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tygermama  asked:

Anakin and Asajj are both good kids and worry about their mother's protection while they aren't there, so they hijack and reprogram some battle droids to be her bodyguards and when that doesn't work out, they kidnap some shiny clone troopers and tell them it's a sekrit mission from the Jedi High Council to protect Shmi Skywalker. As soon as they leave, Shmi tells them the truth (not a mission and she doesn't need bodyguards really) but the troopers love her and won't leave.

Shmi will be the first mom those clone troopers have ever had.

“Not really.”

“Again, not really.”

“Seriously though, it hasn’t.”

“We were talking with each other during the beginning of this game.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”

“Not so much the case, madam.”

“For the last time, NO.”



“NOOOOOOO-okay that one actually is justified.”