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Do you know any good, well written HP/Avengers fics? I rec Wand and Shield by Morta's Priest for the trouble.

Finding Home - cywsaphyre

When Harry finally accepted the fact that he had stopped aging, ten years had passed and he knew it was time to leave. AU. (+Sequels)

Falling Skies - LockedOwle

Dark lords and alien invasions are the least of Harry’s worries. The world won’t end if he has anything to say about it. Approved sequel to cywsaphyre’s Finding Home. No Slash.

Intent - CrystalIceSweet

Magic is all about intent; so when Harry Potter starts pouring his magic in to his cooking, he creates something so magical that no one is able to resist it. At 16, despite being the owner of a prestigious 5 star restaurant, Harry’s life is relatively normal…until Tony Stark appears with his band of misfits and refuses to leave until he agrees to be his personal chef. SLASH.

Strangers in Bars - Whispering Darkness

Everyone else was avoiding the strange man but Harry felt himself drawn to him. His loud, archaic speech and enthusiastic drinking seemed to be off-putting to most people but to the Gryffindor it felt comfortingly familiar how different the man was.

All Hallows’ Eve - New York - Whispering Darkness

Harry Potter had never really managed a normal, peaceful Halloween, so he really shouldn’t have been surprised when he was suddenly displaced from the grocery store and found himself in front of a maniacally cackling man in a very dramatic outfit.

Legal Alien - Whispering Darkness

Normal people didn’t have to worry about this sort of thing when they go on vacation. They worry about things like losing their luggage, catching a cab or something similar. Not alien invasions. Harry, however, had never been normal. Then again, neither were these guys. One-shot

Mischief Managed - fringeperson

A man with black hair, green eyes and pale skin watched over a child with black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a variant of the Elder Futhark rune Sowilo etched upon his brow. Genfic.

Moved by the Law of Probability - fringeperson

The probability of Harry Potter living a completely normal life was low, but that was okay. Normality is over-rated and boring anyway. He’s managed to do some pretty interesting things with his life since the war.

Harry Potter and the Aftermath - CJaMes12

Who can walk away from a title like ‘The Master of Death?

The Martyr’s Morning - Sincerely from Morning

Harry wasn’t sure how sane following the directions of bodiless voices made him but, well…you can’t argue with the results. That and it wasn’t like he knew what else to do.

where there are no keepsakes - wild wolf free17

Albus Dumbledore tries to get a Harry Potter raised by the Winter Soldier and Captain America (with help from the Avengers) to attend Hogwarts. (Spoiler: he fails.)

Harry Romanoff-Barton - Eternity sword

Let’s all admit it: leaving Harry on a doorstep was pretty careless. So what happens when Black Widow finds him after a mission in Surrey?

Taking Chances - criesofthefallen

AU. He left before they could do anything about it. It was for the best.

Protective - Kyrza E. Green

A Loki is Harry story. When the Avengers find out where Loki is, they want to retrieve him immediately. Unfortunately for them, Loki’s friends, acquaintances, fan girls, and even enemies are a bit protective of him.

Redemption Songs - Aisling-Siobhan

Loki escapes from Asgard during his punishment and finds himself back in New York City where people still remember his face. Well except for one man, who doesn’t know of him or the Avengers and has a strange habit of trying to save people who are beyond redemption. Like Loki, Harry has known pain and suffering and was Mother once. Loki now has someone who wants to save him. PostAA

Crestfallen - Lionna

When Harry lands on Asgard, he doesn’t expect to be besieged almost immediately by two gods and a giant wolf. But he’s always been the adaptable sort. (No pairing.)

Bite Sized - SlipStitch

The first time that Harry met Tony Stark he was just about to close his little bakery shop, Bite Sized. The second time Stark came to the bakery he brought along a pretty redhead that had a phone stuck to her ear and seemed to be trying to placate someone on the other end of the phone. Tony/Harry. Slash. Drabbley.

I See The Moon - hctiB-notsoB

Gen. “While on the run, Bruce meets a young man who speaks to the moon. He’s probably not quite the sanest friend Bruce could have made, but, well…beggers can’t be choosers.”

Man of Iron, Father of Gold - Lunabell Marauder Knyte

Tony’s in London on a business meeting and escapes for a little while.On his walk he runs into an orphan…he should walk away,he shouldn’t care,he wasn’t up for this…but when you tell one Tony Stark that he can’t do something, he does it anyway to prove you wrong.Besides…how can he say no to those woefully sad eyes that don’t belong on a six year old. Deaged Harry.

Steve And The Barkeep - Runaway Deviant

Steve has a routine, and god help him if he’s going to break that routine for anyone - yes, that includes you, Tony. Enter a local barkeeper with a penchant for the occult and the gift of good conversation. EWE, not slash, just a couple of guys and a few hundred drinks. Rated for fear of the thought police.

Sowilo - Evandar

Oneshot. Loki shelters from the rain in a coffee shop run by Harry Potter and somehow manages to change them both forever. - I’ve been calling you ‘Mr Cappuccino’ in my head all this time; you could have told me your name - Harry/Loki slash

Blood for My Bone - sc. 2 pt. 1

Another attack lashed out.
A blow to the head.
A seething tear to the right shoulder.
Colliding midway with a pillar against the wall
Ichigo falls,
he fumbles,
scrambles, to his feet.
And he darts.

But a small tug.
from behind.

Orihime: (pleads) Wait, Kurosaki!!
Please… Just calm down for a second!

He turns.
To her.
His gaze, lacking anxiety, anger.
Instead holding resolve.

She reads that gaze.
He has a plan.

(Ichigo: Do you trust me?)

Does she?

(Orihime: …I do.)

And she lets go.
and once more he darts.
And she readies.
No longer off-guard.

She trusts him.