OMG. Kim Jin Kyung from KNTM3 looks so so hawt over here!! This is really a good photoshot. This should be a winner photo from the bunch. Now I’m taking years to load the episode from Tudou. Why does Youtube have to be so strict. Tsk. I still remember Youtube terminated my official YT account one year ago. Damn it. All my works and playlists gone in a blink of an eye. And the current one I have isn’t in good standing either. BASKET. 


Korea’s Next Top Model C3 - Episode 12 (Limited Edition) HD (by Hieu Bunton)

This season of KNTM3 is for keeps! The girls are really hilarious. They have very easy going personalities. Lol. I really like Hanbit, Sohyun and Nahyun Alot. I wish they were the finalists..but the actual finalists are more suitable for the international market :/ And I didn’t know Eunhwa is THAT tall. It’s freaky >.<“ This got to be my Best Next Top Model Season. It totally beats all the ANTM season hands down.