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ღ trimberly ღ

swho’s the first to wake up in the morning:

trini prbly bc she’s used to doing yoga p early in th quarry

who’s the one to make breakfast:

they both give it a shot but they’re not tht great of cooks unless they make dishes thtre common in their houses but they dnt always make real easy breakfast foods so they usually opt for bagels n jus stuf that doesn’t take too much to make

who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

both!! they do it equally evn though iss literally jus lyk a pile of whippd cream and a half eaten waffle,, yet still every time trini gets Emotional cos she’s emo n iss still lyk ??i can’t believe a girl????lyks me???

who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

ths one is definitely kim and trini iss a gay mess n although she tries to establish tht they hav thngs to do, she jus caves whn kim kisses her nck n asks her to stay a while

who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

trini actually, usually aftr their notsoquickies she’s got lotsa hickies n iss just lyk ‘??? u do realize i will get expelled if zack or jason tries to tease me abt these bc i will yeet thm into space??’ but they still go aftr a few yt tutorials on how to covr up hickies that fail n she jus wears a hoodie n tries to covr it w that n her hair

who chooses the movies:

trini bc although she recently came out she’d alwys knwn abt all th gay movies n shows n lyks shwng thm to kim who has already seen thm lyk 383789 times but dsn’t tell trini bc iss jus so cute to wtch her get excited abt thm

who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

kim bc agn she’s seen thm all a billion times n gets jus a little bored n jus ends up straddling her whn trini dsn’t get th hnt tht she’d mch rthr b doing smthn else; needless to say trini p much implodes whn kim does so

who orders lunch:

both abt equally cos they usually try n show each othr restaurants tht serve food more traditionally mexican and indian, respectively; and order each othr th foods they thmslves grew up liking or making, both love learning abt each othrs cultures 

who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

kim prbly, n trini’s lyk ‘ you ordered us th same thng why are u stealng ?? ‘ n kim’s jus lyk ‘ yyya?? but it looks bettr on yr plate sso ://///’

who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

trini, she’s v small and sleeps a lot n kim finds it exceedingly adorable, n always snps th boyz pics w th caption ‘she cute she cute’ n is met with billy n jason snapping her pics back of each othr n zack snapping pics of his hand all w th same caption kim sent 

who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

kim prbly cos she gets all her work done p easy at home and whn trini doesn’t text back she snaps more…suggestive pics n whn trini finally checks her phone iss jus,… miss trini?? miss trini??? oh my fuckfinf god she fuckfinf dead

who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

i’m gnna cheat a lil here and say iss one of trini’s brthrs while kim’s ovr n trini thnks kim will take it w a grain of salt but instead she’s lyk okay let’s go, i’m getting us all ice cream n trini’s heart nuts 

who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

kim! she lyks taking pics of trini in general and iss evn cutr whn she’s trying not to let it all fall apart

who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

kim bc trini iss not doing a good job at making it stay tgthr and whn kim comments on it she jus goes beet red n her brthrs are lyk, “that’s not how u use th word come kimmy!! did you evn go to 2nd grade???” 

who cooks dinner:

they take turns!! bc kim has depression sometimes iss hard for her to work herslf up to b able to do thngs lyk tht n trini picks up on it and cooks for thm n sometimes trini has issues with her family or in general jus has hiccups in her own mental health and in tht case kim cooks

who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

agn they take turns, sso it depends on their moods

who stays up until 2 reading:

trini!! she’s vvv new to th sapphic community but she’s rlly On Top Of th Game w lgbt shows n reads fanfics of f/f ships till th sun rises 

who stares at their partner while they’re sleeping:

kim, cos she jus thnks tht she’s sso lucky tht she was able to change aftr fkcing up and evrything she did n said and that now she’s able to be w trini n jus enjoy her company

who kisses their partner while they sleep:

trini, n kim picks up on it one day whn she’s not even rlly takng a depression as mch as jus a depression-laying-abt-tm n she feels trini kiss her forehead gently n just continues to pretend to b asleep


Anakin Skywalker Imagine: #4
Masterlist: x

Jedi padawans were rarely ever friends, but you and Anakin were different, you always had each others backs. Always. There wasn’t a time when you weren’t there for each other, even the Jedi Masters understood your close bond. Normally they didn’t appreciate this but they noticed how powerful you were when together, so much so that they began to send you on missions together, they felt as if you had trained enough with your masters to go on missions with each other. You had to admit yourself you were pretty damn unstoppable when you were with him.

It was just another mission, it seemed like routine now, the council had learnt of something unusual happening in the Dagobah system. It was a chance to prove yourself, it was decided that Obi-Wan was to come to, but just to watch over you and watch how you would handle this situation. This was a big step for Anakin and you, and although you were not nervous, Anakin was. You couldn’t blame him though, little was knwn about the Dagobah systema nd what was known, was of the strictest confidentiality.

“It’s going to be fine” you said, your twinkling smile catching his eye as you grabbed his hand and squeezed before letting go, Anakin finding your hand once again to keep a tight grasp on you. As you had spent so much time together, having each other close kept him and you both calm.

“You don’t understand y/n, something is going to happen” as much as you wanted Anakin to explain his words, you knew that if he wanted to tell you he would have. Instead you just decided to take charge. Obi-Wan decided to stay behind and observe from the ship not wanting to interfere. You were grateful for this move it meant you would not be deistracted by his prescence.

