knwo what i mean

And at what point does a ‘coping mechanism’ or however we want to call it start actively fucking you over if you start giving in to it too much. 

does anyone know anything about like??? Local British Moths?? i live in south east england (essex) and its ~11pm and like… a kinda big fuzzy moth (with the fat legs and furry antennae and stuff) flew in . i got a rly bad pic of it but i caught it nd let it go and idk it feels like. This Moth Should Not Be In This Country


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Hi! I am working in a foreign country at an italian restaurant and some staff members say bad words sometimes and i'm wondering if they're 'directed' at me or even if they're bad words. Now I don't know how to spell it but they say: My name and che cazzo una ritza (???) something along those lines. Now I knwo what che cazzo means but the other thing... Can you help me?

hmmmmmmmmmmmm idk ritza doesn’t recall anything like there’s nothing in italian spelled like that, rissa is fight and it’s the closest I can think of but no one would say that when addressing someone else, it could be that it’s dialectal but I honestly have no idea, anyone from the italian squad of tumblr can help?

(that said, anything that starts with your name and then che cazzo is… 99%of the time not a compliment unless it comes from romans xDD)

Quick headshot doodle before bed today. I think this is the first I’ve seen that much light reflected in Sasaki’s eyes in a long time not even to mention the smile but I don’t even know if it’s true or not and it ki l l s  m  e 

someone: hi
me: oh ym god i love jungkook so much. i mean what a beautiful talented boy you knwo i wld die for him? lie down on the ground right now and die for him jump in front of a bullet for him i love him so so much my beautiful honey sparkle muffin he glistens with talent in everythign he does his smile lights up my world without him what would i be? nothing. i want to protect him i want him to be safe and loved an
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Every time I see my dog I cry (a lot) bc I love him so much but his getting so old and I know he will die soon and I can't spend time with him bc I cry so much and Idk who else to tell this bc no one else gets it and I thought you might

omg this is SO CUTE and SO funny and i knwo exactly what you mean omfg

like i’ll see smithers sleeping or like idk doing something ANYTHING and sometimes i’ll almost start crying or tears will come to my eyes and im like smiling and pressing my face into him bc hes so cute and Ommmfg

so i know what u mean about the crying but omg im sorry its just so funny imagining someone not being able to see their dog bc they constantly cry whenever theyre with them bc they love them so much omg i love this so much that is SO cute FUCK