya’s chest and throws him away. Then in a mere second she breaks necks of everyone else, and the last thing Guren sees is her holding Goshi as he says “Gure-” and she breaks his neck too. Guren is devastated to say the least (well, his emotions are the hardest thing here), he hears Shinya coughing and is happy that he’s alive. Guren thinks he wants to lose his conscience to give in to the demon, to escape from reality. But Shinya says (Mahiru asked Guren what’s the meaning of his life to which Guren didn’t answer anything) that there’s a meaning to life. That he’s happy that he met Guren, and Guren should not give in to the demon, not ending these last words Shinya dies.

Mahiru asks Guren if he despises her, he says yes. She asks if he wants to kill her. He thinks for a while and says no. He asks her what her real wish is. She says to be a normal girl, to be with a loved person, to give birth to kids. She stabs herself with Noya. Guren asks her what did she want to accomplish. She says that God wants to punish sinful people and there are some people that want to take control of it. She says that Owari no Seraph is an experiment that can revive humans. But they can live for only ten years with the current technology. I’m sorry I don’t remember the details here but Guren remembers Saitou’s words here.

Mahiru says that it was all the plan but Guren is an outsider an irregular, a miscalculation, she had her own plan here (to stop the end of the world) and she didn’t want him to come.

There are coffins with dead people in it, and a place in the middle to put her katana into. Mahiru says that in order to revive people a blood of a lot of nobles, humans and demons is needed. Apparently, if you put your katana there you can revive people? I don’t quite remember, I’m sorry.

Mahiru says she wants to be reborn as a normal girl now, free of everything as the curse is spreading throughout her body. But Guren suddenly notices that her bod is being sucked into Noya’s blade. He asks Noya to stop it but Noya says he can’t, because it’s a curse that’s been put inside Mahiru. Guren hugs and kisses her and she disappears from his arms.

Last thing Mahiru told him was to make a choice to - accept his weakness or to choose the right path.

Guren decided that since the end of the world didn’t happen, then Hiiragi soldiers will be here soon.

Guren puts his friends’ bodies one by one carefully into the coffins instead of the people that were originally there. Then Ferid comes there. Guren looks at him and asks him to kill him. Ferid says, no way, don’t be spoiled. Decide your path yourself, human. This way it’s more interesting. And Guren puts Noya katana in between the coffins, and the end of the world begins. He thinks he doesn’t care if he’s being selfish, if it’s his ego, if his friends will live only for ten years, but he still wants to see them again. The story ends with the words “And the destruction of the world begins”. My guess is that the end of the world wasn’t supposed to happen since Mahiru died but instead of dying here together with his friends, Guren chose to live and revive his friends which brought about the end of the world.

In the author’s commentary he narrates that it was a very difficult volume to write. All in all, Owari no Seraph has a very big meaning in his life as it constantly bring up questions like “what are we living for?”. He says to look forward to the continuation in the next volume or in manga.

Honestly speaking, I can’t even cry here, more like I want some tranquilizer because the whole description of what was going on in the book and constantly crying Guren, and people dying dying dying dying dying like flies, even without being too descriptive, it was quite shocking. Now lemme go drink some sake to forget about what I’ve just read for a moment. Questions welcome.


Bungo Stray Dogs - The old Soukoku

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