Stepping out first, it looked like nothing you had ever seen before, this planet looked as if it had been abandoned centuries ago, nevertheless you continued to walk further and further away from the ship, Anakin right beside you, following your every move. In all honesty you had no idea what to expect but you knew that it could not be good. Anakin’s prescence felt different than ususal, he was never this tense. It was almost making you worry too. Almost.

It was then you heard it. BOOM. The ground began to shake. Again. BOOM. BOOM. It stopped. You had no idea what it was, part of you wanted to turn back to Obi-Wan for his advice but you knew that this was a test and you were going to nail this. Watching your footing as the ground began to vibrate once again. All of a sudden you saw a bullet fly at you, not having time to grab your lightsaber you used your skills and caught it in between your fingers throwing it onto the ground and getting low, Anakin copying you, him beginning to get more and more nervous.

“It’s happening” he whispered to himself as you continued to crawl through the high gradd using the overgrown, dark forest to your advantage. The weeds and plants felt as if they were wrapping around your ankles, the tight vines looped themselves in bunches, catching on your boots at almost every step, nevertheless you put it down to your sheer imagination and contirnued on.

“Whats happening Ani” you ask, keeping a hand on your lightsaber as you get closer and closer to where the vibrations where coming from. It wasn’t until Anakin spoke out his next words that you paid attention to his mumblings. Oh how you wished you’d ignored him.

“My dream” he choked out. No. He was having the dreams too, it wasn’t just you. It was unbelivable. Jumping up to your feet, Anakin didn’t have enough time to pull you back down, this time a bullet striking you in the chest, falling into Anakin’s arms as he caught you. His adrenaline kicked in and he knew he had to get you back. Lifting up his lightsaber he deflected bullets like nobody had ever seen before.

The light shone through all sides of the forest, Obi-Wan saw it flicker through the forest as Anakin began to appear retreating back to the ship, you in his arms. Obi-Wan leapt up, opening the ship doors just long enough to get you and Anakin back on board. Once the doors were locked, Anakin lay you flat on one of the injury beds, reaching dwon to check your pulse.

“Obi-Wan her pulse, it’s so slow” his worried voice spat out, his body shaking beneath him, his dream came true. “Obi-Wan fly back. Now! Call in and let them know she’s not okay. Master please!” he yelled Obi-Wan understanding Anakin’s bad choice of words but also overlooking it due to the situation. The ride was quick and Anakin could feel you getting worse and worse feeling utterly helpless. Even when the medics stormed the ship and took you away, he followed keeping a tight grip on his hand.

It was in the medic bay when Anakin truly lost it, all the doctors were stood back watching, there was nothing more they could do, nothing was working. He still had this tight grip on your hand, as all the Jedi council stood around the bed watching you both.

“Y/n, please don’t leave me. not like this. I’m not ready to live without you” his words stopped coming out as he heard the machine stop beeping and quietly flatline.

“I love you so much” he sobbed dropping to his knees with your motionless hand in his sweaty palms.

“I don’t care if the room knows, I don’t care if the whole damn galaxy knows y/n! I love you so much and i’m not ready to lose you” Anakin’s words stopped as Obi-Wan and Mace Wind pulled him up by his arms and out of the room. Anakin’s cries were echoing the halls.

Obi-Wan didn’t leave Anakin, watching him closely as his padawan lay on the floor of your bedroom. He wanted to be around your things, he wanted to see the memories in here, smell the same perfume that would make his day. He justw anted to be around you once more.

“I loved her Obi-Wan” he sighed, putting his hands on his face and letting out a shaky breath.

“I know you did Anakin, she loved you, more than you ever saw, she loved you with all of her life” Obi-Wan spoke softly. “I will give you a minute alone” Obi-Wan stood up slowly and left the room, leaving the door open a crack as Anakin began to adjust to a life without you.

Moments later Obi-Wan returned back to the room. “Anakin, it’s y/n.” he said watching as Anakin began to cry again. Just your name broke another piece of his heart in two. “Anakin she wants to see you” Anakin could not believe his ears, he jumped up to face Obi-Wan to see a smile splattered across his master’s face. The conformation made his stomach flip. He ran faster than ever before through the halls of the Jedi temple laughign and crying at the same time, knocking multiple Jedi’s out fo the way, just wanting you back by his side.

Anakin stopped at the door to your oom, seeing through the large glass window tht you were sat up and being spoken to by yoda himself. Taking a deep breath he ran into the room dropping to his knees beside your bed and pulling you down into the tightest embrace possible.

“I love you, I need you to know. I can’t lose you y/n” he smiled looking over to Yoda who just appeared to have a smile on his face. “How did this happen?” he questioned looking over to the medics who were watching over the monitors and scribbling down notes.

“We.. We don’t know. Sorry young Skywalker we have no idea how she survived. A miracle is the closest guess we have” A strangley happy medic announced looking up for a moment before returning to his notes.

“Ani, I love you too, Yoda has been speaking to me, we aren’t being kicked out Ani, they are accepting our love” you whispered looking into his puffy red eyes and smiling. “I really do love you Anakin” you breathed looking as eyes began to tear up once again. Ani leant up a little to place his lips onto yours quickly before pulling away and giggling like a small child, you doing just the same.

Rich London Press Day Recap

Here is a quick taster from the recent Rich London Press Party where our very own Andy took his AM1 collection. Music was provided by the always dope High Focus team of Ed Scissortongue, Dirty Dike and DJ Sammy B-Side.

Photo credits to Mr Tim Ogu