knuckle grips




You pace around your living room, your fingers interlaced into a deadly grip, your knuckles turning white under the pressure, as you keep biting down your bottom lip. You’re nervous, scared, because what you have to say sounds absolutely insane to you too and you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to explain it to him, let alone make him believe any word you’ll say.
When you hear the faint knocks on your door you jump on your feet, your insides twitching as you rush to open it and let him in.
He looks tired, purple decorating his eyebags as he stares at you, his hands slightly trembling for the pent-up worry of the last hours and it makes your heart shrink because you realize that you are the source of his pain in both present and future.
“I’m sorry”, you whisper, faintly, your eyes landing on the ground into a vain attempt to keep the tears from flowing out.
“Tell me what is going on”, his voice is strained, almost cold, revealing pretty clearly his anger. He is trying, you know he is, to not yell at you because you scared him to death, but what you’re met with still hurts you and scares you.
“Remember your promise”, your voice cracks as you say so, taking in a deep breath to calm your wrecked nerves.
“Look at me”, he says, his voice softer now as he grabs your chin to lift your head up, forcing you to meet his dark gaze, “I love you, Y/N. You can tell me everything, ok?”, a small smile curves his lips, encouraging you to trust him like you always did before.
“I didn’t run away from you”, your voice is feeble, the fear too much to be contained at this point, but you keep going, the words flowing out slightly easing your troubled heart, “I was here the whole time… just in another time”, you shake your head, your words sounding confusing and senseless even to your own ears.
“I don’t know how or why… but I’ve been in the future Kookie”, you blink your eyes rapidly, the tears caught between your lashes making your vision blurry, “I was dead”, you whisper, your eyes closing so you don’t have to watch his confused expression anymore. He doesn’t believe you, clearly, and you can’t blame him. Of course, he doesn’t. Who in his right mind would?
He sharply takes in air, letting you go completely, taking a few steps back.
“Do you think this is funny, Y/N?”, he asks, his voice defeated, “I was here worrying about you, neglecting my work and responsibilities, and all you have to say is pure bullshit?”, his voice gets angrier with every word that escapes his mouth hitting you with the force of a hurricane, “I deserve better than this”, he adds, turning his back on you for the briefest of moments.
“If you have someone else just say so. I prefer the truth to this pathetic joke”, he turns back to you again but his eyes never meet yours, in fact, they land on everything except you.
“I’m not lying”, you whisper, the tears already wetting your cheeks, panic shooting through your entire body. How can you make him believe you? What proof could you possibly give him when it sounds impossible to you too?
“Whatever”, that’s all he says before he heads for the door, the anger so palpable in his voice you’re scared this may actually be the end.
“Wait! Jungkook wait, please!”, you run after him grabbing his arm to yank him backwards before he can leave your apartment for good.
He turns towards you, pure fury in his eyes as he finally meets your gaze again making you wish he never did.
“Wait for what?! MORE LIES?”, he’s basically screaming at this point, your body shaking so hard you think it may even snap in half.
You want to explain, you want him to believe you, you want him to be next to you and help you because you have no idea how to escape this from happening again.
“I’m gonna die in a week”, that’s what escapes your mouth and you watch with horror his features harden even more as he forcefully removes your grip on his wrist.
“I don’t care.”, that’s what he decides to say even though it’s far from the truth. He doesn’t want to hurt you and he’s certain he’ll end up doing just that if he keeps standing there, talking like this when his emotions all over the place.
Without adding anything he turns his back on you again and before you can stop him the headaches comes back, as strong as always, making you choke on thin air.
Your hands fly to your temples in a vain attempt to stop the pain and a scream escapes your mouth before you can even register it.
Your legs give in, your vision turning white under the burning pain, your ears numb to the way Jungkook calls your name, apprehension the only thing visible in his features now. He grabs your wrists trying to yank them down so he can look at your face. Panic shoots through him when you stop breathing under his gaze, the pain shooting through you taking over all the vital functions of your body.
He calls your name caressing your face in an attempt to soothe you but he’s only left with pure horror when you turn into nothing but thin air. You weren’t lying. And that thought scares him more than anything.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IT’S WRONG [part 6] - it all starts with a terrible headache and he acting like he has absolutely no idea who you are. JUNGKOOK X READER { ANGST

complete series:  [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6]

