knux's art


more Sonic Skyline thingie!

now i drew all the Sonic gang (well not all. but i mean these 4)  

each one has a sort of own color asigned.. i shoosed to not overuse the red…. because Sonic already wears red..

so for Tails i shoosed green,  Amy wears pink  and as for knux he is red, so i shoosed  purple just like his eyes.

Tails’ tails are wing shaped.. he is a little guardian angel don’t you think? XD

Knux’ spikes are kinda missbelled XD though his clothing .. ehh.. i’m not sure.. looks kinda villainish.. so maybe i will change it.. :D maybe the shoes..

aaand i still need to work on Eggman :D .

i don’t pretend to make a comic.. this is just a little AU ..

where the cities are on the sky, and Sonic has the ability to run over the clouds at a great speed  (inspired on the Greek messenger god Hermes)


29. Favorites: Draw some of your favorite Gemsonas!


I’ve been sitting on what I was going to do with this prompt since I started the challenge.  Plan was to get as many gemsonas in as the Tumblr Photo limit would allow which is 10.  I’ve been working very hard the last few nights (and staying up late too) to draw all these gems and really put effort into the art.  That said, it was a lot of fun since they all varied to a degree and challenged me a lot.

The first 6 gemsonas are of close friends of mine through IRL/Skype that I know have them.  Included a drawing of Crocidolite in there since why not and was a bit of a pat on the back for myself after drawing all this art.  The last 4 were gemsonas I found looking through the #30 Day Gemsona Challenge tag and the #gemsona tag that caught my fancy.  Shame because there are SO MANY more gemsonas I would have loved to draw but had a limit. :C  

I have in their photos who they belong to but also going to list them here as well so people can see them and I can tag people too~

  1. Crocidolite - knuxtiger4 / kc-creations
  2. Carnelian & Sard - crimpeeeko / crimpeekodraws
  3. Benitoite - elec-trical-buzzsaw
  4. Black Opal - uncannyillustrator / uncannyarts
  5. Agate - spekkalcola
  6. Vesuvianite - flyingcuttlefish / flyingcuttlefisharts
  7. Fluorite - accursedasche
  8. Ice - gemcrust
  9. Rainbow Moonstone - shikai-of-the-4th-worlds / thecreatorofworlds
  10. Moss Agate - rains-art-blog

Also I tried my best to accurately capture everyone’s designs, literally digging up references and the whole nine yards, it took forever.  Stay tuned for the final prompt! 8D

21. Monster Gem: What’s their corrupted form?

This was another one I was eager to work on!  I actually have done a previous version of a corrupt Crocidolite probably many months ago.

Original concept of Corrupt Crocidolite

I did some color swaps but otherwise she’s remained the same!  Basically the idea was her to be a fluffy crocodile but wanted to give her a ‘sharp’ appearance with her having jagged edges.  It was actually a lot of fun when I did the first design and have basically stuck with what I originally came up with.

She’s pretty big as a gem monster and is unable to see but a lot of her other senses are heightened mostly sound and touch.  She is aggressive like any other monster for the most part.  But…

I remember talking with crimpeeeko on the corrupt Croc and came up with the headcanon that Croc maybe be able to recognize Carnelian and have that little ounce of her that remembers who Carn is and would be rather ‘tame’ around her.  Basically not attack Carn and possible defending her STILL even with being corrupted to prove how much of a impact she’s had on Croc.

28. Guess Who?: Come up with a fake Steven Universe episode introducing your gemsona! (Or draw your gemsona on a screenshot from the show).

“The Search” - Steven and the Gems return to Kindergarten to explore the inner works and discover a secret.


This was a fun one to do!  I have some skills when editing screenshots since done a few edited screenshots in the past for fun.  Basically took a screenshot from ‘Keeping It Together’ and edit out Peridot to put Crocidolite in it.  Actually wasn’t too hard to fix up everything and pretty happy how it came out.

I’m pretty sure Croc would run at the site of Steven and/or of the Crystal Gems since she doesn’t know how to react properly.  Sure she’s probably heard of them over the years and is just like “Okay don’t attack these guys, they are good.” or something like that.  Also got a nice shot to show how tall Croc is also~


So there’s a problem of not being able to stop drawing alien space rocks. ;n;

First one is one of crimpeeeko / crimpeekodraws​ doodle she did of Carnelian as a chubby deer with Crocidolite petting her, spur from me talking about Croc not being able to pet real deer because she’s deadly to them too. My god it was too adorable not to color. ;u;  I’m actually really happy how that one came out.

Second one is of Riebeckite aka all my asbestos gemsonas fused into one big monstrosity of a fusion. I drew it once but wasn’t very ‘monster’ enough so redid it and I think I nailed this very deadly fluffy fusion.  Purpose of the design was to show exactly how overpowering Crocidolite can be against the others considering she wanted no part in this at all and is probably super ticked off about it.  Also she can’t walk right, stuck forever hunched over like that.

Third one is Amphibole which is of the five asbestos gems fused without Croc.  This one wanted to look more stable since the siblings all share a common goal and relatively get along very well that the fusion would be a stable.  Colors are based off a type of Tremolite that is embedded in Amphilbole.


Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog! One of the greatest franchises of all time is turning 25 this year! Time sure flies.

14. Challenger Approaching!: Your gemsona’s caught in a fight! Is their opponent a monster? Another gem? Or something else?

“"The things you have done to me and you don’t even bother to acknowledge it!”

“Oh I acknowledge it.  I acknowledge that you are just as crazy as the rest of the homeworld gems!”


Oh god I’ve been waiting to do this one like some eager child~  I wanted to do something special for this one so instead of the crayon style I’ve been doing for the challenge, when for a more official look for this one.  Background is one of the backgrounds straight from SU.

Of course I wanted to draw Crocidolite fighting another gem but wanted to draw her facing someone else that wasn’t my own gems.  So here she is, fighting Hiddenite who is crimpeeeko‘s other gemsona.  Hiddenite as far as her story goes was one of the higher ups that helped ran the Kindergarten and was left behind accidentally when the Homeworld Gems retreated.  Because of being stuck on the planet she dislikes, she grew very tired and well… very crazy.  

She’s connected to Crocidolite because she was the very one that banished her all those years back in the first place and blames Croc for a lot of the things that happened to her.  Hidden also acts as the ‘leader’ over my other Asbestos Gems who follow her orders.

Also jammin to this song while I was working on this. ouo