knuckles is like badass everyone loves him

kentuckyfriedbooks  asked:

Okay so I've gone to summer camp for ten years and there's one tradition at this camp that I think would fit this AU like gold. Wood Cookies. Basically the idea is that all the counselors have cool fake names that they chose written on a little wood disk and that's what the campers call them. What do you think Wendy, Robbie, Soos, Tambry or like, any other counselors would choose for their names?

i love it. wendy’s would be something really lazy that she put no thought into bc she just invites everyone to call her wendy anyway, but it still sounds badass. like “captain fistfight” or something. robbie’s would be really edgy and awful like “bloody knuckles” or “crossbones” or “skulldeath jones” and he tries to convince all the kids to call him that but they just keep calling him robbie.