Teasing Daddy

You knew you were in trouble. Harry was mad, his knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel. His jaw was tight and more prominent than you have ever seen. You had teased him while you were at dinner with his family and a few of his close friends. He had told you to stop and you didn’t; you kept going. You wanted to get him angry so he would wreck you. You had been soaked throughout the day thinking of all the things he would do to you. You had forgotten about the dinner, so when you had found out about it you were slightly disappointed that Harry couldn’t do the things you had imagined he’d do. You hadn’t said anything, but you were soaked, you needed him. The ache between your thighs is the only thing on your mind. You hadn’t realized you’d stopped in front of his extravagant house until you heard his car door slam. He was walking around to your side, no matter how mad he was at you he always opened the door for you. Once he had made it to your side he whipped the door open. You could feel his green eyes burning holes into the side of your head. “Get out.” He growled. You quickly stepped out of the car and onto the drive way. He had slammed your car door as well. “Let’s go.” He said grabbing your wrist lightly and pulling you towards the house. As soon as he got in and he had shut the front door behind him, he slammed you against the wall. “What was that tonight?” He growled looking you in the eyes. His eyes had grown darker since you had left the restaurant. “why did you think it was a good idea to tease daddy?” You whimpered as soon as the word daddy had left his mouth. A smirk made its way onto his face.
“I was…so wet daddy. Needed you.” You whined. His smirk grew bigger on his face.
“Is that right princess, you needed daddy’s cock, his fingers, his tongue?” He questioned pulling your dress higher up on your thighs. When he got the dress up past your hips he saw that you had no underwear on. He ran his finger up your soaked folds. “You’re so naughty princess, not wearin’ any panties.” You moaned feeling his cold finger hit your hot, wet center. He started making feather like touches on your clit.
“Daddyy please.” You whined your voice trembling.
“Wha’ do yah want little one?” He asked moving his fingers down your slit to your tight entrance. He sank his long, thick finger into your tight heat. He moved his fingers at slow pace.
“Wan-t-t your cock” you moaned out feeling his ringed fingers slide in and out of you.
“Is that so, princess? Don’t know if I should, you’ve been a very bad girl.” he said his fingers no longer moving in and out, he simply just rested them inside of your slick walls. You bucked back on his hand to try and get some friction, as you did so Harry’s large hand came bearing down on your bum, you yelped at the sudden sensation. “I’m goin’ tease yah till you’re shakin’ and crying out for my cock.”
“Please no,daddy, I’ll be a good girl.” you cried out, you were impatient, you needed him now.
“Uh-un, kitten. You’ve been a very bad girl. Now get that pretty little ass upstairs, now!’ he demanded you, you quickly followed his orders not wanting to prolong your punishment.
Harry took his time making his way upstairs. He did all he could to make you wait knowing how impatient you were. You got eager hearing his heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.
You sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him. “Good girl, doin’ as daddy told yah.” you didn’t say anything just merely nodded your head. Harry came over to you putting two of his fingers under your chin and lifting your head up to look him in the eyes.”Such a good girl, princess. Lay down on your back” You did as he said laying on your back. Harry made his way down in between your thighs. He once again rolled the dress up to your hips. He ran his long, ringed finger on the inside of your thighs, skipping where you needed him most. He than moved his head down, nipping and kissing your thighs.
“Daddy” you whined, tug on his hair, to get his mouth closer to where you wanted it.
Harry’s hand, slapped your inner thigh.
“You’re gettin’ yourself into more trouble little one.”
“But I need you daddy, please please.” He looks up at you smirk on his face.
“ ‘right princess, hands and knees.”
“Yes daddy” you say getting on your hands and knees. Harry makes his way to the other side of the bed, where you’re facing the wall. He unzips his pants, bringing his boxers down with them. You moaned at the sight of him, his tip was red, precum leaking from him, the vein on his cock prominent.
“Open your mouth little one.” You do as he tells you opening your mouth, hoping to get a taste of him. But boy were you wrong. He moved so the tip of him, was right in front of your mouth. Smirk still present on his face, he started moving his hand up and down his cock. Slow, long strokes, right there in front of you. You looked up at him, pleading him with your eyes, to let you touch him. Harry didn’t do anything, just kept moving his hand up and down his length, soft moans leaving his mouth. You were soaked, you needed him, bad. After a few minutes of harry doing this, he stopped. He bent down so he was face to face with you. “Now princess, why do you think I did that?”
“Cause I was a bad girl.”
“That’s right, yah were. Have you learned your lesson?”
“Yes daddy”
“Good girl” Harry moved so he was behind you. “Christ kitten, you’re soaked” he said moving the tip of his cock up your slit. He slowly pushed into you, both of you moaning at the feeling. “Fook kitten, you’re so tight.”
“Daddy, oh fuck, you’re so big.” Harry started thrusting into you, hard and deep. “D-d-deeper” you moaned out.
“Want to feel me in your tummy princess, want me real deep in yah.” He moved so he could get his cock deeper in you. He moved so his hand was resting on your stomach. “Feel that kitten, that’s me.” He says thrusting harder.
“Daddy, daddy I’m going to cum. Oh please please let me cum.” Harry moved so his hand was rubbing your clit.
“Let go princess. Come on, cum all over my cock” you moaned and whimpered as you came, repeating Harry’s name. Your vision going completely black. Harry moaned at the feeling of your walls clamping down on him. “Fuck fuck, I’m gonna cum kitten.” As he finished the sentence he did, he came deep inside of you. You moaned at the feeling of his seed covering your walls. Both of you slipped under the covers, you laid your head on his sweaty chest. He ran his finger through your sex hair, kissing your forehead. “I love you, baby”
“I love you too peaches.”

