Got7′s Reaction to seeing you do ballet for the first time after a fight

I hope you enjoy the reaction… Sorry if it’s not good xD


*Frustrated that he can’t find you, he sits somewhere at the Han River. He suddenly hears the song you were dancing to and walks towards it and finds you dancing.*

BamBam: *gif and sighs* “YAHHH!” *runs to you* “You know how long I’ve been looking for you?! I was so worried.”

*Then he realizes the reason why you disappeared and hugs you tight without letting go.*

BamBam: “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have started that stupid argument…”



*Even though you two just had a fight, after he finds you at the Han River he just admires you and the way you danced. He’s never seen this side of you so he was enjoying looking at you dance. After you finish, you turn back and see him standing there and smiling at you. You turn back and start to walk away, still mad at the fight you guys had.

Yugyeom: *walks next to you and grabs your hand* “I never knew you could dance like that Jagiya.” *you both stop walking and then he stares at you.*

Y/N: *not looking at him* “Can you stop looking at me?? I’m still mad you know…” 

*He doesn’t say anything and just smiles and keeps staring at you until you gave in and looked at him. He grabbed you and pulled you into a passionate kiss as an apology for the argument you guys had.*


*When he finds you at the Han River dancing, he quickly runs to you and hugs you.*

Youngjae: “I’m so sorry about earlier… please forgive me. I don’t know what I was thinking arguing with you like that. And please don’t ever disappear like that again.” *hugs you tight and doesn’t let go*

*At first you didn’t do anything but then you gave him a tight hug back reassuring him that you forgave him.*

Youngjae: “Since I interrupted your dancing, you can continue it..” *sits and watches you finish you’re dance* “Woooooooahhhh…. My Y/n is the best!” *amazed at your dancing*


*He was relieved when he found you at the Han River and just watched you pour all you had into your dance. After you finished dancing, he slowly approached you with his head down.*

JB: “Listen…. I-I wasn’t thinking straight earlier. I didn’t mean anything I said okay? Please forgive me…”

*You smile back at him and tell him that it’s okay and that you forgive him. While the two of you were walking back home, you noticed that he kept looking at you so you stopped walking and asked him.*

JB: “Jagiya…It’s just that I’ve never seen you dance like that. I was surprised but amazed at how wonderful you looked…”


*He went crazy looking for you everywhere until he ended up at the Han River. While he was looking around, he spots you in the distance dancing. Watching you dance like that made him realize that the fight you guys had hurt you more than he thought.*

Jinyoung: *walk up to you and hugs you* “Jagiya…..  I didn’t mean anything I said. I was just really angry and I wasn’t thinking straight.”

*He kisses your forehead and then hugs you even tighter so you know how sorry he felt.*


*He’d watch you dance in the distance after he finds you at the Han River. While he watches you passionately dance, he keeps regretting the fight more and more. After you finish and sit to catch your breath, he sneaks behind you.*

Mark: *gif* “I love you.” *kisses you* “I’m sorry about everything.” 

*Then he starts to act cute until you starts smiling and laughing. After he tells you how shocked he was at how good you were at dancing and tells you to dance for him again.*


*After you disappeared and didn’t come back for a while, Jackson calls the guys and anyone that was willing to look for you. Finally they pull up to the Han River and he sees you dancing. All he could do was watch and feel sorry about the fight you guys had.*

Jackson: *looks at the rest of the guys* “Isn’t she good at dancing??” *looks back at you* “She’s so beautiful…Why did I have to fight with her about something so stupid?”

*He tells the guys to leave and then just stays their watching you. When you finish, he comes behind you and hugs you.*

Jackson: “I’m sorry, Y/n. I love you and I won’t ever fight with you again. I promise so please don’t disappear like you did.” *kisses your cheek and turn you around* “How come you never told you you danced so well?”

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