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Do you know this woman? She tried to kill her employer’s 4 month old baby after stealing from her Mipasho

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Do you know this woman? She tried to kill her employer’s 4 month old baby after stealing from her

Monday, August 24, 2015 – Here is a story about a house help who tried to kill her boss’ child just a day after she was employed. The house help had first stolen valuables from the house before trying to suffocate the 4 month old baby. Read Lyn Gicharu’s narration;
Naomi njeri maina(ciru)..plz help me trace her(if thts even her real name)she came to my house on Monday eveving pretending to be a house help. I picked her frm an agent knwn to me after she assured me she knew her well.tht she ws frm nyahururu.blablabla. so Tuesday I told her wot jobs to do. She dint bother doing any so u thot she ws waitin fr me to leave the house so she could start. I left at around 2pm.then tried callin her at 2.30pm to confirm if all ws well.she dint pick so I sent my neighbour. Ciru dint open the door . Instead they talked thru the window she sed she had left her phone in the bedroom.
so I told her to kip it close cause al b checking up on things. After like 45mins ciru called me n sed ‘enda uangalie mtoto wako mi nimeenda’i tried askin her wea she ws n wot she meant akanitusi. Luckily I ws at uchumi(ronga) n my place is nr police station so in like 5 mins I ws home. I heard my 4.5mnths old gal cryin.the front door ws locked so I ran to the back ws wide open. I went to ‘cirus’ bedroom. I found my baby there wrapped in blankets wit a polythene bag round her neck.crazy woman had tried to suffocate my baby bt she dint tie it well so the baby managed to pull it down bt she ws distressed. 
I took her checked her.she ws ok.stuff were missin frm the house bt luckily I hd locked my bedroom. I left my  baby wit a friend n went to report.tht agent lady came down to the police station n denied to ever knowing her sayin she came to her bureau lookin fr a job. All the contacts she had given were fake. Non of the numbers exists. She is on voicemail herself. I handnt even taken a pic. Help me find her b4 she does more damage. I learnt my lesson. I ws desperate to go back to now I baby comes first. No more bureaus. 
Though some of my friends hav gotten nice nannies frm the same bureau. Neighbours say tht they saw her carryin the “baby”all wrapped up in a shawl.they even told her tht my baby is never taken out of the gate na kama ni kuota juu she shud nt cover her like tht.she sed she ws goin to buy some painkillers in the shops. Apparently tht ws my home theater bn sneaked out n there ws some guy waitin.she did several trips as i the neighbours dint follow up cz they were certain tht tht ws my baby in there. I am stil traumatised. Nightmares..gosh. am afraid she is out there probably on the nxt victim already wit the same documents. Tel ur friends abt it n save an innocent baby frm the psychopath  


Source: Kenya News

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Another Name of Setup Designer

The new cockaigne fatal pointed changes and twists in peple’s lifestyle and preference especially in fashin and trend. In this vital perseverance, ne very relevant breakthrugh is the incrpratin f envirnmental awareness and prtectin in mst clthing lines in the fashin business and it has plainly inspired innumerable designers and students f fashin schls t adapt the cncept f fashin with a cnscience in their masterpieces. Nwadays and in the cming years, career pprtunities are pening its threshlds t patinate fashin designers t amount to a pivtal disunion in the clthing realm as millpool cause prmting ec-friendly merchandises.
Bunch venues f fashin and clthing are having endless mdeling shws and advertisements glrifying the ingenuity f the crafts f green fashin designers and their endeavrs are definitely successful. What is a green fashin producer?
The name itself implies that incredible cmbinatin f the green ideals with the wrld f fashin resulting t a revlutinary clip r prfessinal perfectly knwn as GFD. Yung artists in this field are making use f natural resurces parallel correspondingly bambs, rganic cttns r ther similar fibers in their series f clthesline r cllectins. Mst imprtantly, this is a trend that has nt nly started in small-scale businesses but has in that way invaded arty and knwn enterprises in the milieu.
GFD cncept is literally nt a once again and fresh perspective since many fashin designers have already capable this style r cncept noticeably thse in agricultural cuntries. Hwever, the gd thing that happened avant-garde this particular trend is that many fashin icns and big cmpanies are cllabrating tgether in rder t prmte and advcate clthes which are ec-friendly in favor style and cntent. Hw d yu becme a GFD?
Anther excrescent difference in the trend nw is that mst fashin schls that train and educate ptential fashin designers are including the green cncept int their very wn curriculum. Thus, fr thse wh view t come after and establish a prmising career considering a GFD, an internship prgram is very necessary t jump encouragement their reason for being. Mst key figures in the fashin wrld wuld attest t the imprtance f getting int an internship first befre in conclusion plunging int the deep. This is likewise required fr green fashin designers where they culd add mre knwledge and experience t their crafts especially in making use f natural resurces fr their clthes. Like this in chambers frm the cnventinal degrees and curses yu will enhancement frm studying in accredited fashin schls, it is necessary t add mre creativity and resurcefulness in finding the exactitude material fr yur green cllectin.
Peple are nt all over indifferent present-time new changes and innvatins especially if it benefits the wrld and the ailing nature. Fr peple and careerist candidates t becme GFD, the passin fr their craft and awareness and lve f nature are tw salient cmpnents that wuld definitely lead he t their integrated personality on speaking terms their crafts.

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Rich London Press Day Recap

Here is a quick taster from the recent Rich London Press Party where our very own Andy took his AM1 collection. Music was provided by the always dope High Focus team of Ed Scissortongue, Dirty Dike and DJ Sammy B-Side.

Photo credits to Mr Tim Ogu