Okay sooo first thanks for reading I appreciate it, a lot!!! I’m sorry it was so short, nether the less I hope you enjoyed! All the love to you. xx p.s I’m taking requests

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Castiel Imagine

Imagine: Castiel coming when you call for him during a bad dream, and the angel helping you fall back to sleep.

(not my GIF)

Castiel’s anxiously glinting blue eyes observed your tense sweat-sheened drowsing figure bathed in the faint glow of the bedside clock. White knuckles lessening their grip on the cool metal of the angel blade, his worry creased brow gradually softened at the realization you were no longer in distress.

Only seconds ago you wrestled with an all too common disquieting dream. Terrified to the core, you punched through the wall of unconsciousness, calling out to the angel in your sleep, both in the feeble utterance of his name beyond your lips, and in the deafening screams of your soul. As often happened, you calmed the instant he arrived – his very presence in the room having a soothing effect and reinforcing your tenuous hold on slumber. Restless now from the physical discomforts shadowing a vivid nightmare, you fitfully stirred, fabric tangled limbs struggling to shove off cotton sheets drenched in sweat, vacillating at the fine line between awareness and insentience.

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~just little dyspraxia things~
  • i did not tell my hand to throw that thing. i told it to gently pick up the thing. but i guess it decided throwing was better.
  • boyfriend has gotten very used to sudden crashes and screams followed by cheerful yell of “i’m okay!”
  • or not.  bones broken so far: collarbone, wrist, finger, rib, toe.
  • elbows & knees bend backwards. good party trick.
  • every dance or aerobics lesson sounds like “this step is very simple. all you have to do is put your left on right foot in hand out up down through!”
  • fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget
  • hey, hand? can you hold something, but just hold it a little bit, instead of in a white-knuckle death grip?  no? oh.
  • what is a facial expression
  • <3<3<3 tagless underwear <3<3<3
  • why do people want to make eye contact anyway, you already know what eyes look like. if you do not: they are round things. white mostly, colorful ring, black in the middle. there.  that should cover you, now let’s have this conversation while looking comfortably over each other’s shoulders.
  • “let’s go to a crowded place with lots of overlapping conversations and people bumping into each other!” or we could not. how about not.
  • this food is Not Allowed.
  • weird stutter that isn’t technically a stutter, it’s more just a total failure to make the word happen
  • handwriting like a can of worms crawling through a pile of sticks
You Know Better - Part 22 - Connections

-gif source unknown-

Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship. 

Part Description: You find out what was important enough to cause the interruption.

Warnings/Labels: Language, Sexual Frustration, Boring Plot Stuff

Approx. Word Count: 3,500

A/N: I’m sorry this is so, so late. I’ve had so much going on and a giant brick wall of writer’s block. This is a lot of “plot moving forward” stuff, but I hope it’s still keeping you interested.

Story Masterpost

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Wouldn't Trade It For Anything In The World

asked: Hi! Can I please have a Kyungsoo Au with “Can you NOT?” Thank you so much!

Word Count: 1.4K

Genre: Fluff/Humor

Rating: Teens & Up

A/N: This took me a while to come up with, and i guess i like the outcome lol. hope you enjoy this lovely! thanks for the request!♡

The car ride home had been slightly awkward and tense.

Kyungsoo kept a white knuckled grip on the steering wheel while glaring out into the open road not once sparing _________ a look.

Had she not been slightly intoxicated, she probably would have pouted at him and cared more about putting him in a mood. Instead though, she looked at him with a goofy smile on her face giggling every now and then recalling why Kyungsoo was so angry.

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So I just really processed that Lafayette was contemporary to the first manned hot air balloon flights. Lafayette even wrote his one and only scientific treatise on balloon flights. He never flew in a balloon, but he did witness at least one or two flights. 

So. My mind immediately went to Lafayette coming to visit America (and Washington) bringing this fancy new fangled contraption with him. Like Lafayette shows up to Mount Vernon and is like, “George! I’m going to take you flying!” 

