MERY CHRISTMASSSS!!:DDD(once again lol)

So i saw some pic about sonic classics so i decided to draw theme lmao

My fav is Amy she’s so cute in this outfit!:33

Anyways hope you like it ohh and by the way my main Christmas picture should be done soon…

Sonic Boom Rants: Anyone else tired of this shit? No he’s not the same Knuckles you grew up with, its time to get over it and put those blinding nostalgia goggles down and look at whats in front of you.

This Knuckles is a lovable goof, he’s endearing while having some pretty epic and hilarious moments/charms. When on screen we all have a good time, He’s a big guy who’s *not the same Knuckles* but still flexes his muscles but instead.. with Chuckles ~

Don’t get me wrong, I dislike when they play the full on stupid card for the sake of a joke (even if it is funny) But when they play on how his character suppose to act, theres a lot more than a big stupid buff guy. Same can be said with the others.

As for the Knuckles we grew up with, he’s not going anywhere, modern series is taking a well needed break, coming full force 2016.

I love the best of both worlds, what a Sonic fan should do instead of “CHANGE NOT WHAT I’M USED TOO, FUCK THIS SHIT, YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD” no matter how you put it, thats very narrow minded.

anonymous asked:

My grandma is moody to the point that she always starts fights. Her moody personality has got to the point where my family has gotten sick and tired of her. And the problem is that we can't send her away because we don't have enough money or some other reason. What should I do?

Well, since you said “Send her away” I’m guessin’ she’s already retired and is living with you guys since you guys can’t really afford anything else.

You should tell your parents that you guys need to sit down with her and just tell her your guys’ concerns. Let her know how you guys are feeling about her attitude and ask her if there’s a reason why she’s acting as moody as she is. It’s not a bad idea to let her know and there’s a good chance that she’ll realise how badly it’s making everyone feel and she might stop. 

Other than that, maybe some pleasant surprises her way? After all, she’s living with you and I’m assuming she’s retired, so she’s probably irritable and bored ‘cause of it. If you surprise her with somethin’ she enjoys that she hasn’t really seen in a while, it might pull her out of a mood. Like maybe an old hobby or movie, or something. 


2012 art dump. The first drawing is simply fan art for a game called “Sonic Colors,” where I was trying to make a box art design similar to the Japanese Sonic games from the 1990s. The next drawing, of the Sonic character Knuckles, is the first project I tried to do entirely on a tablet. I was trying to shade it in a way similar to how Sonic was shaded on the ‘90s box arts (sometimes referred to as Genesis shading). Following that I drew a Sonic CD homage of Metal Sonic racing Sonic. The “Family Guy” drawing was created for a former co-worker of mine based off a sketch I made one day of Peter holding a sword while being drunk; I fleshed out that idea a bit more, and came up with what’s shown above. Finally, I have some more Sonic CD. This was drawing for an art contest in which I could have won a free copy of Sonic CD for the Xbox 360. At the time I only had colored pencils at my disposal, so it looks a bit muddy, but overall I like the drawing.