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name: Konrad Oswald Sinclair
nickname: Kos, King of Science.
zodiac sign: Gemini (Born June 15, 1890)

gender: Male

favorite color: White, gold, blue.
hours of sleep: with king: as long as king sleeps. / Without King: 1 hour every 4 months or less.
last thing you googled: Toxic Chlorine Gas 
height: 7'2


name: Roselma 
nickname: Rose, Ross, mudskipper, goat, asshole.
zodiac sign: Sagittarius I guess?(don’t care about this type of stuff really) (Born November 22nd, 1994)
gender: potato
favorite color: RED, blue, black, white.
hours of sleep: 5 to 6?
last thing you googled: Woman Split in Half by Truck Lives Despite Significant Blood Loss - Bestgore
height: 4′8 to 5′?? I know I am over 1,52 meters tall.

(WIP) Blackwatch babies.
The king and his two sons. A little update, Jesse’s done except for his peacemaker. Currently working on gabe but he’s proving to be a huge challenge and im struggling a lot with him. Genji’s still yeah rough and untouched. I’m hoping to finish this before this weekend or at least get the major parts down. Gonna sacrifice my soul if I have to get this done. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