And Washington doesn’t believe it for a second, but he’s going to indulge Lafayette because that’s what he does. Like he fully plans for Lafayette to try it, but it won’t work (men don’t fly), and he’ll just go, “Aw, too bad.” 

So imagine Washington’s surprise (and Martha’s horror) when the hot air balloon ACTUALLY WORKS. And they are ACTUALLY in the sky. Lafayette just enjoying himself while Washington is white knuckle gripping the basket because holy crap. 

(I’m imagining that after the shock wears off, Washington is delighted to get a bird’s eye view of Mount Vernon. It just… takes a while for the shock to wear off.)

I am all internalized rage
And sad verse.
I threw the key to calm
Away a lifetime ago.

This white-knuckled grip
Crescent moons on palms;
Tender flesh meets sharp teeth
The monster in me always
Eager to chew away my softness.

Anniversary | Cecilia Woloch

Cecilia Woloch

Didn’t I stand there once,
white-knuckled, gripping the just-lit taper,
swearing I’d never go back?
And hadn’t you kissed the rain from my mouth?
And weren’t we gentle and awed and afraid,
knowing we’d stepped from the room of desire
into the further room of love?
And wasn’t it sacred, the sweetness
we licked from each other’s hands?
And were we not lovely, then, were we not
as lovely as thunder, and damp grass, and flame?

Good Girl Ch 16: Seeing Her

3rd Person POV

His knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. His mind is going a hundred miles an hour every single thing running threw is mind is about her, their baby, his baby. Something is wrong, it’s bad enough for Suho to call him at work so it must be really bad. The car isn’t going fast enough for any of the three men in the car, but getting pulled over at the moment isn’t something they want to deal with, their patience is wearing thin. When they finally pull up to their home, the driver and the oldest of the group is already out of the car and busting into the front door.

Xiumin finds them in the living room, the younger two aren’t far behind, stopping right on his heels in the doorway to the living room. All of them are there, scattered on the floor, or standing by the window, Sehun is on the couch with their baby on his lap. Her face is buried in his neck, his arms are around her, rubbing small circles on her back. With a blanket over her, it would appear that she is sleeping but they can see her shaking and watch as Sehun tries to calm her.

“What happened?” Luhan asks Suho.

Suho looks to Chanyeol to explain, “We walked into the classroom that Joon told us to meet in and we see him on the floor with Jooyoung crouching over him.”

Tao continues, “When we tried to go towards her, she freaked out and backed into a corner. She yelled at us to stop. She was afraid of us.”

“What happened to Joon?” Kris asks threw clenched teeth, as he, like the others, tries his best to control his anger.

“He got a good beating, but he’s down in the dungeon for now, we wanted to make sure she’s okay before we deal with that.” Suho answers.

“Did you guys stop him before he had the chance to do anything?” Lay, who hadn’t been there for more then five minutes looks to the younger boys.

The six who had been there share a look. What had happened in the room had already been discussed, earning Joon a few broken fingers when Kai accidently slammed his hand in the car door. They know Jooyoung is listening and is already uncomfortable telling them and having them tell each other over again.

“She stopped him,” Sehun says a bit proudly.

Kai chuckles, “Broke his nose.”

“That’s our girl,” Kris smiles softly as he sits down on the couch next to her and Sehun.

“We just came in to finish the job,” Tao adds in.

“I’ll deal with him in a little bit,” Xiumin finally speaks for the first time since hearing the news.

“I’m surprised you’re so calm about this,” Kai says without a thought, earning a swat from his hyungs close by.

“I’m not fucking calm,” Xiumin’s tone turns icy as he gives them all a horrifying smile. “It is taking all of my self control not to go down there and kill him. I just want to see her, to make sure she is okay. Can I see her? Is she still afraid?” They are all surprised when his tone shifts so suddenly to something so warm and worried.

“Can you let them see you baby?” Sehun whispers to her. She had only stopped crying a few minutes ago so she can imagine how horrible she looks. Only Sehun and Suho have been able to see her bruised face and bloodshot eyes.

“Only if they don’t get mad or yell,” Her small voice mumbles, just loud enough for them to hear. Never in their years of living had they been so happy to hear someone’s voice.

“We will be good daddies,” Sehun reassures her with a kiss on the top of the head. With a deep breath she sits up straight on Sehun’s lap and hesitantly turns around to look at everyone. Kris and Sehun are the first to see her, like she had worried her eyes are puffy and red. The bruise on her cheek reaches up under her eye, a deep purple covers most of her cheek, it looked painful even to the boys.

At first Kris is happy that their baby will let them see her but the minute he sees his poor baby’s swelled face he wishes he were down in the dungeon tearing that bastards fingers off one by one, and from the way Sehun is clenching his jaw, he knows the younger boy feels the same. The other ten waiting all gasp at the sight, Xiumin is in front of her faster then she could have thought possible with Chen, Lay, and Kyungsoo hovering behind him, smart enough not to get in the older man’s way. Xiumin places both hands gently on her cheeks, his thumbs brush over them, trying to make the pain and tearstains go away.

He leans down as places a dozen kisses on her bad cheek, “I’m so sorry baby, I should have protected you.”

“It’s not your fault,” She tries to give him a smile but it falters when a shot of pain spreads threw her face.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” Lay asks, scanning her and finding a few busies on her legs.

“I’m fine, I’m just really tired,” She yawns cutely.

“You should go take a nap,” Suho suggest.

“Can daddy Sehun stay with me?”

Sehun smiles at her, “Of course baby, I’ll stay with you as long as you want.”

All the boys felt a pang of envy for the younger, she picked him, she clung to him even after the others had tried to take her away she stuck to him. Sehun takes her out of the room, taking all the light with him, leaving the eleven men in the darkness that they know. Without a word they all file threw the house to the secret staircase behind a bookshelf in the hall to the dungeon. The dimly lit halls lead them to another hall, but this one has cells with begging or crying men inside. They reach their pale arms threw the bars, their annoying cries echo off the wall, begging for their freedom or their families safety, the boys are too focused to really care. At the end of them hall they reach the door separating them from the man who hurt their baby.

Xiumin is the first in, the massive concrete room has only a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling right above the slouching boy. Tied tightly in a chair the boy is trembling as he tires to pull his hands free of the bindings. He knows too well what is going to happen to him. Joon is the son of a close family friend, whose father works under the boys. He had heard his father telling horror stories about that happens in the Kim’s legendary dungeon. But the poor bastard doesn’t under stand what had earned him a chair in this hell whole.

The girl. That little fucking bitch is what got him here. He wants to ask which one of them she had gotten her claws into but from the way all of them are glaring at him, he figures it must be all. It would be a lie if he didn’t say he is amazed that the slut is able to get all twelve to kill a close friend just for fucking with her. He finds himself chucking, “Wow Hyung, that bitch has got you whipped.”

Bad decision, Xiumin punches him, more blood pours from his nose and his mouth. His already broken nose only gets more fucked up.

“Don’t you ever fucking dare say something like that about our Joo,” Suho growls.

“Is her pussy that fucking amazing that you guys would want to piss of my father just because I fucked the bitch up?” Joon chuckles hoping his friends will laugh along with him and let him go, but no such luck. In fact Kris heads toward a table filled with tools and other torture devices.

Kris chuckles humorlessly, “Your father won’t do shit even when we send your head to his door. Because with your head will be a note telling him about what you did. You broke a rule Joon.”

“What did I do?” Joon yells, “I barely touched that bitch!”

“That bitch? That bitch is our baby!” Chen growls, surprising Joon, Chen is never the type to raise his voice or even say anything rude.

When his closest friend Chanyeol comes forward he almost lets out a sigh of relief, that is until he sees the pliers in his hand. His face drains, “Yeol, what are you doing? Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends?”

Chanyeol laughs, he places a large hand on the boys shoulder, “Friends? I told you a hundred times not to touch, to not even fucking look at her! But you fucking touched her. You hit her, you made our baby cry. You made her afraid of us, because of you she saw our dark sides, something our innocent little baby should never see. You told her bad things about us. You took her beautiful smile off her face. Because of that, we each get a minute to do whatever we want to you,” Chanyeol smiles. “As you know, I think your smile is important, so someone as disgusting as you doesn’t deserve such a nice smile. I’m going to make this right.”



Sehun’s POV

My baby looks so broken, she won’t even look me in the eye as I stare down at her, her gorgeous eyes are focused on our feet. The bath is filling behind me, it’s only half full now, after five minutes of her asking to bathe herself. I understand that she wants to be alone, that she might not want anyone touching her after something like that but I don’t want to leave her alone with her thoughts. She could talk herself into the wrong thing, she could think of all the reasons she should run away from us, I’ll be having none of that. I still feel the deep satisfaction of her picking me over all of the others to comfort her still buzzes threw me. I find myself smirking at the memory of their glares. She’s all mine for the moment.

“Baby,” I order softly as I grip the hem of her sweater. Reluctantly she raises her hands above her head to allow me to remove it, next is her button up that comes off without much of a fight. She surprises me by pushing my hands away from her tank top, she holds the hem down tightly, more tears begin welling in those beautiful hazel, cat like eyes of hers’.

“Please daddy, you’re going to get mad if you see it,” She mumbles out. “I don’t want you to get mad.”

“Why would I get mad baby?” I try my best to keep my voice soft but we both know there is poison behind it. My mind is racing a million miles an hour at the thought of what she could be afraid of me seeing. What else could that bastard could have done to you?

“I told you earlier, he kicked me, hard. I think there is going to be a bruise but I don’t want you to get mad.”

“I can’t promise that baby, I’m honestly fuming at the thought that he actually kicked you. But I promise I’ll behave,” I give her a soft smile which is enough encouragement for her to show me. But my smile drops the moment I see the purple blotch on her side, it feels as if my heart has been ripped right out of my chest.

My baby, my little ball of sunshine and rainbows and all that is good in the world, was beaten. That asshole marked our little kitten, a nickname I’ve grown fond of when I think about her. I drop to my knees in front of her and pull her close, peppering kisses all over her stomach, surprisingly earning me a precious giggle from her. Never in my like have I seen such a beautiful sight of that little grin on her face, even with the bruise she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’ve only been able to look at her for a week, that I’ve gone my whole life without it is amazing.

“Daddy, stop it,” She giggles as I continue.

“I just want to kiss the pain away,” My hold on her tightens, “tell me where it hurts, daddy will kiss it better.”

“It hurts everywhere,” She answers honestly.

“Daddy will make all of it better.”

I remove her skirt and panties, until her cute frame is in front of me shivering like a leaf in absolutely nothing. Never in my life have I been so amazed by the female form. Her petite frame lacks nothing when it comes to curves, with a perfect chest that he knows for a fact feel as good as they look and hips that would make any woman jealous. I help her into the water and sit on the edge, my hand swirls around in the water.

“Are they going to kill him?” She asks out of nowhere. I pause for a moment, hesitant on whether the truth is best or not. But when I look at her and see her staring strait back at me, I figure honesty is the best policy.


She nods, “Are you upset that you aren’t down there?”

Another question I wasn’t expecting, “No, I’m happy where I am, here with you.”

“Really?” There is a cuteness to her that usually isn’t there.

I nod, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now.” She smiles down at the water. “Are happy here, right now? Or even in this house, are you happy baby?”

She’s hesitant, “I’m not sure. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.”


“When I was with that guy, even thinking about all the bad things I know you could have done I still wanted you guys to be the ones to save me.” She pauses, “Have you ever killed a person?”

Without any hesitation I answer, “Yes.”

“Do you regret it?”

I shake my head, “I don’t regret a single one.”

She nods.

“Does that change your idea of me?”

Her head shakes no.

“Do you still love me?” The words surprise me but her automatic nod surprises me even more. “You love me?”

“I love all of my daddies, even if I don’t like what you do, or what you have done.”

It’s as if my heart stops, I don’t want to ever leave this moment, I want to hear her say that over and over again until time runs out. She loves us. She loves me.

“I love you baby.”

ok so

You’re all probably asleep but im writing a domestic fic (idk how long its gonna be or if i’ll even finish it) abt andrew and neil and i would just like to share this bit of dialogue with you

“I thought that when you mentioned mildew that you were just being a fucking idiot as usual,” Andrew complained, with a faint frown on his face. The bag of toiletries was held in his white knuckled grip as he stared into the shower.

“It doesn’t bother me, I’ve lived with much worse.” Neil opined. Of course he had.

“Well then, Mr. Mildew, do you have any expert advice?”

“Use the bathroom downstairs, or admit defeat and resort to wipes.”

Andrew glared. “You’re a piece of work.”

“But I’m your piece of work,” Neil returned. Andrew could feel the smugness radiating off of him in waves.

“More like work in progress, you absolute mess,” Andrew ground out. “I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“I don’t know why you put up with me either. Maybe this house is a metaphor for our relationship,” Neil speculated.

“Too much work for the price?”  Andrew said as he stepped into Neil’s personal space.

“Yeah, but you love working on me.” The smugness intensified.

“Did Nicky teach you that? If so, I’m driving all the way to Germany to throttle him,” Andrew said with hostility.

“Germany is on a different continent. Driving is pretty hard to do underwater.”

“Spite is a powerful motivator.”

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Oh dude I just saw that short fic post. I hope is not too late. I'd like 8. “You smile is not as bright as it used to be" with Yoonseok... Sorry again, love ya

It’s not late at all, I only just posted that and I’ve got all day to write things. Love you too!

Yoonseok - “Your smile is not as bright as it used to be.”

Send me a ship and a prompt.

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* * *

Hoseok stared down at his white knuckles gripping his coffee mug. A tear pricked the sides of his eyes. Yoongi leaned against the table, not making eye contact and looking pinched. He had his arms folded tightly over his chest.

“B- But why?” Hoseok’s voice was low and choked. “Did I do something wrong?”

Yoongi shook his head. “No. Not really.”

“I can change if I did. I can change, Yoongi.”

“That’s the problem.” Yoongi pressed a hand to his face. “You have changed, Hobi, and I think that us — this — is the problem.” He waved a hand at the kitchen they’d been sharing for a year, at the coffee mugs and cooking pots, at the fridge magnets and at Yoongi’s luggage packed and waiting in the corridor.

“I don’t understand.”

Yoongi sighed and tilted his head back to stare at the ceiling. “We’re bad for each other, Hobi. I love you, you know I do, but that isn’t enough. We need different things. I… I can’t be as open with you as you need and you-”

“That’s okay. I don’t need you to be open.” Hoseok stepped forward, his mug shaking in front of him. “We can work on this, Yoongi.”

“No we can’t. We’ve tried working on it. We’ve been working on it for months. And someone has to be the one to say that enough’s enough. I don’t want to hurt you any more, and I don’t want you to hurt me.”

Hoseok felt a tear dribble down his cheek. “I hurt you?”

“Oh fuck. Shit.” Yoongi looked up at him and stepped forward to cup his face. “Hobi, don’t overthink this. I know you’ll take it all and bottle it up then put on a happy face but please don’t. You didn’t mean to hurt me, but yes you did. In little ways. Like how I know I’ve hurt you. It’s just… We need different things, we need different people. Or we’ll just keep unintentionally hurting each other.”

“I’m okay with you hurting me.” Hoseok felt more tears rolling down his cheeks. “You can hurt me all you want but please don’t leave me. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”

“You’ll be fine. I’m not going to be out of your life, but I can’t be in this house. I don’t want to make you sad, Hobi. Y- Your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be and I know it’s my fault. I want you to be as happy as you were when we met. Before this thing started.”

Hoseok lowered his head and started crying. Yoongi pulled him into a hug and let Hoseok cry. Hoseok gripped his shoulders and sobbed, tears rolling down his cheeks to soak the top of Yoongi’s head. His little Yoongi. The man he loved even if his erratic schedule drove Hoseok crazy, even if he got into huge fights because Yoongi was horrible at communicating his feelings, even if he felt more and more awkward silences in the apartment, even if he found himself crying just as much as he laughed when he was with him. Please don’t let him leave. Hoseok dug his fingers in, trying to keep him close. Please…

Plus Sized - Nick Robinson

“Can you do a Nick imagine where the reader is plus size and she is very insecure about, to the point where she doesn’t even want him to hold her at night”

Whitened knuckles gripped tightly at the sink as I stared at my own tired reflection. My eyes were bloodshot red and face was flushed pink from my previous crying spree, why was I like this?

I let go of the sink, hands going down to pinch the skin on my soft thighs. I glared down at the pair, why can’t they be smaller?

There was no doubt I was insecure about the way I looked, I had seen the models and stick thin women Nick had worked with, their looks being not so similar to my own. Letting go of my thick thighs I forced myself to look in the mirror, the vicious thoughts and opinions already running wild around my brain.

People often told me that I was fine the way I was and that I should be happy with myself. I wanted so hard to believe that was true and finally be able to smile at my own reflection; yet here i was, angrily hating on myself for the extra weight I carried. Plus size, a phrase that was loosely thrown around when the tabloids talked about Nicks Girlfriend, me. Did it really matter?

How could Nick love me when i didn’t even love myself?

Shaking my head I brushed out my creased bed top and switched off the light before exiting the small bathroom. My feet padded softly on the wooden floor of my apartment as I traveled down the hall, heavy thoughts in my head.

My stomachs churned nervously as I reached the door of our bedroom, I felt sick at the thought of another night of Nick trying to be close to me again.

It sounds silly doesn’t it? You don’t want your boyfriend near you? Stupid! Only that wasn’t it. I was afraid, I always had been. I hated when Nick tried to hold Me, how would he react to the feeling of my squishy body as he tried to hold me close? Exactly. I hated being insecure enough to not want my own boyfriend to touch me in fear of him being disgusted. It Sucks.

I opened the door softly, entering the dimly lit room. I immediately spotted the boy in question inside the large bed, chest bare and dark hair messy as he peered at the small screen in his large hands.

I crawled in next to him, careful not to get too close before laying down and pulling the covers up to my chest, facing Nick.

He put down his phone and lay down too, turning the lights off before doing so. He gripped my hand in his own and began to play with my fingers, I pulled them away and laughed nervously before turning over and shutting my eyes. Please just go to sleep.

I felt him move closer, my heart hammering in my chest as he did so, insecurity being at its highest as he laced an arm around my waist and snuggled into me. I should enjoy it, I want to enjoy it! I just- ugh!

I shifted my body away slightly and squeezed my eyes tightly shut praying for this awful feeling to disappear. The lamp on the bedside table switched on and Nick sat up abruptly.

“Y/N” his voice was concerned, but I kept my eyes shut, willing myself to sleep.

“Y/N please” his hands gripped my shoulders and turned me towards him,his handsome face illuminated by the lamp glow ; eyes glistening with worry.

“Have I done something wrong?” He sounded hurt, the tone breaking my heart in half as he stared at me. I couldn’t let him think it was him.

“It’s nothing Nick honest-” I tried

“Nothing? Every time I come close to you, you move away like I’ve got some kind of disease! What’s going on y/n!?” The volume increased as he used his hands to show the distance between us in the bed.

“It’s stupid honestly, let’s just go to sleep” I didn’t want him to think I was pathetic, he didn’t need to know the dangerous dark thoughts that were trapped in my mind.

“No. You’re going to tell me what’s wrong” he gripped my chin in his long fingers, my bare face now being level with his own as he searched my eyes for any sign of explanation.

“It’s not you” my voice was weak as I started, a large knot forming in my stomach. “I hate being like this, i’m so sorry” my eyes stung with tears but I wouldn’t cry.

“Y/N what are you talking about?” He was now sat in front of me, his long figure slouched but still looking better than ever. I tugged nervously at my own shirt, scared it was clinging to all the wrong places.

“It’s not you okay? I don’t like you touching me because of the way my body is. I don’t want you to be disgusted or put off” I avoided his eyes, wincing as he took in a sharp breath.

“The way your body is? What the hell is that supposed to mean!?” He seemed angry, and I was really clueless as to why.

“I’m not as skinny as other girls you dated and I just- I’m plus sized. I don’t like the feel of my body or the way I look okay? I don’t want you feeling all of my chub and rolls and stuff I just-” I was cut off when Nick put his large hand over my mouth. My eyes widened at the action, words no longer flowing out of my mouth.

“Shut up” sorry, what? “I hate hearing you talk about yourself like this. Rolls?Chub? Seriously y/n” he moved his hand and gripped both of mine in his own, I stayed silent once again.

“You have none of those things, and even if you did, it would not matter one bit. I love YOU and your body does not affect my decision on that what so ever. You’re absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t want you any other way” a smile tugged at my lips but I still felt a slight nagging in the pit of my belly.

“But-” I was cut off once again.

“And I would NEVER be disgusted by you. It hurts me that you think I would even care about the stupidest thing like weight or the way you feel when I touch you. I love the way you look and how you feel, you give the best cuddles and I want more of them, so stop hating on your beautiful self. Size is not important!” He pinched my pink cheek slightly and gave me a full blown smile. His eyes looked tired but they still shone with happiness as he glanced at me.

I nodded, my chest feeling warm as he smiled down at me. He made me feel more beautiful than anyone had in a while.

“I love you” the words slipped out of my mouth followed by a genuine smile, his own smile widening as I tugged him back into the bed.

This time when his arms encircled me and pulled me into him, I didn’t move away. It felt different and although I still drowned in worry about how he felt about it I ignored the nagging feeling and leant into him. I could finally begin the journey to loving myself with the help of my brilliant boyfriend.


Okay so, I loved this request very much and it hit home for me. I myself am not the skinniest person and I feel as though this imagine included a lot of my own thoughts and feelings about it. I wanted to add a note on this end of this imagine to say that this imagine is not intended to offend or upset anyone.
The views are something I wrote from what I know and I also know that some people do not share the same views about being plus sized or about other sizes of bodies.
I do not at all have anything against those people who are skinny or not plus sized, everyone is different and I know everyone can finds it equally as hard to love themselves or be happy with their body, no matter what they look like.
That leads on to my next point, every one of you is absolutely beautiful, regardless of size. Size is something that does not matter and I wanted to make a point of that. It’s such a hard thing to love your body and be happy in your own skin and I know a lot of people are fighting their own battles with this issue, I’ve been there too. No one in this world is the same and I think it is so important to concentrate and love yourself before you care too much about what other people look like.
You’re a bit heavier than that girl over there? Cool! That girl over there carries a little bit more weight than you? That’s cool too! Everyone is great in their own way and size and Weight does not affect that at all.
Be happy with who you are because you only get to live this life once and do you really want to waste it being unhappy and living up to stupid people’s opinions and expectations?

Lastly, if anyone has any questions or thoughts, my box is ALWAYS open. If you’re ever feeling shitty or needing someone to talk to,I am always here and happy to talk. Or even if you just want to chat and make a friend, I’m down for that too! Love you all v v much, I hope you enjoy this imagine:)